YLAI Fellowship Host Video 2018

YLAI Fellowship Host Video 2018

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and administered by Meridian International
Center, the YLAI Professional Fellows Program is a
fully-funded fellowship for entrepreneurs and innovative leaders from
Latin America and the Caribbean. During the past two years, over 500 YLAI Alumni
from 36 countries in the region have been placed in local businesses and organizations
around the U.S. where they have expanded their leadership
and entrepreneurial experience, built networks, established linkages,
and formed lasting partnerships to attract investments and support. What does it mean to be a YLAI Fellowship
Host? My name is Roberto Cobaquil and I am proud
to be a YLAI 2016 Alum. As a YLAI Fellowship Host, you will be paired
with a Fellow with experience in your industry. YLAI Fellows will become members of your team
for four weeks learning from and contributing to your business
or organization My Fellowship Host helped me create an action
plan and connected me with others in Portland. We also built a partnership and hosted representatives
from two Portland organizations as they visited coffee farms and learned about
our coffee culture in Guatemala City. Why should you become a YLAI Fellowship Host? You could influence the next generation of
leaders by creating a professional development plan
and offering contacts and advice. You could advance your work with top talent
and learn from each other. 33% of Fellowship Hosts have improved their
operations because of the Fellows’ contributions. You could build partnerships and start new
projects with a YLAI Fellow to expand your business. What is the YLAI Reverse Exchange? As a Fellowship Host, you could be selected
to travel to your Fellow’s home country to implement a project and share best practices. Pairs have implemented art therapy workshops,
entrepreneurship conferences, or agricultural events in the past. Participating in a Reverse Exchange could
help your entity reach new markets or build international partnerships. The 2018 YLAI Professional Fellows are between
the ages 25 and 35, have at least two years of experience with
their business or social venture, and are proficient in English. If you’re interested in becoming a YLAI
Fellowship Host contact the implementing partner organization in your city.

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