Your Voice Is Your Business DVD by Orlando Barone, Cari Tellis, Ph.D.

Your Voice Is Your Business DVD by Orlando Barone, Cari Tellis, Ph.D.

Your Voice Is Your Business DVD by Orlando
Barone, and Cari Tellis, Ph.D. Your Voice Is Your Business combines the latest
in voice research and technology with the most powerful and state-of-the-art presentation
skills and methods. I’m Orlando Barone, I’m a management consultant
and President of Barone Associates, I’ve been helping people in the areas of presentation
skills and interpersonal effectiveness for many years. And I’m Dr. Cari Tellis. I’m an
assistant professor in the Speech Language Pathology Department at Misericordia University.
So Loni what does it mean to mean? Actually, I discussed that when I met with the admissions
office at here at Penn. And I think I can safely say in a real sense your voice is your
business. Would you agree? Absolutely. In what sense would you say your voice is your
business here? When we speak to the audience, our voice is the first thing that they hear,
so we are the representation of the University. So we’ve established communication as an establishment
of common meaning. Cari tell us what tools are available to us when we set out to achieve
common meaning. When we discussed this, we broke it down into two categories; verbal
and paraverbal. Verbals are the word and paraverbals are everything that accompanies the word.
You hands are looked at a lot when you speak. After your face, your hands are the most looked
at. What happens when I say giving you my second point and hold up three fingers is
you’re jarred by this. We are meaning makers, that’s what humans are. We look out at the
person transmitting and we say what does that mean? Any gesture we make, any movement we
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