Would A 24-Year-Old Girl Date A 20-Year-Old Guy? | ZULA First Dates Deal-breakers | EP 4

Would A 24-Year-Old Girl Date A 20-Year-Old Guy? | ZULA First Dates Deal-breakers | EP 4

Hi, my name is Erika, I’m 24 this year, and I’m working in an architect film, as a travel coordinator/admin staff, ya. Outside of work, I really really love working out. So I go for classes two to three times a week, especially cardio classes. The craziest thing I did was, without telling my mum, I went to do skydiving. How many relationships have you been in? Officially it’s two. Partner didn’t give enough time, so, that’s why it ended. Could you let us know what are some of your relationship deal-breakers? Okay, uh, firstly, uhm, physically-wise, hoping that he is at least… Uhm, 175? Uh, age, hoping someone will be older, ‘cause he’ll be more mature. And I hope someone will be of
the same frequency as me. Hi, I’m Bren and I’m 20 this year. I am currently waiting to enlist, I graduated not long ago. I guess working out is one of my new interests right now. One fun fact ah? Uhm… I got a scar on my ankle because of a spoon. Uh, I was playing with it as a kid la, then, like, my friend pushed me and the spoon actually, like, took a little chunk out of my ankle. How many past relationships have you been in? Four official ones that I count as relationships. It mostly had to do with
me and them not seeing eye-to-eye. Or, like, us having trouble compromising. It was more of, like, tolerating, rather than growing together. What are your relationship deal-breakers? I would prefer to date someone, like, I guess, that grooms themselves or take care of their physical appearance because, like, it shows that they care about themselves and they respect themselves. I used to date someone that would kind of borrow from others, and also not keep track of their spending. So, like, I need to find someone who can manage their finances responsibly. So, when you guys first meet each other, you have five minutes to talk about
whatever you guys want. If you guys are ready, you can turn around in, 3, 2, 1. – Eh, hello.
– Hello. – I’m Bren, nice to meet you.
– Erika. But you can call me tonight. What the shit. Okay, back to the question, how tall are you? I’m 179cm. – Oh my god.
– What about you? I’m 155 so I think you’re, like, 30cm [taller]. How long did you have your braces on already? I think almost three to four years. Huh so long ah? I think most people that meet me for the first time, like, when they don’t know me, they will also talk about, like- ‘Cause it’s the first thing they see when they’re- Hmm ya, your smile. Okay, I was very nervous, then I turn and look over to him, and then he was, like, the first thing he was, like, hands out already, so I think that was, like, very friendly. She looks quite good-looking la. I think we are about the same age. And, I think, my first impression of her was, like, her outgoingness. She’s not, like, that shy. And then, like, she- She’s someone you could talk to. So what do you do in your free time? I usually go, uhm, for work outs, then usually it’s cardio la, ‘cause I’m not really very flexible, so I can’t really do yoga. Then you? Do you do any work outs? I- I do work out la, but I only started seriously working out this year, April. I pay more attention to dieting. Then he was saying he does meal preps, like, every day. So I was, like- At first I thought he was the typical gym guy. I’m gonna give you clues on what’s gonna happen for your date today, – Oh okay.
– Okay. I think it’s something- I know what is it already. – Oh my god, we are freakin’ gonna bake a cake?
– I know! – This-
– Sour. This prunes right? Eh no, not prunes, sour plum. I think this one should be both is the food. – This is yuzu.
– I can’t think of anything eh, hmm. Yuzu cake. I think we are gonna do some baking later on. I can’t bake for nuts, man. Ya, I can’t bake for nuts too. – Let’s burn the kitchen down.
– We’re going to burn the kitchen. Okay, so, are you guys ready for your date? – Yes!
– Yes! Okay guys, let’s go! This season, we asked contestants to list five of their own deal-breakers when it comes to relationships. They don’t know which deal-breaker is being challenged on this episode, and they will not be allowed to mention any of the deal-breakers on the date. For Bren and Erika, the deal-breaker being challenged is Erika’s deal-breaker, age. With that said, let’s see how the date goes! Where are we? Where do y’all think y’all are going? – Baking class.
– I don’t know. Baking class, at someone’s house. – Okay, let’s go.
– Let’s go! Oh, is it Baker’s Origin? – Oh ya, it’s right there.
– Ya! Okay, very good morning. Welcome to Baker’s Origin, I’m Elijah. – Hi.
– Hello. And I’ll be your instructor for today! So, from the ingredients on the table, can you guess what are we doing? – I don’t know, like, some tarts ah?
– Ya. Some tarts? So yes, tarts number one. You’re doing a yuzu meringue tart. – Oh.
– Oh. Now, before we start, let’s put on the aprons, so you don’t get dirty. Thank you. – There you go.
– Thank you. Okay, very good. So now, the first thing that we’re gonna do is the crust. – Oh.
– Okay. For the tart. So any questions before we start our hands-on? – Uh…
– Uhm, no! You ask ah- – Ya, I’ll ask along the way.
– Ya. So what’s the first step again? We put in the butter right? Ya, we put this- Hey guys, I have a mini challenge for y’all. – Mini challenge?
– Oh. So Elijah said you can ask him for help right? – Ya.
– Uh huh? I’m not letting you ask him for help. Okay. Just based on whatever he taught you just now. – Okay, ya.
– Oh ya, our memories are great. You know, I have this feeling, right, you feel like Masterchef sia. You know those Masterchef inside then they will have timing, like, – Oh ya.
– “Fifteen minutes is up!” Then he will say, “Ten minutes left guys!” You know actually the first dish
I ever learnt how to cook, right? Was, like, Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs. Oh is it the one add milk and then, like- Ya! You add milk then you add crème fraîche, then you take it off the heat, then you put it back on- – Actually, I tried you know.
– You tried ah? But then, like, it didn’t look and didn’t taste like the- – Really meh?
– Look like the exact thing. I bought, like, 24 eggs and I cooked 6 batches for my- – 24 eggs?
– Ya. Like, for real? Like, just like, one day of, like, practising trying to cook that. I was kind of shocked. It’s, like, you go and buy 20 eggs to do the egg? Okay, we are gonna make 15 tarts so we gonna, like, create separate batches to see who can create a better crust. Okay, now, the competition starts. Okay, game on. Shit, why your one look so good ah? Shit, mine like, very small leh. ‘Cause your hands small. – You should show them how you press.
– Gostan (reverse). It’s too low. Okay, I’ll redo, redo. Is this even right? Eh shit, I need to redo the whole thing. Oh my god, look at my one and yours. It was really funny seeing her struggle with it, I feel. I like someone I’m with to, like, be spontaneous and, like, open to new ideas la. Even if you, like, you can’t do it well, it’s still funny, and still, like, creates a memory la. – There’s something on your hair.
– Oh is it? – Here?
– Ya. I cannot see the- Okay- So I think I got my whole hair here all full of the, the baking thing. And then he was, like, “Do you wanna, like, check?” It’s small things that I don’t think
people usually, like, take notice. So I think it’s quite a good trait to have. – Alright, we’re done!
– Yay, we’re done! So we have one batch here, one batch here, right? I think this one slightly, slightly better. ‘Cause firstly there’s more here. I think this one, whoever did this did a better job ah. Who did a better job? That was unexpected. I thought she was winning. So now, we’re gonna do the filling. Filling. Just basically, until it’s all well combined. I scared that it fly. Oh my god, you actually managed to make it fly out leh. Done! So we have done some meringue for you. So meringue is essentially egg whites with sugar. I’m gonna do garnish on top of your yuzu tarts. Looks like a little poop. You know in Geography, got the stalagmite in the cave. – Oh my god, ya!
– Oh my god! – I was totally thinking that leh.
-That limestone cave. Oh my god, oh my god. It’s like a weapon. -So what do I do, uhm, uhm, uhm.
– Don’t drop it ah. Uhm, just like that right? Ahh! Okay, burning in progress, but I think I’m burning the tray. Burning the tray. Overall, very well done. – Yay!
– Yay! – Congratulations.
– Good job to us. So you want to have one to eat now? Tastes better than it looks la. We won’t be here without you. Okay how do you guys feel about your final product? It came out better than expected, I guess. We thought it would be very screwed up, but overall, it’s very nice. And it tastes good also. ‘Cause it’s our first time, and I think it’s, like, a very good experience. – Ya it’s very cool.
– Overall, hands-on kind of thing. At first, I thought it was gonna be really messy la, and then we were gonna screw up, but then, like, she dared to be funny and creative la. Like she wasn’t the perfectionist, “Oh, I have to get this perfect.” Instead, she was like, “I’m gonna have fun with this.” It actually turned out, like, fine, like, the tarts. ‘Cause the last time I did, it’s, like, either usually on my own. It usually doesn’t taste nice. But this time round it was, like- Just amazed that, like, it turned out all well. So do you have any idea about the lunch also? No. Sour prune? Oh my god, this area. Oh, I know already. The place is called ‘Sour Plum’ is it? Oh, the Salted Plum! – Is it?
– Ya! Oh, but it’s closed ah? So we went to the wrong outlet instead. This outlet is closed. So we’re going there now. Help. Grab is on the way. Oh my god, they have, like, activities for us. Yeah, I got something for y’all. Here is a quiz-ish thing that y’all can fill up. You will never stop playing. Mine’s a Chinese song eh. Okay la, you want you can put Chinese song what. But I don’t know how to write, that’s the problem. Let me check my Spotify. – Actually I also on Spotify.
– Ya I also. 海阔天空 (hai guo tian kong). – 海阔天空 (hai guo tian kong) is by who?
– By Beyond. Actually I got listen to quite a bit of Chinese songs leh. Oh, really ah? – Ya, it’s like-
– I also got mix. There’s that one song that you always go to. Oh, is it the- – You know, you know.
– Yes, yes. I think it hang on my head, I cannot remember. I always play this in the- in the K (karaoke). – ♫ Picture perfect memories ♫
– Ya, ya, ya, that one, that one! ♫ Scattered all around the floor ♫ The Lady Antebellum, the- – ♫ And I wonder if I ever cross your mind ♫ – Need You Now?
– Oh, yes! Oh ya, ya! Need You Now, Need You Now. – That’s, like, my ultimate favourite.
– Same! – I remember every single word of that song.
– Ya, I know that. You don’t really like that much. I think, for me, the genre that I don’t really like is, like, rock. – Like, metal.
– Oh, I also don’t like metal. Sad song, sad song, sad song. Okay, I know. Let me get some inspiration. – Eh you know this song by Ne-Yo?
– Because Of You? Oh shit. I think our music tastes [are] roughly somewhat similar. Ya. But this makes me sad, the River Flows In You. – The Yiruma one, is it?
– Ya. I think it was, like, something really special. Because I don’t really discuss my music taste with people. Knowing that we have a few similarities when it comes to, like, genre and the kind of music and artistes. The Need You Now that thing, ya. So it was quite fun la, knowing that she likes those kind of music. Actually I haven’t asked for his Spotify but, I think I’m gonna ask him to know his, like, preference. Oh my god, there’s clams also. – Which one should we try first?
– Which looks like the best? That doesn’t look spicy. Okay, I’ll try this one. Is this chicken? Oh, no it’s not. Wah, this is spicy. She cannot eat spicy! Wah, the thing is kicking in. Looks like a mala 小辣 (least spicy). I is no 辣 (no spicy). I think he, like, checks to see whether I did take the food and stuff. I think for small stuff, he takes the effort and different gestures so- I think it’s quite sweet. Gonna try ASMR, like- There’s no crunchy one eh. Oh this one ah? Okay, okay. I’m gonna try this crunchy vegetable. Got no sound one eh. That’s why! What a fail, okay. This one, this one! The radish, the radish. Ya, we should try, we should try. Got sound meh? A bit ah? This is, kind of, the end of your date. How is it so far? – I think good.
– It’s quite fun. Like, I think, learning how to bake was very funny la. It’s a different- I think normally if a couple goes out on dates, they won’t, like, consider baking? So it’s a bit- Different activity that I think helped to bond, ya. But also quite surprising ‘cause it’s like, we literally just knew each other like- – Ya.
– Like, 9am. But then we can kind of, like, click. We can kind of click. So we can continue conversations- It’s, like, don’t have this awkward break of silence. Which is, like, quite nice ah. Before I even came in, I didn’t have any, like- Honestly, I don’t have any expectations. Because I don’t even know who I’m gonna be with. Ya, I was just hoping that the person that I can meet can, like, can converse well. So, ya I guess out of 10, it’s 8, 9? ‘Cause, it’s above expectations. Before you consider getting into a relationship with them, you obviously have to know them first, and how they’re like, instead of just knowing things on the surface. She’s not afraid to share her thoughts and views. And, like, she’s very friendly. She’s very nice. I think she can be a great listener, as well as, like, someone who offers great advice la. Do you think your deal-breaker was challenged on this date? Uh, yes. I don’t think so. So with that being said, you can just write down on the whiteboard whether you will go on a second date. – Do you know?
– I don’t know! – Are you stressed?
– Ya. – Are you nervous?
– Pretty nervous. Ya, very nerve-racking leh! Okay, just now I asked you guys if you’ll go on a second date with the person in front of you, and you have your answers down, right? Ya. So, as you know, a deal-breaker was challenged on this episode. Oh, okay. The deal-breaker- is actually Erika’s deal-breaker, which is age. Oh. Actually, I guessed that was probably the deal-breaker. No eh, I’m, like, quite shocked eh. I don’t feel the generation gap, you see? No as in, like, I know that we are around the same age range. – Oh no, what’s the second part?
– Do you all want to reveal your age to each other? Okay. 24 this year. – I’m 20.
– 20. Did that surprise you? Ya, I thought he was, like, 22? 23? – Someone called me 19 just now.
– 19 ah? Given that you know this deal-breaker now right, can you please write down,
on the whiteboard in the bottom half- – Okay.
– Okay. Will you or will you not go out a date with them. – Oh shit.
– Oh my god, so nervous. I actually, a bit, don’t really wanna see ah. Okay, ready? Okay. Oh, okay! – Yes.
– Yay! Ya, so before the- Before the date, I sort of already guessed. But it’s still a yes ‘cause I feel, like- we could, like, I don’t know, be friends first? Ya. – You also supposed to show me your answer.
– Oh ya, supposed to show you. Okay, so… Are you prepared? Okay, drum roll. At first, I feel, like, I didn’t really know the deal-breaker ah. ‘Cause I really thought that we were around the same age group. At the start, I said that ya- I think our personalities, like, we could talk to each other quite well and, it doesn’t that much effort to strike a convo. After I found out that the deal-breaker, age, I would still say yes, because I think age is just a number la. It doesn’t determine your level of maturity. So even if, like, a person is 18, or way younger than you, there’s like the same- I think if there’s still some form of chemistry, then it’s still fine la. I think it’s just a number. So, I said yes. I think he’s quite able to laugh at small things. The way he can start conversation, he can let it flow. Overall, it’s a very gentlemanly kind of gesture. I feel like we could connect on that level, and that’s what I like about her ah. Like, the way that- we can click with each other without trying. I feel like girls would rather date the same age and above, ya. Very rarely I see girls dating, like, younger guys. You’ll look for older partner, because you feel like they can be more- understanding in a way la. I know someone whose partner is younger, and then the guy is the younger one, and then they got married. So uhm, it’s actually more of like a deal-breaker-ish/preference, but just whether you want to go over that deal-breaker, when you get to know that person, is another stage that you yourself- It’s up to your own choice. Position ready. Wah I damn nervous eh. Why? Why you nervous for this? ‘Cause I wanna win! Looks like you’re very competitive. Let’s go! – Eh, let me win leh.
– Okay lor.

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  1. They are so cute!! And Erika's personality seems amazing – she has such a bubbly vibe!! Bren is like slightly shy hahahaha but they both seem well suited in terms of their chemistry πŸ˜€ nice episode!!

  2. Fun fact
    For guys it's pronounced as E LAI JAR
    for girls exactly same spelling it's pronounced as EH LEE YAH


  3. Hey Zula! Try pairing up a Chinese who is Muslim and another Chinese individual 😊 Curious on how it would turn out! 😁

  4. so ironic wasnt the salted plum featured on the latest foodking episode? 🀣🀣🀣

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