Workers – Central point of your mining operation

Workers – Central point of your mining operation

In this video, I will guide you through
the workers’ list on your minerstat dashboard. Workers list is the page that
you will probably use the most as it gives you a great overview
of your whole mining activity. Let’s navigate to [Management]
and click on [Workers]. In the first row, you will find
filter section on the left and [Add new worker] button on the right. Filter section allows you to
filter your workers by different criteria which will help you identify possible issues. This is followed by the workers’ list. You can sort the list in a different order
by clicking on the column name, like this. In the first column, you can select multiple workers
to perform bulk actions on them. In the second column,
you can find more details on workers, such as the worker’s name,
status, notes, and groups. This is followed by mining details
with information on coins and hashrates, maximum temperature and fan speed, power consumption, uptime, and estimated monthly earnings. You can hover your mouse over each value
to see additional data. For example, hovering the mouse
over the coin and hashrate will show you mining client and pool. If the mining client reports the hashrate per GPU,
you will also be able to see this. Similar can be done for any other column. In the last column, there are
different quick actions available. Details, which will lead you to the
worker’s profile page. Config, which will lead you to the
mining configuration of your worker. Profit switch, which will lead you to the
profit switch settings of your worker. Switch, which will allow you to
switch between different config templates or to quickly enable and disable
CPU mining and profit switch. Restart software, which will
restart the mining client. Reboot machine, which will
reboot your mining machine. Edit worker, which will allow you to
rename worker or update local IP, username,
and password on ASIC machines. Delete worker, which will delete the worker
from your minerstat dashboard. At the very bottom, you can find
the pagination section.

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