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  1. Thank god for this company. She comes across like a person who uses sex to get ahead and this is not fair for the hard working honest woman who doesn’t use sex to get ahead, and she puts men employees at risk for sexual harassment accusations. I’m so proud of this company.

  2. Not sure I would call it shaming. More like giving advice using an example. Sorry if the truth hurts. Maybe people should fix whats wrong if it hurts.

  3. This is the example of what women experience, I agree giving a job or employer candidates access to your social media is never a good idea, because of exactly what just happened, a simple picture taken out of context and used to judge her capabilities, ethics and morals as a human being. If this had been a male with a similar picture, him walking out of the pool in his bathing suit,even if it was a speedo, most likely nothing would be said and he would not be judged for a job. I would take the positive out of this and be thankful she was able to see the true mentality of this company and that it was not where she would want to work, as she would have experienced judgment in many other ways, based on their statements so far.

  4. This is a perfect example of people needing to be careful of what they post on Social Media. There's always going to some jackhole who will take a simple picture or worded post out of context and twist it.

  5. FACT: What you post on social media can and will be used against you by potential employers. Make your profile private or post with taste

  6. "Shaming" is not illegal, people!!!!! Make your sh!t private and screen your follow requests you won't have this problem!

  7. Look, here's the strange thing: she's going to the media and crying about this experience, but if you look at that Instagram account (which I get the feeling was the point, driving up traffic), this woman is rarely dressed in anything but bikinis, and people just don't live like that. This is a narcissist who is trying to create a narrative that works against logic.

  8. To be fair, her areola is almost showing. And I'd bet money shes loving the attention shes getting by "inadvertently" getting people to check out her gram. Scumbags shaming scumbags shaming scumbags. Nothing new here. Next.

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