Zapable PDF Feature Demo – Mobile App Business

Zapable PDF Feature Demo – Mobile App Business

Zapable PDF Feature Demo – Mobile App Business So the PDF reader is how you can add PDFs into your up a couple of ways you can do this So again if you want to change the title Change that here it will change it here if you want to change this icon and you can click here to change the icon to a PDS we’re gonna click on add new and We’ll call this Texas I can change the thumbnail and if I wish add to whatever I want Come out it cuz I can have a new one So I’m just going to leave this example in place And then I’m either going to upload the file or I’m going to link to it so for this I’ll click on file and then I’ll click on our PDF I Simply select it from the location on my computer And open then you’ll see it will be added And then I click on see if I want to add another one that’s one I owe the URL link Call this fishing knots are in the link click and see if Then when I’m ready to test annoyed I’d like an update in preview Scroll down click on PDF and you’ll see it’s added. Let me just go to the Edit feature Want I can choose to not display a PDF I can hide it out of you, so it won’t show live on my up So just in case want to preload a bunch of PDF training documents and release them on a schedule I see fit See here you’ve got your icon Which is here, and then you have The title which is here and then how many pages So when people click on it and up it will open up a PDF reader in their app where they can read the PDF document if you click on it in the emulator, it’s just gonna bring up the PDF in your web browser if you did in your app, it’ll bring up the PDF reader So what would you use the PDF reader for well if you have ebooks if you have training materials? If you have menus if you have brochures Pretty much anything. I mean people can create a nice word doc Convert it into PDF put the training material under there up Maybe you’re an offer and you want to share some short stories within your up you can do that as well Another great option is flyers Where you can have a PDF off a flyer so it’ll be a design or an image Picture showing a flyer promoting some weekend you can send a push notification to your users adding in a little bit in your event That’s happening link it to your PDF document that open it up. They’ll see the flyer so instead of posting these flyers and walls and Lampposts and three people’s doors if you have people who have installed the app on their phone you Can contact them that way I mean a lot of people build apps for local communities and local community services for tines For all sorts of different businesses and a lot of these businesses will create fliers for advancer having Example musicians as well So like again if you got people installing the app and you can contact them directly to let them know about latest offers Which we have EDF documents are very useful, so it’s not just your ebook So to speak there’s so many different options you can use PDFs for so See how it fits your business model and be sure to use it

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