Workers Compensation Western Australia Prescribed Amount 2016

Workers Compensation Western Australia Prescribed Amount 2016

In the Workers Compensation and Injury Management
act 1981 it sets down maximum amounts that workers can receive for weekly payments of
compensation, money for their disability, money for medical expenses and money for rehabilitation. In the 2016-2017 year, the maximum amount
for weekly payments of compensation and money for a person’s disability was 221,891 dollars
that amount can be extended in circumstances where a person has permanent total disability
but cases like that are fairly limited the amount
for medical expenses is sixty-six thousand five hundred and sixty-seven dollars, that
amount can be extended fairly easily by another fifty thousand dollars and in fairly extreme
circumstances where a person needs surgery by another 250,000 dollars the amount for
vocational rehabilitation expenses is 15,332 dollars. Foyle Legal specialises in the area of workers
compensation law and provides representation on a no win no fee basis if you have made
a workers compensation claim you can contact Foyle Legal on 0408 727 343 by email at [email protected]
or through out website,

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