Yukkalab: Interview with financial news analyzing CPO Oliver Berchtold

Yukkalab: Interview with financial news analyzing CPO Oliver Berchtold

Hello, Nina. I’m Oliver, head of business development and co-founder at Yukkalab. We analyze professional financial news with NLP machine learning and AI – and create a currency for the sentiment in news – for every company, index, sector and country. The biggest challenge is more a scientific challenge – to make the machine as intelligent reading texts as a human. To pursue your dreams and not follow what you think is expected from you. The biggest challenge for myself was to find out what I want. I think they shouldn’t read too many books. Because they should just start with their idea, and not waste time. Trying to find that special book that will help them. It’s more about doing and talking to people I think that will give you more than reading a book Because it’s repetitive work. I usually prefer things where I can change something, and… Administrative things are always repetitive and yeah, you have to do them, but no one wants to do them. So that’s why I don’t like it. I learned that the most important thing is: Connections. People. You need to know the right people and organizations, if you want to do business with them… …and get ahead. So I think networking is a number-one priority. That’s what I learned here

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