Women in Business 2019 Visionary Honoree Feature

Women in Business 2019 Visionary Honoree Feature

[music]>>Jessica: I’m Dr. Jessica Nouhavandi, and I’m the Co-Founder and COO of Honeybee Health. Honeybee Health is the first online pharmacy that was founded by pharmacists to show patients the real cost of generic prescriptions. It was really a natural progression for me to get into healthcare. I’ve always wanted to lead a life of service and helping others, and really my mission was always to make things fair. Taking care of other people was something that came naturally to me, and once I got into healthcare, I realized this is the most unfair industry. And so Honeybee Health was really started with the mission of making things more fair for patients. Coming from independent pharmacy, we saw a lot of players involved that determine the price of your prescription. And so we thought to ourselves, “Hey, we see the real cost of generic prescriptions and they’re actually really inexpensive.” And so, what we’re doing is disrupting an antiquated system and that’s really the mission of Honeybee Health. We’re pharmacists who believe that there is a better way to treat patients and make pharmacy better in America. My biggest goal is to really lean into this role that I’m now in, and to enjoy where we are as a company. How far we’ve come, and what we’ve been able to accomplish and the many lives that we’ve been able to touch so far. I pushed this company to a place where it is today and I can be proud of that. I think from a young age, I’ve always been a visionary and so this category is very humbling and it’s amazing that I’ve been recognized for it. It’s about believing in yourself, you have to be your own biggest fan. You have to pick yourself up and you’re going to get knocked down, it’s about how many times you get back up. That’s part of being a visionary. It’s really special that our community here in Culver City is able to recognize what we are doing at Honeybee. And for our chamber to recognize us and for the people in this community to really lift us up has been something special to witness.

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