YA BOOKS I WOULD DIE IN ☠️?| Ashley Recommends

YA BOOKS I WOULD DIE IN ☠️?| Ashley Recommends

Hi guys, my name is Ashley Poston and I will be your author in residence
today here at Epic Reads. Today’s video is going to be Ruthless YAs
that I would 100% probably die in. So let’s get to it. [MUSIC] All right, let’s get to it. First up is the Grishaverse
by Leigh Bardugo. I’m not going to just say the Shadow and
Bone trilogy or Six of Crows or Crooked Kingdom or King of Scars. Just the entire Grishaverse,
just all of it. It’s ruthless, I would probably die in
the first chapter of Shadow and Bone, let’s just be honest. When they’re going across the Shadow Fold
and there’s all the [SOUND] things. There’s no way,
there’s no way I would survive that. So I’m dead from the beginning but
hey, it’s a great read, yay! [SOUND] Next up on the list is the Forest
of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie Dao. It is about the young empress,
well, up and coming Empress of Feng Lu who
must come into her power. But to do that,
she has to eat a few hearts. Literally, she has to [SOUND] eat a few hearts to bring out her magical prowess. And she doesn’t do it. There’s an angry god who’s
probably gonna kill her. So it’s fine, she’d probably eat my heart. [LAUGH] I’d probably let her,
let’s be honest. [SOUND] Next up on the list is
The Fever King by Victoria Lee. Now this is one of my
favorite reads of last year. It is about a young man named Noam, who
after being infected with a magical virus, he is the only surviving
person of his family. And he gains these magical technopath
powers where he can command technology. And so, he wants to figure out
how to stop this virus, and so to do that he has to
figure out what it is. And so he becomes an apprentice
to what is basically the ruler of Carolinia which
is the country that he is in. And his son is real hot and
real evil and it’s fine. It all turns out fine. Anyway, I would probably
die by the magical virus, because I get one cold a year, and
that one cold like knocks me out for days. And so I would probably get infected with
the magical virus, and I would just die. I wouldn’t wake up with magical
superpowers, I would just die. Next up on the list is
Black Wings Beating, by Alex London. It is about twins who
must go on a journey to capture the fiercest bird of
prey in all of their kingdom. Did I mention that it’s
warfare with big birds, just huge birds of prey just swooping
around, being really terrifying. And these twins they have to go and find the most terrifying of all and
basically use it for war. I would probably die by the birds. My entrails would become my extrails, they
would just go [SOUND] all over me and I’m. But they’re cute, I guess I
wouldn’t mind really, much anyway. Anyway, Black Wings Beating, check it out. It’s [SOUND]. But if you are looking for
more of the seafaring variety, I highly recommend Seafire
by Natalie C Parker. It is lady pirates, it is steam punk
future dystopia, it is pirates. It’s like a bunch of really cool
girls just coming together and just beating the crap out of people. And [SOUND] it’s so good. And it’s pirate ships. And it’s really, really,
really complex female relationships. And I just, makes me so happy. I would also probably die very quickly. In the world of Seafire, I would probably be captured by
the evil pirates called the Bullets. And they would probably torture me,
and torture me, and torture me some more until I died. And then they would dump my body
over the side of the ship and I would just go floating
off into the water and now I’d would be bait for sharks. Or a nice lunch for a seagull or two. I think I’d be a pretty good lunch for
a seagull. Anyway, Seafire by Natalie C Parker. Highly recommend,
it is a rip roaring good time. [SOUND] And next up on the list is
Give the Dark My Love by Beth Revis. Now I’m talking necromancy. I’m talking a school for magic. I’m talking plagues. I’m talking mystical dark arts. I’m talking murder, love, revenge. I mean, really what’s there not to love? Well, I guess besides the being
undead thing, that would suck. Honestly, in this world,
I would probably die of the plague and then come back as an undead and
then I would just lose my head. I would get decapitated somehow and then I would spend the rest of my
undead afterlife, unlife, whatever. Just wandering around
the world looking for my head. Yeah, that checks out. And next up on the list is
The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner. Now, I hadn’t read this for a very long
time and people were like read this book. And so finally, I was like,
okay I guess I’ll read this book. And then I read the book and I was like this is why they’re
telling me to read this book. Cuz it’s really good. So the thief is about the queens thief, Gen, Eugenities, Eugenity, Eugenedee, Eugenides, Eugenidis. No, that’s not right. Anyway, it’s about the Queen’s thief, Gen, who gets asked by the Magus to go on a
quest to go find this legendary artifact. And so he’s like, yeah, sure, why not. But he has some machinations of his own. And so it’s about him getting
into a lot of trouble, and his entire world is changed after that. In this world I probably like,
if I found a nice place to live, set up a shop, become a apprentice to
someone, I would probably be all right. But honestly, I’m too dumb for this world. I would die of sheer stupidity
because I was never a Girl Scout. I don’t know how to build a fire or
camp or cook for myself. I can cook ramen, that’s it, ramen. I burned SpaghettiOs in the microwave. That’s where we’re at in my adult life. So I don’t think I would survive the thief
or any of the other books at all. [SOUND] And next up on the list is
Beneath the Citadel by Destiny Soria. It is about a city ruled by prophecies and
a High Council who oversees these prophecies and
has for the last few centuries. There’s nothing shady going on,
not at all. But there is, and Cassa must figure
out what it is before it’s too late. So she teams up with a motley crew
of misfits and they go and try and overthrow High Council that has
been ruling a city for centuries. Nothing can go wrong at all. Nothing can go wrong. I would probably die again from stupidity. Because these, gah, these characters
are just so smart and I’m like, how did you figure this out? I have no idea. I can’t even, and also I would just be
like, yeah, I believe that prophecy. Sure, yeah, why not? Yeah, darkness is come. Yeah, shh, no problem. Yeah, darkness is coming. I’m murdered, cool. [SOUND] My next and last wreck
isn’t exactly a book, it’s a manga. It is Fullmetal Alchemist
by Hiromu Arakawa. It is one of my absolute
favorite mangas of all time. It is about two brothers who in trying
to raise their dead mother back from the dead by committing an unspeakable
alcomedic, alchemic, alchemic. Alcomedic, is that like alchemy and
comedy all together, wow! No, an alchemic sin,
they lose parts of themselves. And so to return their bodies
to their natural state, they must go on a quest to
find the philosopher’s stone. But they accidentally stumble
onto a plan to destroy the entire country in the process. It’s fun, they got this. And now they totally got this, yeah. They can try to bring their dead
mother back from the grave. Yeah, no problem. [SOUND] So anyway, that’s it for
my Recs, I really hope you enjoy them. Happy reading, and wait, actually, I want
to do a few more if that’s okay with you? But we’ll we do it in a rapid fire round,
okay? Let’s get started. [SOUND] First off is A Conspiracy
of Stars by Olivia A Cole. It is secret labs, it’s murder,
it’s mystery, it’s basically avatar, but a lot cooler, and has stem girls in it,
what’s there not to like? And also next up is To Kill A Kingdom
by Alexandra Christo. Hello murderous mermaids. Yes, please. They could drown me any day. [SOUND] The Lumatere Chronicles
by Molina Marchetta. I’m actually not sure this is
about to be completely honest. i haven’t read it yet but
i know how I would die. I would die a slow and agonizing death
from all the pressure of everyone who’s trying to get me to read it and it worked. I’m reading it now, thanks. You should too. We should all just read it cuz
I’m not sure what it’s about. I’ve heard about it for
years, literal years and I guess it’s like The Thief
by Megan Whalen Turner. They’re like sleeper cells, they just creep up on you like
a silent but deadly fart. [SOUND] Anyway, that’s it for this video. Thank you so much for watching. Please like and
subscribe and all that jazz. And please comment in the comment section
about your favorite ruthless YAs and happy reading. Bye guys.

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