WITH YOU, WITHOUT LIMITS – The Campaign for Texas A&M University Kingsville – Feature – (2018)

WITH YOU,  WITHOUT LIMITS – The Campaign for Texas A&M University Kingsville – Feature – (2018)

Over 100 years ago the people of South
Texas sought to establish a teacher’s college. A gift of land made all the
difference. That donated ranch land is now home to the oldest comprehensive
University in this part of the States. Texas A&M Kingsville has set its sights
on a bold, new vision. With you, Javelina nation can rise to the challenge, with
you, our future is without limits. I wanted a university that had a great
tradition and a great heritage, so I wanted a university that I thought was
ready to move forward and that I could build upon the past and go forward. Oh my
gosh the friends that I made there are still lifetime friends of mine today. I
learned to take care of my school business first and monkey business second.
You know the things that have changed of course more that we have grown and
that’s really important, critical, and great. The threat of continuity continues
to be the Javelina, okay, that has never changed I think that is the the one
element that binds us, a spirit of South Texas, the spirit of the university rests
there. My family actually already has a history here, uh both my parents actually
met on campus here, so I knew that it was a great school, and that it offered an
education that was valuable, and it was also close to home. I wanted to come to
University which- one that was not too far, but not too close to home, and one
where the environment was just you know, everyone was just close together, the
classroom size we were like not too big. Texas A&M Kingsville is relatively close
to my hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas, and I’m very family-oriented. I also
chose this school due to their abet accredited engineering program. The
objective for me coming out of Rio Grande City was to escape poverty. As I
began to understand the value of education, it became very clear to me
that that was the key to whatever laid ahead in the future. I knew
that music was really important to me at a very early age. I knew that I wanted to
do it for the rest of my life as early as middle school, and I think over the
years not only has it provided me with endless opportunities, but it has also
given me a way to express myself and to share something with other people. No
matter where I go. The math skills I learned there, the English skills, that I
learned there, the poetry I read, the literature. Oh it
was such a wonderful education! I’ll just call it priceless. Being a
student-athlete is definitely a challenge I had to learn how to
prioritize and manage my time. Um practice schedule is pretty intense as well as
the course curriculum is very rigorous. So it all comes down to knowing what you
want for your future, and being able to implement and follow a plan that’ll get
you there. The data are clear the data shows that the most important reason why
students stay at college and why they graduate is their classroom experience.
Students who are challenged and engaged in the classroom that are learning are
the students that stay. So you can have all the best facilities, you can have the
best football team, but the point here is to get them to stay in the graduate, and
at the heart of that is the faculty. I am able to establish a close connection
with my professors here at Kingsville, that is why I love this medium-sized
campus. I have a voice among the students as well as the athletes. The person who
is made like the biggest impression on me on this campus for sure has to be my
advisor Dr. Guzman McCauley, Dr. G, she is the most awesome person. She is like a
mom to us. The person who’s made the biggest impression on me is Mr. James
Warth. He has poured endless amounts of knowledge,
not just towards me, but towards the rest of the student body, and he is a
phenomenal musician and educator. Scholarships are important we all really
like realize that college is very expensive, and especially some of these
students are coming from a very low-income family. These scholarships
actually give them the jump up and getting them to stay here in college,
because a lot of times when they get to that point and they’re they’re panicking
and they don’t have enough money, they have a tendency of just going back home.
And this is where we’re trying to work hard and getting students with jobs, and
scholarships, and stipends within our within our college. The scholarship I’m
currently receiving is the graduate assistantship here for the music
department, and not only is it offering me financial support, but it’s also
giving me an opportunity to educate here at the collegiate level. I could receive
a scholarship from this school and I did and it was really cool because I was
just like, I did this, my hard work paid off my grades paid off you know, and it
was just something like it made me want to strive for more. The heart is the student body, I see them
every day, we are here for them and they keep us alive. The soul is the embodiment
or the spirit of the institution, and the soul is created throughout the year some
of the alumni that have been here and how they’ve changed it. It’s so alive and
it’s the community and the students are just so connected and together.
I think this university is really like a safe haven for for music education and
performance especially in my field. This sort of being a bubble not only for- for
music but for the arts is really important, and it makes me enjoy my time
here both as an educator and as a musician. Giving back to the school it’s
done so much for me, my gosh, the number of successful people that are graduated
from our school just continues to shock me. The millionaire’s that we’ve created
out of that school it’s just it’s been wonderful, I mean we’re the sometimes the
first educators with these kids from South Texas and Central Texas. The first
time they’ve gone to college and we got to continue to do that and do a good job
of it and provide them with the opportunities. The only answer to poverty
is education. The impacts that you can have are not just lasting to that family,
but those young people that come out of our university can then go on and affect
the community, the state, the country, and sometimes even the world. If you went to
our University and you’ve achieved some success I think there’s a there’s a
burden of responsibility that each of us has to be able to give back. With you, I am without limits. With you, I
am without limits. With you our faculty are without limits. With you, we are
without limits. With you, our university is without limits.
We need your help.

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