Yale World Fellows Program

Yale World Fellows Program

Thursday, September 24th, hundreds of students,
faculty and community members packed into Yale’s Afro-American Cultural Center,
amid vibrant food, drinks and music. At the center of attention were 16 mid-career professionals
from around the world — journalists, healthcare professionals, economists, entrepreneurs and
literal rock-stars — gathered in New Haven for Yale’s World Fellows program. It’s really about sharing knowledge and
ideas with the Yale community, but also learning a lot through interactions with students,
faculty and the broader community. And that involves everything from participating in
courses, holding talks, and roundtable discussions. The crux of the Yale World Fellows program
is to really bring a skillset to the table that is very unique. And the core question
that you are given to answer is that: how do you construct a good society? With the program’s acceptance rate being
less than half of one percent, World Fellows are selected by Yale for their expertise in
their respective fields. But World Fellows don’t come to Yale to stay in their comfort
zones You know you get caught up in work and you get caught up in events and you want to take a pause, step
back and think about some of the stuff you’ve witnessed or written about—but also share
it with students who can often give you a fresh perspective. Challenging myself here in a very aggressive
environment, it’s very safe as well, it’s just very rewarding. During their time at Yale from Mid-August
to Mid-December above all, the World Fellows hope to interact with the Yale community,
especially undergraduates. Each World Fellow is assigned four student liaisons.
You know, we help the World Fellows but we also learn so much from them. So it’s like
a very symbiotic relationship. There’s so much to talk about with them.
It’s just great to have this option to connect with so many different types of people. If students are interested in meeting not just a World
Fellow from 2015, but meeting a 2004 fellow, 2005 fellow, they can access those people through
our website. We are located at 55 Hillhouse Street. Come
and ask us questions about our respective areas of work. To find out more about the Yale World Fellows
program, visit worldfellows.yale.edu. For YTV, this was Wayne Zhang, Tarna Zander-Velloso and James Nydam.

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