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hey guys injury lawyers Scott DeSalvo
here are you looking for a workers comp settlement calculator? well in this video I’m gonna show you
how to calculate a workers comp settlement value so stay tuned hey guys welcome back I’d say the number one question I
getting workers comp cases what’s my case worth unfortunately it’s
also one of the hardest questions no one can tell you the value of your
case without knowing the details of the case so there are four pieces of information
that I always tell people who are looking for a workers comp
settlement calculator that I need to know before I can tell them the ballpark
value of their case the first bit of information that I need
to evaluate a workers comp cases time off work in other words how much time have you
had off work already and have you already been paid for the
time that you were off work this is important to know because under
workers comp your employer holds you about two-thirds
of your salary if you’re missing work with the doctors
know if there’s a large amount of back pay that sold then you can generally settle your case
for a lot more money the second bit of information I need to know is what part or parts of
your body you heard and whether you fully recovered or
whether you’re still having serious problems with continued medical care and what
kind of treatment did you get was it a few visits to the doctor or did
you have multiple surgeries obviously the more medical care you had
and the more serious the injuries the more valuable your cases the third have information that I need
to know to evaluate a workers comp cases whether your doctor released you to full duty work so that you could
return to your old job or do you have a permanent work
restriction if the injuries you sustained at work
mean you can never go back to your old job the case is probably worth a lot more
money but if your doctor released you to fall duty and you were able to return to your old
job without any problems your case is still valuable just worth
less money the fourth thing I need to know is how much money you made per hour how
many hours a week did you work that’s because unlike other kinds of
injury cases like car accidents fall downs nursing home abuse and dog
bites work injuries are governed by the Workers Compensation Act under the
Act the injuries are evaluated based on a
number of weeks of work that’s really all the guidance I can
give you in a short amount of time so that you can have a good idea about
what your case might be worth but the last thing I’ll tell you is that
in my experience having a knowledgeable workers comp attorney is the number one
thing you can do to maximize the value of your case if
you have more questions I offer a no obligation consultation you can call my office at 888 hurt 318 I have Operators standing by 24 hours a
day waiting for your call or if you’re not quite ready to talk to
a lawyer I’ve created a 25-minute injury dvd-video that can be instantly
delivered to your email just click the link in the icon in the
video when you’ll be taken to my web page where you can order your copy 3 and no obligation hey I hope this
information in the video help you and if it did please consider
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