YouTube for Business! How to GROW Your Business with YouTube

YouTube for Business! How to GROW Your Business with YouTube

– YouTube for business. Now, you already know that
it’s a powerful marketing tool but if you’re wondering exactly
how to grow your business on YouTube, then in this video, we’re gonna run through
exactly how we do it and simple strategies that
you can implement right now for bigger results over time. Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video, where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, then make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything
we mention in this video you can find linked in
the description box below. So let’s jump into it. YouTube is an amazing tool for marketing. It’s not like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social platforms. In fact, YouTube’s not really
a social platform at all. It’s probably more of a content platform and unlike those social platforms, the lifetime content you can create isn’t measured in days
or hours or even minutes. If you do it right and you
put in the work up front, with every new video
you can build a library of content on YouTube
that shows up in Google, it ranks in YouTube, and it gets found for years after you’ve uploaded it. But a lot of people might be wondering not just how you can build
that organic growth engine, but how you can really
leverage all of that automated traffic to grow
your brand and your business. Well we’re covering off both
of these questions today. The key things that you need to know to create content that works
for you for years to come and simple systems that
you can put in place to leverage all of that organic traffic to grow your business and
your income on autopilot. So, sounds pretty good. Okay, so let’s take a look
at the three key things that you need to know to get it sorted. And I’ll even share some examples of how we’ve implemented every step to grow our business at
Primal Video using YouTube. And make sure you don’t give up before step number three
because this is where we see big wins for businesses and where it all really comes together longterm. Once we’re done with
the theory, at the end, I’m also gonna link you to
a free step-by-step training that’s gonna guide you through exactly how to implement all of this for yourself. Alright so, YouTube’s killer
strength is it’s ability to drive organic traffic
over the longterm. With that in mind, we wanna start with the basics when deciding what content to create to maximize your results. Step number one is to focus
on your target audience or your customers, what
are they searching for. There needs to be search volume for the content you’re creating so that you don’t go producing content that you think your audience needs. Do your research and create content that you know your audience wants. There’s actually a really big distinction that a lot of people
miss between those two. As the expert, you know
what your audience needs. You know what can help them the most. It’s easy to just write
a list of those things and start producing content around them. But your target audience
doesn’t have your background and your experience and in most cases, the ideal solution that
you’d give any one of them in a one-on-one consult has nothing to do with what they think their
current problem or issues is. For them to actually
find you when they need your help the most, you
need to focus your videos on exactly what they’re looking for. Then in your videos, give
them what they came for, answer that question and give them the content that they wanted. And then over-deliver with
what you, the teacher, the expert, knows that they’ll need next. So here’s an example, we know
that people are searching for best video editing software, so we create videos to provide an overview of the video editing software landscape, including our picks for the
top software in each class, and then we also give recommendations around each pricing bracket. We know that that’s what people want, so that’s the focus of those videos. But we also know that
video editing software is just a small piece of the puzzle. You can get awesome results
with most of the options that are out here these days. With some simple tweaks
to their processes, you can easily half your editing time and get better results. But by putting ourselves in the shoes of anyone in that position,
imagining we might just be starting out editing videos or looking for the
quickest ways to improve, then looking at editing software, it’s a perfectly logical place to start. So to create quality
videos and to do it fast, there’s a lot more at play than
just video editing software, so as the expert, it’s our opportunity to give them what we know they need to see big improvements in their results. In this example, right after
we provide the overview of the video editing landscape and we’ve answered the question, what’s the best video
editing software for me, we back all of that up with several tips that are gonna help them edit much faster no matter what video
editing software they use. It’s those tips that we know
will have a much bigger impact on their results, but it’s not what they’re actually searching for. The key takeaway here is to focus on what your audience wants because that’s what they’re searching for. Then deliver what you know they need. This is gonna build a huge amount of value in your content. It’s gonna help you create raving fans and position you as the expert and also help you boost your watch time and all those other fancy
metrics that YouTube wants to see to help you promote your content more. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Justin, how do I know what
my audience is searching for?” Well, I’m glad you asked, because it’s time for tip number two. Tip number two is to
research your keywords and find the exact language
that your audience is using. The purpose of this is to
not only identify the topics that your audience is searching for, but also to uncover the exact language and the words that they’re
using to describe those topics. This is gonna give you a huge insight into the mindset of your
audience, what stage they’re at and what they’re actually struggling with. And it also shows you exactly what to optimize your videos for. The best place to start with this is actually on YouTube itself. Head over to YouTube and click on the search button at the top. Let’s start of with a
topic like video editing. You can see the autofill window pop up and that’s YouTube suggesting
what we might be searching for given that we’ve already typed this in. That’s based on all the previous searches from everyone who typed in video editing and then what they ended up searching for with the most likely
match right at the top. This is a list of the exact searches that people who started
searching with video editing have been typing in here and
the language that they used. Just doing this alone is an amazing place to find great topics for your content. But now to get some more ideas, there’s this magic little wildcard you can add in either
before or after this phrase and start to see some of the
suggestions that show up. What you need to do is
to add the underscore either before or after your search phrase and you’ll be presented with even more targeted search suggestions
based on exactly what people are actually searching for. Then you can try putting
some modifiers in front with the wildcard in the middle. We can try things like how
two, underscore, video editing. Best, underscore, video editing. Best video editing, underscore. Underscore, video editing tips. This is something you’ll definitely wanna have a play around
with and experiment with. And you’ll wanna make a
note of all of these things that are relevant to you
and the exact wording that’s been used in
these suggestions because it’s going to be an absolute
goldmine of topic ideas. Now this is just the basics,
but you can see how powerful even just a little bit of research can be. But even with a focus on what
your audience is searching for and even with a ton of videos out there that are matching exactly how they’re searching for each of those topics, how do we translate those videos to leads and leads to
income in your business? Well, that’s tip number three. Now remember, in tip number one, we talked about giving your
audience exactly what they want because that’s what they’re searching for. Well you, as the expert,
know that might not be exactly what they need and
that there are actually some simple ways they
can get quicker results but unfortunately no
one’s searching for those because they don’t know
how to search for them. We started out giving the
audience what they want. In our example, it was reviews of the best video editing software. And then, after we delivered that, we went further and
packed in some bonus tips that would help them
get much better results no matter what software they were using. That’s us knowing what they need. Doing this and focusing on
what your audience wants first is the fastest way to
build a library of content that’s gonna get you found
organically year after year. This alone is an awesome
way to build your brand and to drive new leads or get new clients, but we don’t wanna stop there because we went a step
further and over-delivered, giving them not just what they came for, but also what we know that they need. We’ve totally over-delivered
and we’ve helped them get results much faster than
they might have expected. What we wanna do next is give anyone who’s actually committed an
option to go even further and offer them a free
guide or a free resource, free training or any other tool to help them get even better results. We only offer that extra resource to those who are invested
enough in themselves to sign up. This allows you to grow an audience of your most committed, most invested, and closest followers off YouTube, on an email list that you control and where you can foster those relationships and add a ton more value. Let’s take a look at how this works using the same video
editing software example. After we cover off the
editing software review, I’ll share three quick tips
to help you edit much faster. For anyone that loved those tips, we also put together a
free downloadable guide with ten more tips and an
optimized video editing process that they can download completely free. Now you might have noticed
or heard this before in a previous video, but
we’ll say something like this after sharing those three tips. So those three tips are just three tips from our 12 step guide teaching you the most efficient method to edit your videos faster and
to reduce any rework. To grab your free copy,
just click the link on the screen now to register. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s actually called a few things. It might be called a lead magnet, an opt-in incentive,
whatever you wanna call it, the goal here is to add a ton of value to your target audience and to get closer to those people off YouTube on
a platform that you control. By registering, signing up, or
entering their email address, they get access to your
additional resource, the video editing guide, to
help them on that next step and you’re building a database of people you know are interested in that topic. You do wanna pay close attention to the new privacy laws in your market, because they do change regularly. New regulations, like GDPR in Europe, do have some requirements
that you will need to keep in mind around the process of adding people to your email list and exactly what you can
and can’t send to them. I’d definitely suggest
reviewing those requirements for your unique business
and your location. But for us, we offer all of these bonuses and resources completely free to any of our Primal Video Insiders. It’s 100% free, VIP program that anyone can jump straight into and
they’ll receive regular updates on content, tips, exclusive training, and any offers to help
them 10x their results with video and video marketing. But the key things is, however
you choose to structure it, put these systems into
place and your email list will become your number
one business asset. As you build a library
of content on YouTube that gets ranked and links
to bonuses like this, your email list will grow
organically each and every day. That’s a list that you can keep updated with your latest YouTube updates, any new products and services
or training, anything you know that’s going to deliver
value to your audience. And finally, speaking of over-delivering, if you’re wondering how to
implement systems like this, or you just want to see an example of how this whole process works, then we’ve actually put together a completely free, four
part workshop series that steps through the entire process. You can jump in right now by
clicking on the link onscreen. And I’ll see you soon.

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  11. Great video as always, Justin. Particularly nice to see you giving us wisdom on the marketing side and not only equipment, etc. I'm sure you've been asked a million times but what graphics program do you use for the call-outs and CTA?

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