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  1. call a hotline to report insurance fraud ? with how bad insurance companies fuck us up the ass ? How bout no ! as far im i see it they are getting back a little of what they dish out ! Go Gett'm

  2. There are SO many, 1 is too many!!!, claiming workman's comp or false disabilities, also "hiding" income to collect food or cash assistance. Right, their free money comes out of our pockets. This money should go where it belongs; to the government or to those people who are truly disabled.

  3. Hi, I'm on disability. I have good days and I have bad days. How do you know those people are just having a good day?

    Everyday is different for me. There are days that I wake up in pain and just stay in bed all day crying and crying. Other days, I wake up with no pain and lots of energy! I can walk and run!!! Then, the next hour, everything hurts again. Pain comes and go.

    I wish people would give these people the benefit of the doubt. You don't know if they are having a good day. Sometimes God gives us a good day.

  4. We know there are lazy bastards out there. But in you are in the workers comp. You cannot even cut ur own backyard because your going to get fucked

  5. The ime doctors or as they call them independent medical exam doctors are the ones that should be investigated for fraud. Writing up fraudulent doctor reports that lean towards the insurance companies way because that's what they're paid to do.

  6. These are the people that make it hard for the real injured workers . All the court hearings and insurance docters you have to go to and then you can still be turned down .

  7. Sure there is b.s. but this is also a big F.u to the insurance company you can say there is sh.t going on with the insurance company

  8. The last guy sounds guilty as shit! Gee why are u so pissed if u aren't doing anything wrong con artist? Liar,liar pants on fire, lazy assed greedy bitch! Get a damn job!

  9. Sorry to sound predjudice folks, but I am honest, not always right. Every Hispanic I know, knows how to play it up when it comes time for US benefits. I know six, in my neighborhood alone. These six, are also racist about a black family buying a house in my neighborhood, but every black family are prominent, hardworking professional people, not US moochers. By the way, I am Italian, but can't stand it, when these foreign moochers have the balls to knock these black people, I just mentioned. Really? Hardworking professionals, doctors, medical technicians and one, a lawyer?, But you six are costing me money. One, even runs a lawn care and pressure washing business, funny, he uses his shoulder and hands and back quite well to do this. Another Spanish guy, who I cut ties with two years ago, because I found out and saw, with my own eyes, every chance he got, for whatever reason, would sue someone. In the ten years I knew him and finally stopped talking to him for good, he made over three hundred thousand in lawsuits, and we keep letting them swim over here, fly over here and jump the fence to freeload in the good old USA. Fucking ridiculous! Archie Bunker, signing out!

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