YouTube Membership Perks | Expanded MONETIZATION Features 2019

YouTube Membership Perks | Expanded MONETIZATION Features 2019

YouTube is expanding its monetization
features for its creator base beyond just ad revenue. So today we’re going to
be taking a look at exactly what features are coming and how it’s going
to benefit your channel in the long run. So stick around cause we’re starting
right now! Hey everyone what is up? This is Tim of
the People’s Bookkeeper where we always hit the mark! Make your mark in
business too and share it on YouTube! Do that by subscribing now and turning on
the bell notification! So as a YouTuber it can be a little hard to figure out
the strategy of how to monetize your channel. And even when you get to that
stage, sometimes it seems like there aren’t a lot of ways you can make money.
Well I’m here to tell you today that you can make a lot of money in a lot of
different ways with YouTube. Ad revenue is just one tiny part of your channel.
And if you’re only focused on money from ad revenue, you’re probably not going to
be very happy unless your channel grows super huge and you start to make quite a
bit form ad revenue, but even then it still can be spotty at best. There could
be anything that could happen that all of a sudden your revenue source is dried
up. That’s why as a YouTuber you want to try and create as many sources of income
as possible. Now YouTube has announced recently that they’re expanding
monetization features for their creator base. This is awesome news for you as a
YouTube creator. And for a lot of creators this is going to significantly
increase their income level. Now there’s going to be several opportunities to
expand the features of your channel, including super chat, channel memberships,
and merchandise capabilities. There are thousands of channels that are already
reporting that their income level has already doubled from these perks. And of
course since YouTube is helping their earners make more money, it’s a benefit
for them as well because they’ll continue to make more money. YouTube
keeps 30 percent of membership fees, so it stands to make more money from higher
priced subscription tiers. They also take a cut of super chat and merchandise
sales as well. When they originally introduced the channel memberships all
the prices were $4.99 per month. However now they’re giving creators an opportunity to create their own membership tiers, each with different
perks and prices. These perks can include things like live streams, emojis, badges
and other membership perks as well. So YouTube has been testing out these
different things with select channels to see what the results are. One of the
channels they’ve done this with has been Fine Brothers Entertainment. They offer a
tier at $4.99 which includes some membership perks and benefits. Then they
have a tier at $9.99 per month which includes even better membership perks as
well as merchandise discounts and that tier also includes exclusive content as
well as early access to videos. And then they also have a diamond tier plan at
$24.99 per month which gives their members in that tier the opportunity to
choose a topic for an episode and get personalized videos among other choices.
According to YouTube’s statistics this channel saw their revenue and income
increased by six times with the introduction of the membership perks.
Meanwhile the super chat feature is a really neat feature that’s been
implemented as well. What this does is let fans purchase a message that will
stand out in the livestream video or in a premier video. There are more than 90
thousand channels that have received the super chat feature and some channels are
making as much as $400 in just one minute! It has become the number one
revenue stream for almost 20,000 channels. You can see that this will give
you a huge opportunity once you grow a large audience to really monetize your
channel in a number of ways and really cash in on those extra features. There’s
also going to be the introduction of super stickers which are a paid animated
sticker for someone to have on the page as well. They’re gonna come in a variety
of designs and categories colors styles to suit all kinds of different channels.
Now on the merchandising side of things, YouTube creators are going to be able to
sell merchandise directly from their YouTube page. They’re also introducing
new partners to help expand those features as well. There’s also the
YouTube giving feature that’s being expanded upon which is going to allow
YouTube creators to choose a charitable donation that they love and want to
support and they’re going to be able to have a portion of proceeds given to that
charity. Once chosen it will appear right next to their live streams and their
videos for people to click on and donate to. What I personally love about this is
that YouTube is really listening to its creators and a lot of creators haven’t
been happy with just the ability to have ad revenue in the past.
Well now ad revenue will just be a small part of all of the possibilities that
you can really capitalize on to grow your business. That doesn’t mean that you
can just create a channel and cash in right away. It still takes a lot of work.
It still takes a lot of effort to build up your channel, but YouTube is really
adding in these features to keep their YouTube creators happy because if they
keep their creators happy and making money, they continue to make more money
as well. It’s a win-win for everybody and so I applaud YouTube for the additional
features that they’re implementing and the ones that they’re expanding upon to
make it better for creators and give them a better opportunity to make more
money to support their channel. And it’s really nice to see YouTube giving us the
tools that we need to continue to expand in that way. One other feature I wanted
to mention as well is called learning playlists. And learning playlists are
going to be for educational and instructional content creators to use.
This feature is going to let you divide a collection of videos into chapters
around a key concept. You’ll be able to start from beginner videos and move to
intermediate and then to advanced and people will be able to follow the stages
as they go. In addition, recommendations will be
hidden from that page because the idea is that YouTube wants them to be able to
focus on the videos at hand and follow the lesson step-by-step. This is a really
good feature for people who focus on tutorials and educational style videos.
Now my question of the day for you is: “Which feature are you most excited about
being able to use in these new and expanded features?” Comment and leave your
feedback below! Now if you want to make your mark in business, then check out
these videos over here! They’ll help you grow your
business! And if you’re new to the channel then please consider subscribing!
Click my face and you’ll do just that! I’ll see YOU in the next video!

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