Youth Employment Services YES

Youth Employment Services YES

Employment is the cornerstone of safe
and healthy communities. YES is Canada’s leader in Youth Employment Services and
provides innovative programs that empower youth to become self-sufficient
contributing members of society. For nearly 50 years YES has helped
hundreds of thousands of youth become productive members of our communities. YES changes lives immediately through a
variety of coaching, training and life skill. YES has had an immediate and direct effect on hundreds of thousands of lives. These are you that don’t need a handout but a handup. Typically individuals coming to YES not
knowing what to do and we have a wide variety of programs that they can select
from to help them in their endeavor so YES really helps young people in a lot
of areas. Programming skills they develop not only helps them gain employment it
gives us such a passion of pride self-worth addictive. We have a 90%
success rate last year very proud of that and also the most rewarding
part is in youth who have criminal records or living on the street or homeless in the
first job and actually achieving in that job of maintaining a job. Youth Employment Services has provided me with education tools and the confidence to realize my dreams. The training, the skills and the positive energy has given my life a direction.
Well everybody has a different story a different background and they come into
a program like mine and find the ability to develop themselves so I see
them in the beginning stages and then I see them at the end or the totally
different a lot more confidence a lot brighter in terms of their smile or
their charismatic itself. The support we receive truly has an impact, truly changes families, communities and lives. YES – Changing Lives… Forever

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