ZoomCar Business Model | Case Study

ZoomCar Business Model | Case Study

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  1. This Video is not sponsored. Now a days I am seeing many negative reviews about their services. Dont go blindly. Take care.

  2. Zoomcar + ZAP subscribe is basically a scam. Any company with this business model is basically scamming ignorant public. Only the smart ones amongst the Indians would understand the details inside this scam. No wonder two American shits came to India with investments backed by former Harvard and Cambridge pricks to cheat the Indian public. I would rather get a brand new car if I am that desperate for a car. I have done the math including all the costs, expenses, taxes, maintenance, depreciation and many other charges and Zoomcar is a plain old school scam in a new bottle. This company creates nothing of absolute value to anyone except the investors in this scam. Anyone who rents a zoom car or subscribes to zap should seriously go back to school and learn Grade 10 maths and Grade 12 accounting.

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  4. Hello
    I want to start the business like zoomcar, how to get black Number plate rto passing for cars

  5. Zoom car aur zap car ki maa ki chuth aur sale thum logo ko paesa milega tho kuchh v karega sale zoom aur zap 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  6. Unfortunately, I only hear horror stories about this service. I am going to stay away from ZOOM Car… something is definitely fishy with this company.

  7. Mene liya hai inki car swipt par nhi purata hai or ye log service bhi achi nhi dete h .or koi problem rai to ek hi ans raita h sir hum shama chahte h bus .

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