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  1. That's not how you strike. They will definitely all be fired for this. You dont need a union to strike but you definitely want to let them know your going to strike before you do. Maybe a strike isn't even necessary after you tell them your intentions. Attempts to make them loose money like this one on a specific sales event will only harm yourself. Amazon: thanks for coming to the meeting guys . we had planned on giving you all raises after the prim day sales event but on account of you guys striking we lost a lot of money and we are laying you all off and closing this DC until further notice.

  2. This crap wouldn't be a problem if people would stop ordering their half-price extra long toilet seats with same-day shipping. And it's Amazon's fault for "trimming the fat" every chance they get to operate on the highest profit margins.

  3. It's a good time for people to think about why you accepted a job that was so god awful. And looking at the whiners… all cookie cutter. Most predictable group of professional complainers. Nobody forces you to work there. nobody. Get out and go find a better job. Amazon, Minnesota is a sh*thole. Time for you to pack up and come to a state where people know how actual employment works.

  4. Every one of these people makes above minimum wage. Every one. I say fire everybody, see who else wants a job.

  5. I worked for them a few years back. I was only making like $12 an hour. They raised wages $3 an hour about a year after I left. What more do you want? All I did was put dildos and cans of ravioli into boxes for shipment. Should they make $20 an hour for such skilled labor? Find a better job and stop begging between sobs.

  6. Correct…machines do what you tell them…workers just be BITCHES! You dont like it there? Leave and get another job elsewhere!

  7. Wow these morons are just telling Amazon to go automated Minnesota ppl whats wrong with you is it the water the close proximity to Canada wtf is it !

  8. Jeff Bezos, bring a fulfillment center to Alabama. We don't have enough socialist assholes to strike like this.
    Also, for the workers, if you want to make more money, go earn it. Find another job and work your way up!

  9. So your saying – I don't want capitalism, but I want $15/hour. How exactly does that work? Does money come from trees?

  10. We were told we would get free money and medical. These people want us to work very hard for money and that's not right and certainly not free.

  11. LOL if you don’t like working for them, work for someone else. No one is making you stay there—it’s a free country.

  12. Best part is if amazon actually did crimanal background checks on all there workers 60to70 percent would be out of work everyone in this country cries about work im a hvac tech im in crawl spaces and attics and these morons are crying about bs america is a nation of complainers

  13. 0:06 kid you should be out playing with your friends and getting into childish shenanigans, not at some protest over things youv'e never experienced yet.

  14. Nothing is stopping these workers from working somewhere that makes them feel valued and gives them what they want, or working for themselves by creating their own value in the marketplace. I've left my jobs without a second thought when I thought that I could do better, or when I hated the job. I didn't think twice about it, because I know how the market works and I'm confident in my marketability of my skills. It's called adaptability, and everyone is capable of it. For people to claim "I just can't leave a job, because xyz" are just making excuses to stay in a crappy place and continue complaining. It's all about focus, planning, and research. Everyone is capable of this and the internet is available to nearly everyone.

    So I don't really feel bad when people stay in a profession that they know is being phased out or going extinct, but refuse to prepare for the worse and prepare themselves to switch to a field that is stable or growing. Instead, I see people think that they are guaranteed to keep that same job until they retire, and are effed when they get laid off because they don't expect the predictable. Treat a job like a house rental: you are not guaranteed to renew the lease when the year is up, the owner can decide to sell their house when your lease expires. Do research and keep up to date with your profession to make sure it's not being phased out, and make plans if you feel like it is heading there. Don't just be lazy, because you'd rather do extra work than be out of work completely. Don't stay on the train when you see the tracks ahead fall off the cliff.

  15. Keep protesting for even more money that you agreed for when hired. It worked great for auto workers in Detroit, as they will never be replaced by cheap labor or machines!! Just look at how Detroit is prospering with all the big auto industry jobs…

  16. Ever get a paper cut from a cardboard box? Let me tell you. It ain't no joke!! But for fucks sake if you are unhappy with your job find another one

  17. if you are not happy with your job go find another one. jobs are not always fun. you are paid a wage to preform a task. if the task is not something you can do find one you can handle.

  18. Complain of repetitive task, I want to know why a machine isn't doing that task, Machines don't go on strike and don't complain. Your right, workers aren't machines, Amazon wouldn't be having all these problems if they automated. You want to earn more, go back to school and make YOURSELF worth more. Why should Amazon pay you more than your worth.

  19. This is why companies are racing to implement Robotics. AI doesn't complain, get hurt, get tired, or ask for wages and decent working conditions.
    I bet they take their tax cut windfalls and what they don't give to their executives they invest in researching advance AI to replace workers, we'll probably hear about it next January or February.
    If they could have slaves they'd get some, but there are costs associated with that too I guess. Oh those pesky humans, peasants, those parasites! How dare they ask to be respected, they should all be grateful for the privilege of working for Jeff B-Hole, he's a "Job Creator", a star for cripes sake. Hah!
    In Chicago conditions are really bad too. Amazon treats their employees like crap, I just cancelled my membership! 😆

  20. Always bias against Amazon. Then people wonder why jobs go to other countries. Right here in the United States the majority of workers are lazy and still want to get paid more.

  21. What's crazy is, in a few decades, machines and robots will probably be the ones on strike.

  22. Bernie fought for $15 minimum wage for Amazon workers, he’s the only one who cares about making people’s lives better!!!

  23. Good for them!! Great!! So Amazon doesn’t pay any taxes but they can’t pay their employees fairly either? Greeedy!! I won’t spend another dime on Amazon until some real changes are shown!

  24. Go on strike. Amazon will replace humans with robots. The only reason you are employed is because the GOVERNMENT makes them use humans. You are all biting the hand that feeds you.


  25. 0:56 bezos is like "ok fine ill replace all of you with robots then, i was going to let you work for a few more years…"

  26. Cheers to these workers who had the guts to take action. They need a strong worker-controlled union to protect their jobs and get decent working conditions.

  27. What is sad is that I am sure many of these people lost their jobs as @houchi69 stated they are not in a union and MN is an at-will state they can come in the next day just to be told to go home. Should get a union first.

  28. Amazon, just fire the lot and turn on the robots….You're workers! Work and shut up! you handle packages for a living…how much do you want! You're a dying breed of useless humans….There are numerous socialist countries around the world that will love to accommodate your grievances and lazy work ethics. Try working in a coal mine for a week and experience what real work feels like!

  29. AMAZON IS AT IT AGAIN! Someone Please Help!

    Amazon is planning to build a logistics center/warehouse the size of 16 football fields in our immediate community, like less than 100 yards away from some of our doorsteps. Though this new center will help bring much needed jobs to our county, it will also cause 150 18-wheeler tractor trailers to travel along our immediate residential streets EVERYDAY! It will be a traffic nightmare, and many of us will are seriously concerned about the health and safety of our families.

    The homeowners of Westphalia that just bought into this brand new, diverse community did not invest here with the idea of this happening. Last minute zoning laws have been changed to allow for this warehouse with very limited community notice or involvement.

    We welcome Amazon to our county, but just not in our immediate residential neighborhood. We want to suggest an alternate site that is much more suitable for the Amazon center just a few exits up the road from our community.

    I know this may seem random, but the community of Westphalia needs all the attention we can get to help fight this battle against the developer and real estate company that is representing Amazon. Please help!

  30. Lol, their bitching and yet soon will be replaced with robots, better suck it buttercups while you can, because soon you'll be peeing on the streets!

  31. Everyone you see in this video and spoke on camera will not be employed at Amazon for the next Prime Day.

  32. Stop bitching and go work for other companies.
    Wait, don't stop bitching. It's your right to waste time that should have been use to be productive and making money but instead spent it on ideological-activism.

  33. Brought to you by The Washington Post–owned by Jeff Bezos.

    "The supreme luxury of the society of technical necessity will be to grant the bonus of useless revolt, with an acquiescent smile."
    -Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society

  34. Wait until the packages start getting drop down from drones…!!! Jeff is working on that as we speak..

  35. I know working with amazon is hard but you applied over there, you are willing to work with them no matter what. Work Is Work. If you dont like it, you can find another job

  36. In Brazil they had a system of slavery like America where except the conditions were way worse and slaves only lasted about 4 years because it was cheaper and easier to replace dead slaves than in America. This is amazon, lift boxes 10 hours a day with minimal breaks, as your body breaks down from the workload you quit, get sick or lack energy to work and they replace you with the next poor fast food worker who is drooling at the 15$ an hour opportunity.

  37. By conservative definitions, these striking workers are stinking "Communists" and are nothing short of domestic terrorists! It's okay to use taxpayer money to bail out mis-managed finance companies or manufacturers who have mostly moved operations offshore, but any workers engaged in collective bargaining for basic human rights are branded as subversive. It's time Americans figured out again that without well-organized unions, we are screwed…

  38. What is SO wrong with treating workers like humans with fair working conditions, fair pay and fair hours❓My god, the greed is just endless and hungry needy consumers that want It NOW❗️

  39. Well for all of you foreigners who thought you can come to america & fulfill the american dream…GUESS AGAIN! Folks such as myself, who are african american, can tell you 1st hand that its bullsh!t but then again yall are the same ones who get here & disrespect our community so i cant say i feel any sympathy for a lot of you.

  40. Yep, the assholes are right. Companies will replaces workers with robots. What happens when robots replace the workers? Who will buy the products then? That's where the real fun begins.

  41. Unfortunately, bezos and the amazon fulfillment centers are terrible and treat employees like slaves. A recent death is a testament of Amazon is a company that is no different than the third world countries. The constant disregard for the safety of vulnerabilities of trying to keep up to an unreasonable quota. Bezos maybe an innovator but it is on the back of people who cannot find employment. I was there for one day in conditions that were so intolerable. You could not go to the bathroom without permission that was the last straw, that I told them shove it but I know that people need jobs to feed their families. But they take advantage of this because the areas in which these fulfillment centers are located are areas of high unemployment. I wonder why? (that is said in a sarcastic manner). I will not buy anything from Amazon, I refuse to enable a company to exploit people. Amazon is all hype.

  42. People need proper sleep, in order to function correctly.
    People need to eat and drink.

    People need breaks to re-energize their bodies.

    People need washroom facilities, and should not be penalized for having to use them.

    Faster workers means an increase in damaged goods. Which means more returns, and profit loss. Workers cut corners in order to increase productivity, and if they don't do this daily, they risk losing their job. This is how these businesses run, on the daily.
    People are not machines, but companies are about making as much money as humanly possible. Getting that product to the customer however necessary, no matter what the humanly cost may be.

    Take it easy on the strikers, they just don't wan't to feel like everyday is a death march.

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