Yale Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Program

Yale Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Program

– I think what’s unique about Yale Pulmonary Critical Care training is the great balance between both the clinical aspect and the academic focus. – Yale really provides a strong balance of clinical experience, research experience and educational experience in creating Pulmonary Critical Care attendings that are gonna go on to be leaders in those fields. – One of the most unique aspects, I think, of our fellowship program is the flexibility we try to build into the system to be able to construct something
that’s unique for each individual. – I was a fellow in this program and now I’m on the faculty. It’s a great position to be in because I sort of understand the different stages that the fellows go through in our program. – Within the clinical umbrella, we really get exposure. We see a lot of different clinical sites. So, we work in the VA, Saint Raphael’s Hospital and Yale New Haven Hospital. We get to do different rotations through different kinds of ICUs and on different consult services. There’s a lot of different patient populations and problems that we see throughout our clinical rotations. – We have leaders in the field of asthma and airway disease, pulmonary hypertension, sleep, interventional pulmonary, Cystic Fibrosis, their clinics are essentially open to the fellows for their learning. – All of the fellows have such a wide variety of interests and then, therefore, experiences, because they’re able to make it what they want. The second and third year are so well customizable to what your interests are. – From the clinical part, we’re then able to have this context for which to apply our clinical observations and clinical findings into their research. – It’s really customizable to whatever the fellows’ research interests are. – [Dr. Baldassarri] The third thing that ties all of them together is the educational mission. One of the things I love about being here is that I feel that I’m constantly learning and then doing my best to teach others the things that I’ve learned. – The thing that makes Yale special to me is that they really care about each of the
trainees as an individual person and not just as a cog-wheel in the machinery of the system. We’re part of a family together here. – [Dr. Baldassarri] If you’re a person who loves being a doctor or a scientist or an educator, who is curious and who wants to constantly learn, to constantly be challenged and be around a really motivated and talented group, this is the place to be.

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