Women in Business 2019 Founder Honoree Feature

[music]>>Candance: I’m Candance Simmons, CEO of All That & MORE Boutique. We offer women’s clothing that are comfy, casual, classy with an edge. We also carry men’s accessories, and spa products for men and women. After my position as an Assistant Vice President in corporate America was eliminated, I asked God and my husband if I could do MORE of what I love, which was shopping. My husband laughed and asked if I was going to make money. I said of course. At All That & MORE Boutique, we give a celebrity styling experience to the everyday woman. We help them enter any room with confidence and great fashion. I enjoy creating situations where I can say to someone in business, “I believe in your product”. That’s why we carry products from over 15 local or up and coming designers. We host events for books signings, social media, financial literacy, health and wellness, travel, and more. If it aligns with our beliefs and serves our community we open our doors to it. The biggest challenge that I had to overcome was transitioning from a partnership to sole ownership. When my partner left the business there was so many things that I didn’t know, that I had to learn and I had to learn them on the spot. During this challenging time, what really made a difference for me was the community. I had people in the community actually showing up and saying “As long as you’re here, we’re going to support you”. I was nominated for this award by men and women who believe in me and believe in what God has allowed me to create here in Culver City. It means the work that we have done to help others has been seen and, has inspired other women to know that it is possible to have a small business in our community. I want children, teens, and adults to see themselves in me and know that it is all possible. My community has confirmed in me that I can create and be All That & MORE!

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