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  1. Ohio?!! What’s the connection, Pat? (I was born and grew up in Coshocton County, Ohio, and attended Otterbein in Westerville, Ohio.)

  2. Am I the only one who actually likes the rewind video? 😀 With youtube being such a diverse space I don't see how one rewind video could reflect everyone's feelings about what was the most important thing last year and I feel it's fair to simply choose most liked/watched/commented/whatever videos; otherwise it would simply get too subjective. I were happy to see so much positive stuff on the most liked videos and, honestly, I don't really follow that many big youtubers, so for me it's fun to see what others are following. Oh, and they did have top 10 new creators, who have created their youtube channel just this year.

  3. I think of YouTube as a canvas. While a great canvas is important, it's job is to be covered up and ignored. YouTube Rewind is just weird.

  4. The 2019 Rewind was disappointing because it doesn't really give us anything new, or present the past year in any way other than as an accomplishments list. If you contrast the 2019 to the 2016 you can see why people are underwhelmed with this year's version. I personally disliked the jumpy way the screen was flashing between scenes. I guess they figure we've seen everything and have absolutely no attention span left, so they could just blast us with jumpy cuts, give us a top 10, and call it good. 

    I would have liked to see more from the new, fast-growing accounts. I didn't even get a chance to figure out what kinds of channels they were. Sometimes less is so much more!

    Do you think they'll even do a Rewind for 2020?

  5. Haha, talking about pulling back… I didn't know YT had released this years rewind until I watched this video.

    I agree with the general sentiment that in years past, it's just been about giving more publicity to channels that already have a huge amount of notoriety. I think one way they could address this is to come up with a list of niches and then highlight creators that are doing a great job within their niche. Perhaps have a poll/vote of the creators in that niche to have some level self-selection.

    Off to try to find this years Rewind…

  6. Pat, I'm not a fan of you "hiding" behind your mic. You'd be better off with a lavalier mic. Also, the red light gives it a weird dungeon feel. Other than that, great video.
    I'd love you to do some of your own Top 10 Lists (YouTubers to watch in the online business space, marketing tools, tips on writing a book, Superfan tips and tricks, conferences to attend in 2020, etc.).

  7. I felt it was too much of the same and caught myself glazing over. It didn’t capture any emotion from me. But as you said, very interesting to see the top channels from different countries and fastest growing channels in one year. I’ve saved their playlist to go through at some point. Thank you for your thoughts on this.

  8. I never watch those videos and was not even aware the new one was out. Usually too much hype. I tend to not watch the hyped or silly channels and prefer the more serious content. What I noticed a lot this year is many channels (tech review, movie reviews and others) talking about their subscribers suddenly gone because of Youtube changes. This is rather worrying for many businesses.

  9. YouTube is a tech company (division), not a creative company. It's not their strength to produce viral video. I would ask (and pay) the top creators to produce the rewind video.

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