Women in Business 2019 Trailblazer Honoree Feature

Women in Business 2019 Trailblazer Honoree Feature

[music]>>Rafia: I’m Rafia Cooper, I’m the owner of Cooper Collective which is the parent company to two jewelry lines; Rafia and VidaKush. We design everything from jewelry and hair accessories to any sort of fashion accessories. We manufacture everything here in Culver City, we are very proud to be a handmade in the USA business. I went to school for fashion design and I never really did anything with that, and then at some point every year or so, I would make some sort of clothing for myself and when I started designing some clothing one of these times, I wanted to have some jewelry that went with my skirt that I was making. So one of my friends suggested that I make them myself. So I made them, had a party and I had them all in my hand at the end of the party, I had orders for many bracelets and my friends all wanted to buy them and the rest is history. It just took off and pretty soon I was in like 40 – 50 stores, and you know, on my way to a business and I never really intended it to be but it worked out great. We are unique in the sense that we are a mother daughter team. It’s really fun, it’s fun to be creative together it’s a good bond that brings us even closer together. Um, the other unique factor in my business is that we are sustainable company. We recycle, re-purpose, and we reuse every piece of everything that we have here. We don’t have any waste and don’t throw anything away. This award means everything to me t’s great to be recognized in this community that I grew up in. I run a kindness group in Culver City, trying to make Culver City a kind city. Um, which is why I’m wearing a “be kind” neckless. (laugh) So, it means a lot to me that the community recognizes women owned businesses and it’s, it’s a huge honor. I am really blessed to employ all these wonderful women that brings so much talent to my business.

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