Youth Issues. Mohandas Pai’s Game-Changing Ideas on Education, Employment and Public Policy.

Youth Issues. Mohandas Pai’s Game-Changing Ideas on Education, Employment and Public Policy.

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  1. Hello,
    There's a point I'd like to add here having studied in the United States. In the higher education system here, there's a lot of stress on grassroot level skill development. I've seen students here who are very inclined towards learning new stuff and helping the society which I (generally) don't see in the Indian URBAN youth. The US has youth ranging from electricians, plumbers and people working on mechanics and machines since grade 9 because they have to fend for themselves and they do this work with utmost diligence. Remember, most of these guys belong to normal middle class backgrounds. This is a fact that needs to be stressed on by the Indian society as a whole and I believe Modi has selected the right path by talking about skill development.

  2. Fully agree with observations of Mohandas Pai. I came to USA after B.Tech. and here I realized that govt job (HR) is to provide basic education (up to 12th grade) to everyone to make them employable in technically advance society but not to subsidize so much college and university education but make educational loan easy. Due to lack of long term vision and understanding, Nehru (not to be too critical) focused on putting money in higher education but not on basic education.

    In USA, most professors act as independent educated businessman bringing research money and job is not guaranteed like India. Most professors bring more research money than their annual salary and they hire graduate student from soft money and hence, research topic has connection with industry. A professor of Neurology may be earning 5 times of a professor of humanities in same university because salary is decided on the basis of market value of your skills. Hence, academic keep moving to industry and vice-versa. Surprise, most famous American universities (Ivy Leagues) are private and they have huge endowment funds … so much to write on this topic.

    Since 1947, every govt blamed population for every misery, poverty etc. in India. First time, Modi portrayed that weakness into strength that younger working population and trying to develop skill. I can guarantee if all muslim girls get up to 12th grade education in regular school or develop marketable skill, their rate of population growth will go down.

  3. Mr Mohandas ji you have an excellent analytical mind
    Two issues: one no research in india- here it's problem of plenty and in US everything is commercial and if they want any product to be marketed the use the research method and pump in the market( eg about cholesterol issue)
    In India u you are right that there is no accountability
    Instead of giving importantance to financial budget we should do HRD budget public and analyse the target and achievement gap

  4. Don't compare human behaviour of US youth with that of Indian whereas we have strong family ties
    Family accepts responsibility of growing up a child
    Whereas in US independence sets in younger days and they have to earn and learn and many do not do high level education and earn early and enjoy

  5. Watched all four parts of the interview! Very intriguing, Absolutely relevant & data driven. Thanks & Congratulations Rajiv Malhotra and T.V Mohandas Pai for such lucid presentation- bringing the facts on the table and exposing the lies! Can't think of any other such interview /discussion on real matters done so well! 🙂

  6. Rajiv ji .. i dont agree with population getting related to education because we are like refugee place for the world. We have immigrants who become citizens once they enter country and due course become anti nationals. Moreover so called minorities get all facilities, jobs, money and wht not. So they keep breeding. On the contrary hindu population has only gone down.

  7. In Tamil Nadu, they are opposing every industry govt is bringing and wants people to be jobless, water problem so they can blame BJP and bring congress back. also one more main problem is only Hindus are having one or two children and not Christian and Muslims. Especially Muslims have three wives and have ten children from each each wife. They preach this among their community in mosques. They have a movement called which translates "Rebel Tamil nadu". They are opposing, Neet exam, GST, Sagar mala, Nutrino, Koodangulam nuclear power plant, every thing that the govt brings.Youngsters of T.Nadu are brainwashed as Tamils are not Hindus. Celebrities only support Missionaries and Muslims knowingly they are wrong.

  8. The christian missionary have hijacked our education because of the law that forbids Hindus we can not create as many schools as these missionaries who are directly benefiting from this unjust law. please take in to account that this law could have been framed uniquely to favor these missioanries

  9. when you want savage uncontrolled "development " , pollution is inevitable ; industrialists should pay for the wastage they create if they reject their smoke, drainage or wastage unfiltered and if no inspectors visit them à l'improviste and punish them, they will continue damaging our health . In France, they have a law called "pollueur payeur" that is those who p)pollute pay and equip filtering machines etc


    This guy also connected in funding anti-India portals like The Wire ?

  11. Regarding the population thing Mr. Pai is saying, it’s a valid point that he is saying education may help in controlling the population.

    But has he researched “other” reasons behind population increase ?

    Has he looked into the religious demography which is changing rapidly day by day ?

    Is the increase in numbers of certain groups who can’t be named proportionate or grossly disproportionate? Is it a pattern to outbreed the infidels ?

    What has happened to the infidel populations in villages/districts where the infidels have been outnumbered by eskimos ?

  12. Mr Mohandas Pai always rocks the debate /interview. H e is one of the few speakers who has complete grasp of data on the subject.

  13. A separate show dedicated to Indian population is much needed. INDIA is sitting on a population time bomb and no government is doing anything about it !!

  14. This channel ( ) also working on the same path and spreading knowldge about Sh. Rajiv Malhotra's work

  15. अगर जात करम से बचचे को training दी जाती है। तो बेरोजगार की समभावना 100 '/,तक safe zone मे रहता है। example कोई अग्रवाल परिवार वयापार कर रहा है। तो बच्चे के job security बनी रहती है। आज एक चायवाले भी नौकरी वाले को कमाने मे chalenge करता है।लेकिन human haresment होने से new population काम से हट जाता है।

  16. एक नाई का परिवार कई पिढी से नाई का काम कर ये काम तो कभी बंद नही होगा। मेने देखा है। मनुषय को जनम से ही करम निर्धारित है।। उसको वास्तविक शिक्षा की आवश्यकता है। और जिनके पुरानेकाम tecnology की वजह से खत्म हो गये उसे पूनजिवित करने की जरूरत है।

  17. इनसान के पलायनवाद को रोकना होगा। ईससे फायदा ये है। शहरी जनसंख्या मे कमी आएगी।

  18. The debate about intolerance is real in the context of the party in power tacitly & directly " supporting / justifying " criminals who indulge in lynchings ( muzaffarnagar ) & rapes ( Jammu & unnao ) .

  19. More than anything else, the " Modi – fied " Media aka " godi – media " indulge in sensational issues / Hindu-muslim hyperbolic debates , as it suits Modi , because then the public discourse doesn't analyse the " delivery of #AchheDin " .

  20. Staying in bengaluru but the blunder what karnataka people saw in election was so horrible. Even after getting 104 . Dacaits + Theives made the government.

  21. An excellent discussion, accompanied by pertinent data to underscore the issues and solutions. Jobs, Education, and Environment (JEE) ought to be the priorities of every country. Environment pertains both to nature and citizens. It includes issues such as National Security, Law and Order and Justice. The focus on these priorities will drive all initiatives for a country to progress. The need for jobs extends from short term to long term. Education pays medium to long term dividends. Quality of education can be enhanced dramatically by using technology, such as MOOCS and distance learning. IITs are mentioned and the following is an opinion on Mission IIT:

  22. Congress including Nehru did not put enough emphasize on education because they realized that illiterate and poor people are their vote banks. So why educate them. They will keep voting for you and Congress can stay in power and keep getting rich with power and bribe.

  23. Good information. But holding Nehru responsible for the things isn't right for everything cannot be expected to be perfect, flaws come with benefits too in the constitution. Also think about the age it was, could this be imagined then which is happening today in our country.

  24. Sad thing is indian youths following educated moron who mocks modi always sitting at germany, dhruv has almost 800k subscribers, while rajiv malhotraji doing very well job but still underrated 😞

  25. Rajiv Sir, this is one of the best informative and educative interaction. These kind of discussion must happen in like minded channel. So more people can understand the things which are good for the nation.. thanks

  26. The Professors recruited at esteemed institutes like IIT also have to be through merit rather than personal preferences of higher authorities. Also their advancement in terms of knowledge must be kept in check through the term if they are really performing their duty or merely satisfying ego among their students, only trying to hold on to their money wending positions!

  27. I wish Mohandas, Dr. Swamy should be inducted in the next ministry and remove the persons who are root cause for many setbacks for Mr. Modi. More than half of the ministers are fit to be removed and depts to be closed down as they are big drain of exchequer.

  28. Mr.Pai…👍👍👍, very very clear interpretation of the the situation and the remedies for most of the situation we are in . Hope the Law makers take this narrative and implement this verbatim to take our Nation to greater heights…

  29. Government doesn't look at & analyse data !!! Modiji pitaa ki bhaantee act karein !! Media won't act fairly since its under foreign church control.

  30. Our IITs and IIMs are white elephants. Our hard-earned money extracted as many forms of taxes goes in subsidizing the study, stay, food of these institutes. Then what! Most of the pass-outs leave India!! Those who cannot go out, get into white color govt. jobs are indulge in large-scale corruptions!! Why should we raise up these idiots??

  31. One of the biggest problems is, our media, the 4th estate of the Democratic set-up – PRESS – has foreign ownership. How can we expect decent reporting?

  32. This conversation is relatable in the fact that the Nehruvian mentality is evident among people when u see someone blaming gov. for every petty evil happening in the society. Rather than taking a stand for such issues, such people want gov. to do everything for them. Nehru literally ran India as if he was the Maharaja of independent India and we all are his praja, thereby making people virtually useless.

  33. We need a law to ban fake news without adequate proof and jail people who spread the fake news. Singapore has recently made laws against such news.

  34. Nehru could only think of affording pedestrian grade scholars out of the mostly primitive institutions and some excellent special purpose institutions. This is understandable at a time when the British left us as poor, undeveloped and survival was the worry for many. One can't blame Nehru for whatever did not happen. However his siblings who inherited the mantle did not have the vision to better the system and get some world class universities in due course.They became busy filling their pockets and their friends' pockets!. We still remain pedestrian and the time has come to change the statues-quo. Minimum schooling should be made compulsory for both genders!

  35. Sir, very informative discussion. Request you post these kind of videos not only in English and Hindi but also in all major regional languages like Tamil, Telegu, Kannada and Malayalam etc so that it will reach more rural people.

  36. 5 : 56 Im totally against this view. Yes taught well but not in Schools or Universities but purely by big belly money eating COACHING CENTRES

  37. Earlier, Pakistan quoted Quint, Karan Thapar & Praveen Swami to prove Kulbhushan a RAW spy at International Court of Justice (ICJ) .

    Now, Pakistan Media & Pak PM Imran Khan's Political Party is sharing video clip of NDTV show to prove that Indians are unhappy & India can face riots due to abolition of Article 370.

    This is our Media.

  38. mohandas pai should refer to mao a little less. Mao killed 5 times more people than hitler and stalin. Also he wanted women as he could use them labour to assert his dominance..

  39. My advice is not to disturb DRDO, let it be that way it is. I’ve seen more patriotic Hindus striving to make India proud there. Once the brain washed student of commies enter, it would be compromised. Don’t try to make them secular.

  40. I think its high time both the speakers take a look at Sadhguru's message about Indian education/British education system.
    Unless these guys seriously doesn't want clarity.

  41. Mohandas Pai should start a political party. One of the most important videos I have seen. I hope it finds its way to politicians.

  42. Finally got to this conversation, can be viewed anytime because it is timeless, data driven and the absolute truth. Thanks very much for level setting our social dialogue.

  43. I myself have gone to school both in the UK and India. But I find it funny how the British have changed their education system drastically, while the Indians still follow the outdated Industrial age education system which was built to create obedient machines and not self-thinking humans.

  44. Nehru also blundered in not creating any proper primary education system in this country too, he just focussed on higher education where in only the few privileged ppl who were able to afford to go to primary and secondary schools later used these institutes to their advantage.

  45. why people keep voting 4 CONgress if problem was this much…..i really dont think south is so developed….on bangalore is startup hub

  46. Mohandas pai you are a assest to India hope india politicians and bureaucrat use your services for development of the country

  47. Good discussion. Mr Pai raises many questions about the fundamental flaws in India's governance structures, which are rooted in India's British rule. IMO, the root cause of most of the issues is due to India adopting the very same political, administrative / bureaucratic, n legal systems the British left behind. Neither Nehru during his 17 long years as India's first PM, nor his daughter Indira or grandson Rajiv Gandhi cared to review and overhaul our archaic bureaucratic n legal systems. I blame all three Nehru-Gandhi dynasts because they are the only PMs who've enjoyed absolute majority in parliament n could've pushed thru radical reforms via new laws replacing British era laws. Sadly, even 72 years after British left India we continue to follow many British era laws in crucial sectors. It's shameful.

  48. Unfortunately , the most shamelessly over populated nation is us with a outdated, borrowed & non authentic education system , result is a poor quality high volume of graduates who have little or no practical abilities

  49. South. South. South. Dude! Fuck South.
    South is going good only because of IT and National parties wooing Southern states with a lot of doles that other places such as the North East don't get. South is not special. Most of the Dravidian IT employees are a bunch of Dumb Idiots.

  50. Please check Hindu population growth rates Vs Non Hindu population growth rates and long term effect on " Hindustan" as a Hindu country. To me that is scary.

  51. In middle of the night ,if u wake up Mohan das Pai , and ask him any statistics related to India. He will deliver like computers . Hats off Pai sir.

  52. Pai sir has three things.
    1. Lot of grey matter in brain.
    2. Lot of fire in belly.
    3. Heart full of courage and patriotism.

  53. He has summarised data what is publicly available and then tried to promote Modi in his narrative. He thinks people are fools, typical GSB

  54. My one year training (1966) in physics at the Bhabha Atomic Center was actually as good ( better in some sense) than my course work later in in the University of Maryland, USA (ranked 13th at that time). However, the teaching in my college was not as good , as it did emphasized mostly memorisation.

  55. Rajiv ji,Mohandass ji,commendable job.with ur intellect and resources on ur command ,kindly keep aprising PM ,FM and rotten pokhriyal.
    At large cud u create a social plateform ,educated lot if convinced can fund it to make it public discourse among masses along with rotten,rougue,corrupt polticians on stage in public which will give motivation to to young educated lot to participate in parliament instead of dynastic hard core crimnals there.brutakising islamic jihad among muslims to garner votes.
    Imagine Tejeswani yadav,rahul khan,udhav thackrey,mayavati,akhliesh etc etc.
    I am gonna put this discussion twitter.kindly pursue

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    जय हिन्द
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  57. He reminds me of the principles voiced out by Yaroon brook of ayn rand institute…
    He reminds me of Milton friedman's ideas.
    I am happy to find people in India, giving out many good ideas… Mr mohan das pai is filled with so much energy and knowledge..( I came across him while he was giving out his views in sabarimalai issue..)
    He has a good grasp of lots of issues and it is a delight to hear him
    thanks mr rajiv for doing shows like this


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