World’s Most Dangerous Highway – Fairy Meadows, Pakistan

– Good morning. We are in the town of Chilas right now. It’s a big day, because we’re going on a hike up the mountain. We’re taking our van to some Jeeps, and then the Jeeps are
gonna drive up the mountain, and then we’re gonna offload. We have some porters helping
us carry stuff up the mountain. And we’re gonna camp out at base camp on one of the highest
mountains in the world. So pretty exciting stuff. Can’t wait. Wow, Pakistan. You’re just full of views. I have never seen mountains like this. I’ve seen a lot of
different mountain ranges around the world, but none that were just full of barren rock, and so immense, and so many of them. Our whole drive yesterday
was nonstop mountains. These stretch all the way
from the Himalayas to China, just, they’re massive,
they’re massive mountains. I promise there’s a chance
it might break. (laughs) – But anything for the vlog, right? – Anything for the vlog. This is the kinda stuff I
would do before I was vlogging. If there was a rooftop, I’m gonna try and find out how to get there. And then,
– Ninjas. – then vlogging just kinda happened. And you can capture that. (car horn beeps) You got this. – I’m not as brave as the rooftop ninja. (Siya laughs) – [Siya] You got it. Boom! Look at that. – Landed it. (people chattering) – Quickly went to the shop
to get supplies for our hike. I got some Gatorade and toilet paper. It’s all I need. Okay, the bare essentials.
(car horn beeps loudly) Toilet paper is necessity. Especially if you’re not used to washing your tush with water,
that is an acquired skill. How are you on washing
your tush with water? – I’m a pro.
– A pro? – I’m a seasoned butt gun veteran. (Siya laughs) And I’m not too shabby with
the plastic one, as well. The one that you toss it with your hand. – [Siya] Impressive. – Thanks man. – Yeah. We’ll get that tutorial later. (upbeat music) (truck horn beeps) – I’m a vlogger.
– Really? – Genuinely. Yeah, but I just haven’t
held a camera before. – He’s a reece. (all laugh) Very new to the game.
– This is your initiation into vlogging.
– Yeah. (all scream) – What the fuck?
– A bit of warning, mate. – Wow, that was a little scary. We were unprepared for the car to move. – And we’re off. (upbeat music) – It’s mildly dangerous
being on top of the car. But it’s also incredible. Way better than being inside the car. You get a 360 view of
being in the mountains. It’s phenomenal. Hurts the butt, though. – Just trying to get comfy. Just try to make them fit. (girls scream) – Oh my god.
– Whoa. (girls screaming) – [Girl] Don’t wreck! – You guys. – Now he’s really having a laugh. – [Siya] Hello. Hello.
– Hi. (truck horn beeps) – [Siya] Hello, feet in the back. – Who’s feet?
– I dunno. (truck horn beeps) – [Man] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
– What’s in that? Oh, nothing. (upbeat music)
(girl screams happily) – Amazing. (speaking in foreign language) – These Jeeps are from the ’40s and ’50s, they were bought by the Pakistani army, – Okay. – to use, from the Americans,
to use as military vehicles. Then, in the ’70s, once it were made we’re running out of
action, they were auctioned. And they were all bought
by tour operators. – Oh wow.
– So now the terrain we’re going on now, our coaster, the CPIC Pak Tour bus can not go. It has to be this.
– Wow, it has to be this Jeep. – Has to be this Jeep.
– Very cool. – ’40s and ’50s these were made in. So we’re talking like
– Amazing. – 60, 70 years old.
– Yeah, really. They’re looking good. – Look, feel that. What car, that’s made of
fucking, what is that? – [Siya] Yeah, that’s pure steel. (laughs) – [Man Wearing Black] They’re
not fucking around, you know? – [Siya] Yeah, I’d take a bullet. – Have you, check thicc.
– Thicc Jeep. Wow, that hurt actually. – [Man Wearing Black] And
you all got the VIP one. – [Siya] Yes. I don’t know what that means. But we’ll see. Where are we headed right now? – Fairy Meadows. Which is basically the redundant
base camp for Nanga Parbat. But it’s the most beautiful
one, and with the best view. So the actual one that they
use for the base camp now is on the other side of the mountain, ’cause an easier climb, but
they used to think this one, Fairy Meadows, was the easiest climb, so we used to climb from here. – Got it.
– But it’s known as one of the most beautiful
spots in the country. – [Siya] Amazing. Have you done this before? – No, I’ve not been in this area. – [Siya] And you’ve lived
in Pakistan how long? – I lived here 11 years. You know, let’s see, what
have we driven for, 24 hours of pure driving at least?
– Yeah. – Right? So you gotta put in the
work to come see this shit. – [Siya] Right, right. – You guys are probably
like, Pakistani people, I would say, not more than, apart from the people that live here, tourist-wise, I wouldn’t say more than a couple of million have been here. So 1% of the population.
– That’s not many. Yeah.
– So you guys are well ahead of most of them. – Nice.
– Yeah. – Amazing. (dramatic music) Oh, okay, so this is the most dangerous highway in the world. And I can see why. We only have maybe three
meters before this drop-off, and that is, that’s almost 90 degrees, like you’re going down, if you veer off the
road a tiny little bit. If you have to swerve, if a rock breaks, like this, there’s no surviving that. You’re tumbling 500 feet to the bottom, which is right here. Boom. Glad we’re not crossing that bridge. That would be a little scary. Because nothing we’ve done
so far has been scary. We are so close to the edge. Ridiculous. One wrong turn. Wow.
– Or a rock just falls and breaks.
– Yeah. – Just, it’s over for us. But other than that, it’s great.
– It’s great. It’s great. The things we do for adventure. – Starting to make sense why this is called one of
the most dangerous roads (horn beeps)
in the world. – [Man] Oh look at the goats. Watch out for the goats. (people scream) – Just in advance, I’m sorry mom. (dramatic music) – [Siya] Think man, what do you think?
– It’s fucking crazy. I’ve never done, I mean, look, we did the
other side of Pakistan, but that was the most
intense drive I’ve ever done. That was like wow, wow.
– Oh yeah. You lived, man. We lived to tell the story.
– We lived, we lived. Yeah, but we’ve gotta get back down now.
– There’s still more adventure left, though. I wouldn’t say we’ve lived yet. – [Siya] (laughing) Yeah. – There’s still more to come. – More to come.
– Yeah. – Brooke, how was that drive? – That was one of the best
things I’ve ever done. So stoked right now.
– Amazing. – You love it?
– Oh, I loved it. I loved it. It was like part adventurous, part scary. – Part I’m gonna die, but
part I’ll be happy to die. – Right, right.
– It was like a real-life roller coaster.
– Yeah. – Yeah, my stomach feels a little queasy.
– A real life roller coaster with no safety barriers,
– Nothing. – No one’s tried and tested it before, it’s a real life roller coaster, you just go and find out. – [Siya] Tell us what’s up. – I hope you enjoyed the ride. The most dangerous road in the world. – [Siya] (laughs) We did. – Now we are starting
our three-hours hike. And it’s a steady uphill walk all the way to the Fairy Meadows. The world-renowned most
beautiful place in Pakistan. With wonderful views up Nanga Parbat. So we are walking to those cables. In 10 minutes we’ll get there, where some hot lunch is ready. – Whoo!
– And after enjoying this hot lunch, we will start our hike. Before getting to the cable stairs,
– And what will I do when you start your hike? – Well, you just can
– Relax. – say bye bye and take off. – Take off, yeah?
– Yeah. You will be up there like couple of hours before us.
– Fantastic. So make sure you ask them
to prepare some tea for us. – Yeah.
– For when we arrive there. – I will get your bed ready.
– I know you are going to get the best room up there. (several people laugh) First come, first served. – Z, are you taking a horse?
– Yeah. – [Siya] And then he gets the best room.
– I told Jessica, I’d love to hike,
– He said he will. – I love hiking, but I
get sciatica while hiking. – I see.
– Yeah. – Z.
– Yeah, uh-huh. – That’s what they all say.
– Boo. – It’s our meal before the hike. We have cauliflower, which
is (speaks foreign language). (speaking in foreign language) – Do they have any ketchup?
(man speaks foreign language) – Oh, (speaks foreign language) is potato.
– Ketchup, yeah. – This is (speaks foreign language).
– Oh they do, yeah. (speaks foreign language) – [Man] This is (speaks foreign language). (speaks foreign language) – And (speaks foreign
language) is cauliflower. – And beyond.
– Even beyond. – Sky is the limit.
– That is the limit. – We have started our hike. We’re going to the very top. Right behind me. – On top, hike.
– So it’ll be about three hours.
(speaking in foreign language) – Siya, you cheat.
– This is Uber Pakistan. (Siya laughs) I mean, when am I gonna ride a horse in the mountains of Pakistan again? Right, you gotta take advantage. We are going to be
climbing to 3,000 meters. – Look alive!
– That is three kilometers above sea level. The other guys in the
group are making fun of me, saying I’m a deserter, that I’m not doing the
hike, that I’m on the horse. I’m gonna do the hike, I just wanted the experience
of riding the horse. I’ll just give it another minute. While I relax here. (speaking in foreign language)
(horse whinnies) – Okay, so I got off the horse. Walked for about 20 minutes,
and I’m back on the horse. Feeling very short of breath, and my backpack is like 30 pounds. I’m not used to hiking in altitude. We hike back home in Canada,
but it’s not a high altitude. It’s like around lakes. So, and it doesn’t even
matter if you’re in shape. Altitude affects different people, no matter what your weight, no
matter what your athleticism. I’ve seen athletes that
can’t do mountains, and I’ve seen people
who are way overweight just fly up mountains without a problem. So we have stopped at the halfway point, people are taking a pee,
horse is taking a pee, and let me just be honest
with you guys for a second. I hate climbing mountains. I really dislike it. I’ve done a lot of mountain
climbing in my life. I’ve climbed the Himalayas,
I’ve climbed the Tatras, I’ve climbed the Rocky Mountains, and I just, I don’t enjoy it the same way I enjoy hiking through woods at like, at ground level. That’s my kinda hiking, even some hills. But hiking like super high
up, I just, I can’t do it. I’m like catching my breath, and I’m looking down at my feet, and I’m exhausted, and I
can’t even take in the sights, because my body has just
absorbed all my energy. So I am enjoying this horse. Put it that way. Hey, I am very impressed. – With what? – [Siya] That you kept up with the horses. (Brooke laughs)
You’re the only one. No one’s come, it’s been
10 minutes, no one’s come. – I was hooking it. I was hooking it. – Some with my sunglasses.
– The battle wounds. – Battle wounds.
– Battle wounds. – The scars of war. – [Siya] His horse got
kicked by another horse. – While I was on the horse.
– You’re the one who got kicked? – Yeah, and he jumped up.
– You didn’t even see. – I saw.
– How did you, oh you saw. – You know what happened. Oh let’s see, she saw me off,
noticed that, what happened. – No, I said are you okay.
– The horse got kicked. The horse got kicked.
– See, the horse was a female. And the other horse was a male. – Yeah, I didn’t get this part, Brooke. – So he was,
– No, I didn’t get the audio on that one.
– excited to see her. – Brooke, apparently the
other horse was a horse. (water rushing) – Yeah.
– You got it. – I’m off the horse again. On the horse, off the horse. That’s our first sign of snow. Once you reach a certain
altitude, you get snow. Snow-capped mountains. Look at that. Beautiful. (rocks clattering) Whew. Okay, so we’ve now dismounted the horses. And we’re on foot. The last little bit of the trek. (breathing heavily) It’s tough, it’s very tough. Mountaineers, people
who hike mountains, my props to you guys, ’cause geez. It’s not easy. Okay, I walked about half the way up. The other half was on the horse. But man, I am sweaty and exhausted. Can’t wait to chug like a liter of water. And take off this backpack. Geez, this thing’s heavy. But what a gorgeous
place to spend the night. The sacrifice is worth the reward. Right?
– Rightly said. Yeah. – We’re still waiting on a few of the people that
didn’t take the horse. So they’re behind. I just hope they make it before sundown, because it would suck
to be climbing at night. I’ve done that before. It’s not fun at all. You made it bro.
– Yeah. – [Siya] You made it. You did it!
– Woo-hoo! – Yeah, I made it.
– Yay. – Killer.
– Whew. – These are the cabins we’re
gonna be spending the night in. Wow. (sweeping music) The word awesome is used too often. That for moments like
this and views like this, get described as awesome, because they create awe and inspire awe. This is what awesome truly means. How crazy was that Jeep ride? That, it was like, it was one
of the most incredible things I’ve ever done in my life. It was both scary and adventurous, and thrilling, and we
were so close to the edge, but the views were spectacular. I’ve never done any, my chair is turning. I’ve never done anything
like that in my life. And I don’t know when I’m gonna have another opportunity to
do something like that. These are just some of
the incredible experiences that Pakistan has to offer. But not a lot of people know, because not many tourists go there. Soon they’re gonna open up
their visa application process, so it’s gonna be a lot easier to apply, and to get into Pakistan. But I mean, I hope you
guys enjoyed this video. The next one that’s coming out is us coming down the mountain. So we’re doing all that stuff in reverse. Then we go to Hunza Valley. Hunza Valley is one of the
most beautiful places on earth. It’s this tropical little valley. It’s this little paradise. I know a lot of you watching are from Pakistan and
the surrounding area. And it’s amazing to hear your feedback on the places that we’re visiting, and get your comments and interaction, because this channel is worldwide. It’s global. It reaches everyone. So I love that you guys are interacting, and we wanna interact with you as well. So let me know in the comments
where you guys are from, and tell me a little bit
about where you guys live. Tell me about your city or your village. I would love to know, and
we’re gonna do our best to read and try and answer every
single one of your comments. That’s it for today’s video, tune in next week where
we head down the mountain. More crazy Jeep rides. (imitates whip crack) And that’s a wrap. (bell dings)

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