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  1. 60secondclub king on youtube Gary what’s good !

    Love your content my guy . If you get a minute head over to my YouTube channel I’m a Canadian hip hop artist . I used some of your audio from a podcast in one of my music videos called “ I just might”

    I funk you would enjoy it . Much love

  2. Who else agrees that Gary Vee is right?…as most super successful entrepreneurs have made a business out of their hobbies

  3. I seem to be doing a bit of everything atm, primarily I’ve done videos but trying to combine my talents and interests in music & racing; the latter of which is extremely expensive and just unattainable with no sponsors :/

  4. I used to ride BMX. I’ve been thinking about getting back into it but, I really want to get to 500 subscribers before Christmas. That way I can monetize using the Amazon affiliate program and not have to keep re-applying

    Also, When you slam on a BMX bike, YOU SLAM! Lol

  5. When you are less focused on the money and on happiness, you end up making more money. Have definitely noticed that focusing on long term relationships and extending terms is a lot of easier than finding new business.

  6. This is my way! So i am totally disappointed when there is no follow up after the sale. My broker was slathering us up with niceties and connection, that when i expected to here from her and didn't, i felt duped! i actually was duped!! this house is a lemon!!! smh! it took me 6 weeks to figure that i out!

  7. Totally helps. Painting, jazz guitar, meditation. . . Lots of things going on in my life that have helped me connect with others.

  8. People like people that they can relate to and if SOMEONE is able to relate to you thru your content.. you can build something there.. This man GARY has truly transformed my life, I've started following my passion of creating content because of him.. Stop by my channel if you wish, hope I can bring you some value.. ??

  9. There's and old saying…first is the show and then you get to know….I ditched the show a long time ago!! Love me some Gary daily!!

  10. My business opens in the spring .

    Been putting out “ coming soon “ videos which are a huge hit . We are getting lots of love for those .

    First year is all about marketing . We found our groove and I’m very excited for the future .

    Thanks for changing my life , Gary .

  11. But what I don’t understand is if your just starting something, Like for instance I’m growing Swimology where I teach people how to swim, if I start talking about Star Wars won’t that make my followers upset and eventually unfollow me. Recently I bought a lot of cool Star Wars things but I can’t just start talking about that on my channel. I want to but it doesn’t make sense for my content. So should I just not talk about it and stay in my lane or should I make a video on it or and Instagram post or something like that?

  12. How do you mitigate the reverse effect of sharing every aspect of your life. Like if what you shared was something they abhorred and that inevitably made you lose a potential transaction?

  13. I am following this advice and trying to bring value to others for free. Here is an example. Follow me on Instagram! Username: thistastesso

  14. I immigrated as a minor alone to the US. Best decision I have ever made. Been in sales for 20 years, related issues, knowing how to find something you can relate to with your client basically does all the selling for me.

  15. So simple but still amazing! Focus on marketing more and sales less. When you build rapport and relationships the sales will come. Thanks GV!

  16. Thanks you so much Gary VEEEEEE you’re the best because of you’re free advice and knowledge I started my own podcast on YouTube and it beautiful ?❤️???

  17. Being you will cause people to like you and people to not like you. That's the way it's supposed to be!

  18. Exactly Gary! This youtuber was ready to argue with me for eternity about picking 1 topic being the way to go. It's all about relatability!

  19. Good dialogue, solid conversational pacing. That’s how you get your message across! Getting better all the time. Good shit man

  20. Yo what is wrong with Gary lately holy shit seems like he’s been 1000% more pumped than usual or maybe just picking the right words like he said

  21. Question! So does this mean I should just go ahead and combine my two podcasts? One is on Christian theology, and the second is about self development. THOUGHTS?

  22. Just started following Gary thanks to his passion and attitude to break the mindset of all the lemmings. Move it !

  23. Listen to Gary people, but really, l i s t e n !
    Don't say yeah yeah I know, listen again, you don't know.
    I saw so many bad businesses and people think they know how to do it but they don't.
    And what I noticed, the biggest problem is that they're focused on making sales and then something surprising happens: they struggle! And the business fails! They wonder why but I don't.
    You can't focus only on making a sale! If at all. Passion and making people wanting *working with you (translation: buying from you) is what drives you customers! All entrepreneurs, please do yourself a favor and listen to Gary.

  24. We had a plumbing issue related to the shower last week. The plumber came out, said what the problem was, gave my dad a quote and fixed the problem. $430 and he was out in less than an hour. Nice guy with a good business and does good work. The problem came up again the other day (less than one week later) and dad called the plumber. Plumber came back out two days later and said that there still must be a clog somewhere, tinkered for five minutes. He billed my dad $89. Getting billed to come out isn't the issue, that would have been about $45. But he tacked on $44 because he tinkered. Dad questioned it and the plumber says it's cost, insurance for his company is $14k/year blah blah blah and the fact that he had to come out again to fix an issue that wasn't his fault or negligence blah blah blah. Dad had used him previously for a hot water tank and other services prior and has paid him thousands before. But why was he so bent on getting that $44? Couldn't he just let it go? My dad is 80 and the plumber was nice enough but was so persistent on getting his $89 and I don't think it would have broke him. For me, it wasn't good business (and it's HIS business!) and he focused on the short term. He lost future business from my dad and also from my dad recommending this plumber to others. Good ethics and practice is priceless – sorry long post, but this was in response to the sales and marketing part of this video.

  25. This is so good especially your point about The difference between salespeople and marketers cac vs LTV never occured to me… Relevance and value are indeed great Relationship builders. Great advice as usual Gary thanks a mil!

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