Your Town Coming UP NOW. TV Documentary.

Your Town Coming UP NOW. TV Documentary.

Would you like to be featured in the TV documentary? Hi, I’m Natalia Hansson a partner at UP NOW
Costa Blanca and we’re looking for businesses and attractions to be featured
in the upcoming TV documentary. The documentary is a part of a series called
“Costa Blanca the Place to Live and Visit,” filmed by the well-known Danish
filmmaker and composer Torben Thoger. The purpose is to promote the region and the
towns as the places to live and visit to the International Community living
in and interested in the area. I came here in 1981 for a birthday
party and I just didn’t go home. I remember our telephone number was number 20. I am my own boss. These documentaries are human interest stories
where we hear about the town through the people that live and have their businesses there. A shop of things that you don’t need, but you want. It’s a luxury. It is lovely. It’s take it easy, you know, you don’t notice so
much if people have a lot of money or not. It is not an issue here. I started playing the trumpet when I was 10. Giving something back. It’s not all about take. Now we’re coming to your town and are looking
for people with businesses and attractions to tell their story. Would you like to be featured? Click on the link in this video post for more information! There are many aspects in this movie
that I even didn’t know that they exist. Congratulations! Very, very … wonderful. Oh, and share this video with anyone you
think would benefit from being featured. And we’ll see you soon!

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