Zero Hour: Decision at Double Fine -The Journey to a Fellowship, Part 1

Zero Hour: Decision at Double Fine -The Journey to a Fellowship, Part 1

For the last 19 years Double Fine Productions has been an independent game developer. And then, Microsoft came to us and said: “What if we gave you a bunch of money?” And I said: “Okay. Yeah.”

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  1. so what happens with Psychonauts 2 for steam and ps4? I helped fund that game through Humble…

  2. This seems like the saddest, most shocking news to come out of any E3 for quite some time now. I appreciate Tim's trademark sense of humor about this, but knowing Microsoft's track record when it comes to acquiring indies, it's difficult not to feel glum about this news.

  3. Tough decisions. Do I go on crowd funding the rest of my career, or have money thrown on me from a giant, green, X in the sky?… I'll take X's money.

    Seriously though, you said Psychonauts 2 will be coming out for PS4 and other consoles still. But that probably means that Psychonauts 3 or all future Double Fine games will be XBOX exclusives, and that sucks. I guess this will be the 1st time I ever buy 2 different consoles in the current generation, that'll be hard but worth it.
    My family always asks "What's your favorite game again?", and the answer is always the same: my favorite 2D game is Mega Man X4, and my favorite 3D game is Psychonauts. Oh, and thanks for letting Limited Run do a physical release of Psychonauts for PS4 (even though I don't like the way that company's ambitions have panned out, maybe they didn't think this far ahead, maybe resellers ruined it, idk). Go get one now if you haven't, for some reason it hasn't sold out, not even the collector's edition.

  4. This makes me more than a little worried about the cool environment you created at Double Fine, but I hope only the best for all of you!

  5. Well, at least your honest about it. And I'm glad to see Psychonauts still getting supported by all platforms. Congrats and enjoy being acquired!

  6. 19 years fighting against the system. Good on y'all!
    i look forward to some xbox spokesperson taking credit for all that work in the future. j/k glad this studio is able to survive into the forseeable future

  7. Hoping honestly that you are allowed to keep your creative independence and creative flair, hoping Microsoft doesn’t make you turn out like Rare

  8. This means that, they have proven themselves as a studio that can produce quality and are worthy of being supported. Yes, they are not completly independent, but better this, than to not exist at all. Im sure that whatever was going on in the background, this was a decision made with thought put into it. heres to a safer future! =)

  9. Just wanna know if y'all will be making Xbox exclusives now. Please keep releasing on Steam. No matter what I will still love you, but you might get less of my money.

  10. I trust Tim to keep the team from getting consumed by the garbage AAA industry. I hope that isn't in error.

  11. Glad to see you guys join the Xbox Studios team. This is a different Microsoft than Years past. You guys will get all the support and resources you need to create the best games you guys can. That said please do a Banjo sequel. You guys are the only devs other than Rare and Playtonic that can do the Bear & Bird justice

  12. I'm a little bit worried that Doublefine might go the way of Rare, but honestly, I don't blame them for selling to Microsoft. And I can't be mad at Tim

  13. The current MS game division leadership seems really good and seem to be made up of people who actually care about games, I'm just really worried what happens if in a few years we are back to a bunch of business types that only care about quarterly earnings and have no understanding of what makes Double Fine special and simply make them churn out whatever the current hotness is that they think will earn them more on the short term. I hope whatever contract Tim signed, it gave him a lot of control and a way out. I really hope it goes well, but I feel a bit worried.

  14. I have to post my sob story.

    I am a second generation Tim Schafer fan, My parents play monkey island and I play Psychonaughts and Broken age.

    Growing up I became a content fan while watching the Icons G4 episode on Psychonaughts 1.

    This single episode moved me so much that I began picking up video game making, and though I never entered the industry I did gain a understanding of AutoCAD because of this episode.

    Now I am an Engineer and I use AutoCAD everyday for Jet engines and Tritium Betalights.

    I of course have purchased double fine adventure and have watched it, so here is my suggestion:

    I hope now Double Fine has Microsoft backing this new documentary could go on Netflix and Target those wanting to enter the video game industry and not just Content fans.

  15. I think that some of the bigger publishers are starting to take smaller dev teams seriously, so I think this bodes well for Double Fine.

  16. I do not know what to think about this at all. I hope Double Fine is treated fine and well under Microsoft's rule.

  17. Well I sincerely laughed! You couldn't put it in a simpler way. I think you made the right choice, now you will be able to work on Psychonauts 2 in a more relaxed atmoshpere 'cause you don't have to worry about financial problems…Microsoft is one of the most successfull companies in the entire world so now you will have all the money by your publisher, all the money that you need without being stressed out. I'm sorry for Starbreeze, those dudes where also been involved with the publishing of another long-awaited game, System Shock 3…'s just sad. Double Fine you're now in perfect shape, let's just finish this game with all your artistic energy and good luck!

  18. I'm actually very happy for DoubleFine that they now have enough money to develop games. They can't always rely und crowdfunding. And Tim Schäfer is a mastermind in gaming history. He deserves it.

  19. This money will benefit all their future releases. Glad to see Tim getting what he deserves as the boss of a game company. Not to mention he and the boys being THE creators of one of my favourite 3D platformers, Pyschonauts!!! Can't wait for that sequel!

  20. You got the funding now boss. Now give me what I have been oh so patient for. BY THE BREATH OF ÖREMAGODEN! GIVE ME A DAMN BRÜTAL LEGEND DEUX

  21. This video perfectly represents Tim and Double Fine to me! Hilarious! And the E3 jokes about excel stuff was equally hilarious!

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