You Miss the Current Thing When You Worry About What’s Next

You Miss the Current Thing When You Worry About What’s Next

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  1. The internet is mature and has so much opportunity available to help earn extra income. I'm able to provide valuable content to my viewers and in return gained 10,000 YouTube subscribers and monthly brand deals. This is the best time to become an entrepreneur thanks for the internet. Take action everyone and take full advantage of the entrepreneur opportunities online. Happy 2020.

  2. Who here loves Gary’s content? ??‍♂️ he helped me create my company working and coaching ADHDers + my growing youtube channel

  3. You are such an inspiration Gary! I started focusing on the quality of my content, and I've been happier and I'm starting to grow i just hit over 800 subs!!

  4. Nailed it! You need to have a killer instinct, yet realize business is a team sport. You can compete and collaborate. You can “play to win” without being a jerk, lol.

  5. Bro can you tell those Arab dictators if they want to be seen positively in history make burge khalifas but for the people no one likes all that gold taps and gold Boston’s and all that crap !

  6. Be passionate about what you want to do. If you're not passionate then find other directions. 86% of people hate their jobs. Even if you can earn on your job good money you need to love your job. Happiness is more important.

  7. Hey man, I had been trying to text you but I'm unable to send text due to some problem, I also tried texting you over Instagram but didn't get the reply. Please, tell me if there's another way of reaching to you?

  8. Mr. Vee.. I watch everything you do and listen to all of your podcasts and follow you on every social media platform. I am @EverywhereNYC on every social media platform… for those of us who follow you and know what you're going to say when you're at these conferences, I would love to see some b-roll of the surroundings when you're in a country like Dubai. I think it gives a different context of just the same old room full of people and you on the stage… I mean I love it anyway but it would be good to see a little footage of the different city states and countries these conferences are in.

  9. Thanks you so much Gary VEEEEEE you’re the best I’m not scared anymore of failure it part of the journey ???????❤️

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