WSJ: Federal Prosecutors Scrutinize Giuliani’s Ukraine Business Dealings Finances | Hardball | MSNBC

WSJ: Federal Prosecutors Scrutinize Giuliani’s Ukraine Business Dealings Finances | Hardball | MSNBC

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  1. In other words he is swirling the rim of the toilet FBI is getting their eyes dotted and tees crossed but how do they bypass William Barr who will cover it up

  2. Guiliani is going to go away kicking and screaming!! His argument will be that he was the mayor of the city once therefore he shouldn't have to go to prison.

  3. This journalist is confusing Lutsenko (the non-corrupt prosecuter who was imprisoned by Paul Manafort's Ukrainian client Yanukovich) with Shokin (the corrupt prosecuter who would accept pay-offs to hide companies' evidence of corruption)–NOT good journalism!

  4. the guest in this video lies. The anti-corruption people in ukraine did, in fact, leak Manaforte's ledger to hurt trump. I don't know why the msnbc lies like this.

  5. I know two people who were arrested and one of which spent 14 years of his life in jail for a murder he did not commit. He and 12 others were exonerated of crimes they did NOT commit. It all happened under Julie Annie's charge. I'll bet there's a lot of guys in the big house who are counting the days that this little vampire goes to live with them!

  6. This Corrupt Proxy "Election" has simply bared the tip of the Iceberg of the Evil Sub-humans that control Governments of the Earth for their own despicably Evil Devices. Drumpf is simply their Puppet. What proves this is that Such a Person now resides in the Oval Office. The focus should be on the Money Masters see: Bill Still's presentation of Why We are the Way we are.

  7. Ukraine replaced one corrupt Russia-linked oligarch with another. Who knew the next one would be a U.S. president?

  8. "There is nothing president Donald Trump can do that will even come close to provoking the kind of disgust and moral outrage that tens of millions of people feel towards the Washington establishment." – Dr. Steve Turley #NoMoreWars #ProjectVeritas #Trump2020

  9. Inez Qtaish is writing saying: I did my best, I took all the necessary steps, I did everything i was suppose to do and now I feel like i want to die.

  10. Inez Qtaish is writing" the things I do will affect us all ,when I stop caring , everybody will suffer the consequences.

  11. Giuliani has nothing to worry about. The DoJ belongs to Trump, and even if they prosecute and win, Trump will pardon him. He has no choice because Giuliani knows where at least some of the bodies are buried.

  12. Trump : Man of few words because of his small vocabulary. Always says, a great man, does a great job, in the history of _______, when they work for him. When they go against him, he'll attack that same person and add a nickname. When confronted by the media about facts that came out, "I didn't know about that" "you'll have to ask _________. "it's a hoax, It's the deep state, The Democrats, Obama, HIllary, and now Biden. Very predictable in his thinking but very unpredictable when he does things off the wall, like remove the US troops from Syria, and we all know this comes under Putin's suggestion, orders or maybe Putin said to Trump: "can i ask you a favor though?"

  13. There is only one reason Trump has reversed his instinct and started singing Giuliani's praises.
    Because he knows that if Rudy goes down he will pull Trump with him.

  14. I'm just waiting for Trump to say something like: "Rudy? Rudy who? Never heard of the guy, never met him!"

    The sad thing is that his base would probably choose to belive even that.

  15. Everytime I see images of Giuliani, he has an incredibly expensive diamond ring on his pinky finger "on his right hand". People need to understand that significance. ?

  16. Oh Gee …….. Ghouliani  paid a cool 1/2 mil $ by aa foreign crime syndicate called 'Corruption, Bribery, and Intimidation Inc. '  Whoulda thunk ?

  17. Taxes, taxes lol. Where are the taxes? Al Capone got caught because of his taxes. Trump prove your innocence show your taxes. Lol

  18. Great guy and wonderful lawyer. That's what he said basically about Cohen. So Rudy you ended up with a load of more money than Hunter Biden
    you hypocrite !!!

  19. The socialist dem's, H. Clinton, Obama, Strok, Page, McCabe, Comey, Brennan, Russian spies and corporations and even people in the DOJ had a "insurance policy" to overthrow Trump as soon as he was elected president. Remember? Oh, right, the Corrupt News Network.

  20. How on Earth could you only talk about a valid investigation to the 2016 election that was goin on as part of a request from AG Barr who because of his duties has to communicate and work with those countries for his investigation, the way you do and not even mention the Biden threatening the Ukraine on camera and working with corrupt corporations truthfully?

  21. trump now has MORE blood on his hands, he knew people would DIE when he pulled them out for his PERSONAL POLITICO GAIN!

  22. These guys are making their way to power through lies, with the support of the impartiality of the mass media consecrated to massive social corruption 😉

  23. If a man whose told nearly 15000 lies as POTUS, and whose running one of the most corrupt US govts in history, says someone is an "honorable man," that means he's a total crook. Giuliani was always a jerk, he did things bordering on ethical while mayor of NYC. If 9/11 hadn't happened – ie, if the Dubya WH had taken the Clinton WH's warnings seriously – Giuliani wld be known as just another former, irascible, megalomaniac, big city mayor. Who ever Giuliani was as a prosecutor's, he's now using that experience to help Spanky circumvent the law. PresPAB prob promised him a good slice of the Moscow Tower deal, i wonder if Rudy'll get any where near what Spanky promised him.

  24. Although he loves calling other people crooked, I'm reminded of something one of Lord Mountbatten's friends said in describing him,. Trump is the embodiment of that quote saying that he "was so crooked he could eat a nail and sh*t a corkscrew."

  25. Trump's last Attorney is locked up, Giuliani's going to get locked up, go for 3? 3 strikes and you'rrrrrrrrrrre OUT!!!

  26. So as Cohen! He was once a great lawyer, who could be trusted! Just in case we have forgotten…..

  27. Trump and those who are helping him establish a lawless America; Barr, Pompeo, Miller, and Mitch. You will be remembered and used as perfect examples in schools, the most corrupt spineless aides to a racist corrupt president.

  28. Ukraine is afraid of being left alone. Well, I think it has been proven that the USA would never abandon an ally. Never!

  29. What G was doing in Ukraine was ultimately working on 2020 campaign. By getting the so called "dirt" on Biden that T could use to discredit Biden in the campaign, that would be of a great influence on the American Voter.
    My point is that Mr G has stated, on many occasions, that he is working for the pres Pro Bono. Here's the catch… is against the law and, if I am remembering correctly, an impeachable offense, for a lawyer to work Pro Bono on a presidential campaign. That's a big deal that has only been spoken of in just a few news outlets. Makes me go hmmmmm

  30. As Wayne Barrett called it , the association between Trump and Giuliani was both deep and disturbing.
    Just think that's a lot of years.


  31. Rudy and his boss Donald are in big trouble with the American people, no one is above the law and justice will prevail

  32. ARE YOU CLUELESS? You never expected the "snake" to bite Giuliani? As far as Trump seeking foreign aid to insure victory, you seriously believe he needs it? Excellent economy, taxes down, unemployment down, immigration issues handled (as much as he could do it alone), military stronger and getting back home. Democrats refusing to work for the country (almost 3 years.) I'm told Democrat House of Representatives promised to work with this President. THEY LIED !!

  33. The only thing Giuliani is LEGENDARY at is CRIMINAL ACTS!!!
    THAT'S IT!!!
    Gansters and Thugs with the UNPRESIDENTIAL President Donald Trump leading the way!!! Send them ALL to JAIL!!!

  34. um trump never attempted to "turn on" the Ukraine. but i am sure you spent your every waking moment feeding them that narrative while there. are confused with creepy Joe and his master Obama. he bragged about what he did, to anyone with ears. as usual, MS13NBC , praying on the dumbest of the dumb.

  35. Trump's concept of they, being the entire world but a few million anti-american masochists and Putin. So how is it that the entire world is wrong but a few of you narcissistic voters are actually correct, Your mental illness aside, how can anyone turn my vote?

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