Writing a Powerful Business Report

Writing a Powerful Business Report

When a company needs to make an informed
decision, a business report can guide the way. These documents use facts and
research to study data, analyze performance, and provide recommendations
for the future. Business reports are always formal and objective, and every
fact must be clear and backed up by a legitimate source, no matter if the
report focuses on a single issue or an entire company. Let’s look at the
structure of a typical business report. First, list your name, contact information,
and the date of submission. We also recommend giving the report a
title. Next, provide some background on the topic you’ll be discussing, along
with the purpose of the report itself. In the key findings, provide relevant facts
and data using bulleted lists, charts, or any other medium that can help make your
point. Be clear and specific, because the entire report revolves around this
information. When you reach the conclusion, summarize and interpret the
key findings, identify issues found within the data, and answer any relevant
questions. Then, recommend solutions based on what you’ve presented. Remember to
stay objective, impersonal, and focused on the company’s perspective. For the
references, list the sources for all the data you’ve cited. This allows your
reader to learn where you got your information.
Some companies may require an executive summary at the beginning of the report.
An executive summary includes the background, key findings, and
recommendations within a single section. This lets a reader learn the highlights
without having to read the entire report. While business reports may seem
intimidating, you have the ability to create one of your own. Collect and
present the facts in an organized manner, and you’ll help your company make
informed decisions.

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