Zimbabwe’s Codeine Cough Syrup Epidemic

Zimbabwe’s Codeine Cough Syrup Epidemic

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  1. ?? OOoh My GOODNESS!!! Listening To The Last Individual [Kuzivakwashe] Thought It Was Pretty Awesome The Fact He Mentioned Utilizing A Coping Skill Such As Music To Help His Mind Stay Occupied And As A Deterrent from Using????!! As A Rec Therapist Employed By A Psychiatric Hospital, This Makes Me So Proud To Hear!! I Know Its Not Easy For Everyone Who Deals With Substance Use Issues And Sobriety ((Especially When This Accessible)) To Find Something To Replace That High!!!!!! So To See This Young Individual Make An Attempt To Go Hard With His Music……Something Else Other Than Syrup Use Is A Beautiful Thing ?…. Finding New Specific Leisure Interests And Using Those Tool's To Enhance Quality Of Life…

  2. their teeth will still rot though..it will be their saliva anyway. codine such a scubbas drug. dehydrocodine is OK but still its horrible shit!

  3. All the men need kratom..mybe some cordian.kratom n coke..then cham all the …we call the name is cokoroi..very nice..

  4. ?????? Any country that is black run is absolute trash! Bro! Look at every country that’s black run….. poverty, lack of food, water is dirty, most parts with no sewage, most parts with no electricity, most don’t even have a cell phone, doctors are practically non existent ???? aye! Black power!

  5. The government is going to have to be careful here or it could end up FAR worse. Look at what happened in the US. The US was having an epidemic of prescription opiate abuse (mostly oxycodone) so the government came down hard and made prescription opiates much more difficult to obtain and abuse. Sure, this worked to drastically reduce prescription abuse, but also lead to a far deadlier epidemic of heroin and fentanyl abuse. Chinese labs and Mexican cartels are already having a field day getting fentanyl into the US, imagine how easy it would be to get it into Zimbabwe if their was all of a sudden a MASSIVE demand for cheap and powerful opiates. The rates of overdose deaths, and HIV/Hepatitis infections would skyrocket.

  6. Zimbabwe my heart goes out to you..because I'll always remember you as were, Rhodesia a 1st world country before the west left you to die under the communists

  7. Codeine is an opioid and in the same class as fentanyl. Which is killing people worldwide. Which matters. Still with me?

  8. à cause de ces imbéciles au qi à 2 chiffres le gouvernement en a profité pour l'interdire avec un discours infantilisant en France.

  9. Humans love to not feel only to feel… Once you have a taste for anything other than natural life you are ruined. This is what medical sciences should be working for but no it's more drugs..

  10. Fentanyl clears up and cures BronClear addictions 100% of the time. Perhaps China, I meant GYNA, could drop off a bag on the way to NYC and LA.

  11. Which is a quicker Route in miles? Flying From Oklahoma to China? Travel WEST across the Pacific? OR Travel EAST across Atlantic? OR fly due NORTH over the Arctic North Pole???
    Which direction/route is faster in a commercial jet??

  12. REMEMBER the American Crack epidemic 1980s??? Now this Cough syrup Codeine problem? I see a common trait, do you?
    POC People….of…. POC…Like a punch to the face of a Liberal his first day in prison after being convicted of child molestation while he kept saying 'she looks 21 not 12 to me though'

  13. Round up these Couph Syrupian kids and promise them all the Cough Syrup they want, put them on a airplane and bring them to the USA Mexico border. Let these Syrupians build Trumps Great Southern Wall!!!! For the labor cost of 3 bottles of Grape flavored alcohol and codiene laced Cough syrup per day, perhaps $30 per day per addict. Man talk about cheap labor? And go to other African countries where they're addicted to odd things like KATT, offer same deal. After completing the wall put them all back where they came from but send down palletes FULL of their favorite chemical, syrups or plants, make enough runs so they can all stay f'ed up for a month. They would LOVE US and Trump and we'd have our wall built!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAA

  14. Drinking cough syrup was a thing in the US several decades ago. The music writer Lester Bangs was kind of famous for being under the influence of couch syrup with codeine.

  15. Rehab is nice and all, but if these addicted individuals only end up back in the same idle state with no employment, they will only return to drugs. Don't just slap a band-aid on it, treat the source of the wound: employment opportunities.

  16. I like how everyone of their excuses was that they have nothing to do, and that’s the reason they do this. That’s the worst excuse. How do they plan to get anywhere better in life high as hell all the time spending all their money on syrup. Laziness is the real issue here.

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