World of Fiery shorts – Fiery Impose templates for business cards

World of Fiery shorts – Fiery Impose templates for business cards

welcome to our world of Fiery videos
covering topics of everyday importance to print providers. Today we will cover
Fiery imposition templates. Fiery Impose is our page layout application and it
really allows you to customize what you’re doing. It comes with some default
templates for some common job setup that you might have, but you are able to
create an unlimited number of imposition templates. So really the ideas that you
impose your job once and save that template for the next time you need to
print a similar job. A great example of how Fiery Impose can save your set-up
time is really in imposing a business card. The gang of imposition type is one
of the standard templates you can begin with, but you can add additional settings
that you need for gutters or any page layout that you need, so in the end your
initial and post setup should take you 15 steps or more to identify everything you
need, when you’re done you can save that as a preset, and what that’s going to
save you is up to 80% or more in terms of the steps that you want to use in the
future. And again, after you save your new template, you can quickly apply it in and
impose the next time you open a job or you can apply it into the automated
workflows. So let’s take a look at how you can create your Impose template
and also I’m going to save it into a preset. Now I’m going to use a business
card that I’ve already imposed to show how we can save that template for future
use. Once I have it open and imposed, we can see that this was created was that
default gang-up template. If needed I make changes here but I’m going to go
ahead and save it, and give it a name, and I’m going to enter business cards.
So now that template is available the next time I open a job and impose, but
again we’d like to show you can automate this even further. So let’s go back into
devices, and we’re going to create a job preset, so we’ll give this preset a name
we’ll call it FGS business cards and in this case I’m going to note that this
customer likes the sterling media. Now I can go ahead and define the job property,
so as I come in to Impose and layout, you notice that I see all the default
templates, as well as the business cards that we just created. I’m also going to
add some additional catalogs here and again to note that this customer prefers
the sterling media. So now that I’m done I can go ahead and select ok, and now I
have a new preset with the name that we created the FGS business cards. Now your print shop operator can quickly import the new business card file, and apply
that correct imposition template with a preset. It’s really one-time setup ease.
Thank you for watching. For additional resources and e-learning classes on this
topic, visit our website. To see all recorded sessions and register for
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