World of Work (WOW) Fellows at Brandeis

World of Work (WOW) Fellows at Brandeis

Dario: I got the email saying “Oh, Dario,
congratulations, you’ve got the WOW Fellowship.” Mina: The WOW program was really
important to me because this is a full-time internship that’s unpaid. Eliana: I found this opportunity and it was just
the perfect internship for me. It had everything I wanted. It sounded super
exciting, but it was unpaid. I applied to the WOW so that I can make this work. Mina: Such a valuable experience in the career that I want to be working in. [laughter in background] Dario: It allowed me
to be here more to experience more. How is it to run for an office? Eliana: I’m working
with this lovely simulator to learn about how the eyes work with driving and
about the safety of driving with visual impairments. This is so much better than
a summer in California! Mina: I’ve always loved comedy and always
wanted to work in comedy and every experience I have doing comedy is just
reaffirming that I want to be around people who are doing this work and
people who are doing work to make others laugh. All it takes is being passionate
about the work you’re doing because Brandeis helps you with that, the WOW scholarship helps you with that money. Dario: I think he sees his younger self
in me. Eliana: Without WOW this wouldn’t have been possible.

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