Zuckerberg faces backlash after reaching out to conservatives

Zuckerberg faces backlash after reaching out to conservatives

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  1. From the comments, ole Zuck can’t win. The “tolerant” left is mad at him for talking to the right and the right doesn’t trust him because he’s part of the “tolerant” left. Maybe…just maybe the man thinks for himself.

  2. Zucker is on the run or turning… Neither is a good thing…. Facebook is a hive mind… Their s no hive in freedom…

  3. To: Neil
    You will Never Ever See this sign posted in a Socialist/Communist Country:
    PRIVATE PROPERTY:. Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, or Trespassing for any purpose is Strictly Forbidden
    Violaters will be Prosecuted.
    Q. Why?
    Well, I see all the Democratic Candidates are Pushing SOCIALISM!
    Famous quote by Vladimir Lenin
    " The Goal of Socialism is Communism."
    After, taxes, taxes, TAXES, HIGHER TAXES
    Don't Google it; read your Dictionary!
    I don't want to be a 'Cookie-Cutter' Socialist!!!
    Remember, Hollywood made a movie, The Stepford Wives.
    That's SOCIALISM!

  4. In 2013, Senate Democrats under Majority leadership of Sen. Harry Reid cheated and changed long standing Senate rules to pass Obama nominees to the courts. Sen. Mitch McConnell told Democrats then they would rue the day they cheated and changed those rules and they did. Obama nominated Judge Garland for the SCOTUS and Sen.McConnell refused to vote on him. So Democrats got Judge Gorsuch as a result. Thank you Sen. Harry Reid. Democrats are cheating once again, only this time in the House of Representatives. They are ignoring long standing House rules of fairness and ignoring the very rules that will protect them when they become the minority in 2020. Again they will rue the day that Nancy Pelosi changed the rules to cheat because of her desperation to maintain her power as Majority Leader. Republicans have very long memories and the Democrats will be harshly punished for their blatant indiscretions. Though they are not alone. Any Republicans that vote to impeach this President will soon feel a greater wrath at the ballot boxes.

  5. Facebook or a handshake on the street. What do you chose?? What would Jesus chose????? What do you chose??? Do you know?

  6. Google is the biggest for auppression of the conservative perspective. Try googling pro trump facts on google compared to search engine Swisscows

  7. The educated seem to be the stupidest. At first you whites judged based on skin color. Now you judge based on political affiliation. Lol. Plain stupid!

  8. Two noodnicks talk at each other between commercial breaks… saying absolutely nothing that will get them in trouble with telling the truth…

  9. I don't know Zuckerberg well enough, however, he's reaching out with an "olive branch". It may be he wants to make peace. However, trust and respect are earned, not given freely. Pray that his intentions are to meand broken fences. Only time will tell.

  10. Let's be honest guys. We are talking about access to people's private information and censorship. Let's not forget that Eric Snowden exposed Obama's Administration and the spying capabilities that the government have. Your information is not safe in the hands of the Government or Social Media networks. Implementing changes this drastic could dramatically affect how those social media platforms are used going forward, but make no mistake the government is capable of censorship just as much as a private company is…

  11. Gee, didn't Elton John say we shouldn't be intolerant of other people views??? Looks like the left missed what he said.

  12. Facebook, Twitter, Alphabet MUST REACH OUT TO ALL POLITICAL GROUPS.

  13. Just shut it down it's all political hate anyway. It used to be fun but the liberal haters have ruined just like everything else they touch.

  14. This is what they do to any opposition coming from the conservatives or their own. Alienate, isolate, discredit, and dump em!
    Scumbag democratic sociopaths!

  15. Facebook is Owned & Operated by the CIA

    Q!!mG7VJxZNCI6 Mar 2019 – 11:58:23 PM

    Logical thinking.
    Did DARPA complete build/code (tax-payer funded) 'LifeLog' program?
    After completion, was there fear the public wouldn't accept the adoption if known it was DoD/C_A backed?
    Do you believe people would join a platform knowing it was under the control of the C_A and FED GOV?
    How do you lure the masses into entering all their personal info and private messages (i.e. their LIFE LOG) onto a new platform?
    Do you make it cool?
    How did FB 'supposedly' start and launch?
    Ivy league only?
    Develop a trend and/or following?
    How do you keep the project running w/o 'public' taxpayer funds? [DoD reported LifeLog was TERMINATED to Congress/Senate OS]
    Define 'Black Budget'.
    Did HWOOD push?
    Do people follow the 'stars'?
    Competitors systematically attacked (myspace) to prevent comp?
    The More You Know.

  16. Lie to me once. Shame on you.
    Lie to me twice. Shame on me.
    Lie as a way of life. Shame nobody will give you the time of day. Ever.
    No matter who you are
    or how much money you have
    or what title you have slapped on your forehead.
    You forgot…
    Trust is the glue that holds civilizations together.
    Trust has to be earned.
    Fake is fake, F’rberg.

  17. What a pathetic interview. Two spineless morons skating the issues and trying not to offend anyone on the left so they pull their punches and come off looking like two soy boys in a sissy discussion. Really pathetic and of no help to the problems of social media tyranny.

  18. Does anyone know how I can transfer all of my photos off of Facebook?
    That’s the only reason why I have Facebook still, my photos

  19. Most conservatives hate Mark Zuckerberg as much as they hate everyone in Hollywood and the entire left! They aren’t going to trust anything he does. They know he censors the hell out of them.

  20. I think they’re all going to try and come crawling over to the conservative side soon! Some are already trying! They’ve seen the money pouring out their company and all they’re left with is a bunch of perpetually offended idiots who complain about everything but never follow that through with actual product backing and purchases etc! Vs the right which is full of sane people who act like adults and live and function in the real world!

    Don’t trust any of them! They all deserve to collapse and vanish! They tried to silence us all and are only changing their tune when it backfires! Now they can see they’re on the way out, they’ll suddenly try being the rights best friend, all fake so they can continue to rule over everyone!

  21. You guys should look at China and Israel. Israel's school already teaching Mandarin and have many cooperation with China on technology sharing. Recently, Israel get much closer to China than before and guess where Israel got theirs tech from?

  22. Mark..Why was I banned on FB for posting a picture of the Holocaust? First it was 7 days, now its another 7 days..total blatant anarchy. I call our POTUS daily.

  23. This guy says he's not sure if social media platforms ARE biased against conservatives and are pushing progressive agendas. He's not sure but people believe this? Stfu dude.

  24. Oh please! You make it sound like they’re victims and they’re NOT. They’ve done a lot of nasty stuff to people and SHOULD be regulated bcz they clearly aren’t capable of doing it themselves

  25. He's a fraud, and in it for the money, fame, and glory!! Mark thinks we are sub-human and stupid compared to himself!! He's placating and faking an alleged "reconciliation" to keep himself free from more lawsuits!! NICE TRY!!

  26. I've never been on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or any social media and I'm 36. If I want to communicate with someone I use this App called Telelphone. It's super easy. You dial 10 numbers and then in like 2 seconds you're talking to your friend/bookie.

  27. Someone should come up with a conservative Facebook, Google and Twitter. Then watch the left call it out as offensive!

  28. Do you guys not know Mark Z I'd part of the illuminati. There mission statement that was on his inside jacket was shown from a previous different interview him showing it. People are not stupid.

  29. This just shows how foolish the leftists are, they don't even want Zuch to act like he even listens to people on the right! This is the thinking behavior of idiots.

  30. He maybe a liar but who is currently attacking him besides conservatives? The non existent left that gives out nothing?

  31. Mark cuckerberg isnt he billionare who bans conservatives and does anything to stop trump make democrats win

  32. Mark Zuckerberg thinks that because of the money he has he can go around doing whatever he wants he came to Kauai and tried to take land from Hawaiian people he's disgusting and unwanted and I know that people if they see him walking around Kauai there will be many that have not so nice things to say to him so why he wants property here is beyond me. We here don't care how much money you have or if you were a celebrity it's how you treat the island and it's how you treat the people of the island is what matters most to those who are from here. I hope and pray he packs up and leaves and never returns he's a liar he's biased and he's completely paid for by the establishment and those who want to control the world not just a country but all countries and they want the UN to be the only government worldwide. if anyone doubts would I say do your research before you respond negatively.

  33. I also need to add that all social media especially Facebook should have their special privilege removed. They were given special privilege because they were not to be biased or political they were supposed to be a platform they are not. He has sat in front Ave I believe Congress and the Senate and lied multiple times and pass the buck and blamed others he's allowed for doxxing individuals for political reasons and takes no responsibility for a company he owns and runs. if any one of us had a company and did any of the things he is doing along with the other social media companies we would been shut down. I don't think the government should take it over but it definitely should be broken up. You will never hear MSM tell the truth about anything any longer we don't have real journalists anymore we have paid for puppets that tell you lies on the TV. all these documentaries done of all these high-profile individuals whether they are of Mark Zuckerberg Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Oprah Beyonce Jay-Z I can go on and on none of those documentaries or stories are true they all just want you to look at them in the best light ever will guess what each and every one of those dividual may be able to fool some of the people around the world but they will not fool the majority. the day will come they all will have to stand before the Lord Jesus and judgement will be passed. keep that in mind because we all will have that day as well. I pray that the Lord Jesus Will protect our country and all those who have and know the Lord in their lives that they will all have discernment to know the difference between what is true and what is false. and I pray that all that love the Lord Jesus will bless him as he works in our lives every day. I pray today will be the day that Mark Zuckerberg and all other social media Giants will have to answer to the people of the United States and to all the other countries they deceive

  34. Zuckerberg needs to be stopped. He’s an asinine excuse for a man. Controlling the Constitutional Conservative. He is a villain. He has private info. He’s a sick F

  35. Zuckerberg making his list & checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice, communism is coming to social media.

  36. If I was Zuck, I’d shut down Facebook, take my billions, retire & laugh at all the people trying to live without it

  37. What i dont understand is why all these Hollywood millionaires and billionaires support these democratic socialists when they want to tax the rich at 90%
    Thats where im confused🤣

  38. Facebook shouldn't be "reaching out" to any political party. Open the fools up to lawsuits, then we'll see how friendly they get.

  39. I don't know how they can get away with saying that Twitter and Facebook have a "progressive" agenda when there's open neo-Nazis on the platform. Seems kind of strange.

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