Wintry forecast good news for some Vermont businesses, as many motorists rush for snow tires

Wintry forecast good news for some Vermont businesses, as many motorists rush for snow tires

W NAT- I’m super excited WHEN ALL THROUGH THE SHOP NOT A MOMENT OF SILENCE NAT DRILL AS THE TIRES DID DROP NAT TIRES DROPPING David- I didn’t have to listen to the weather forecast I knew there was some snow coming MANAGER DAVID BUTTERFIELD SAYS DOZENS OF CUSTOMERS WERE ALREADY LINED UP OUTSIDE VERMONT TIRE AND SERVICE ON SATURDAY MORNING Patrick- I dropped the car off at about 6:50 this morning and there were about 5 people outside already waiting in the freezing cold..I was shocked I couldn’t believe it SO MANY THAT THEY HAD TO PUT UP THEIR NO MORE CARS SIGN JUST 20 MINUTES AFTER OPENING Emily- I think people are looking at the forecasts and saying we need our snow tires to get out of our drive way this is Vermont WHILE BUTTERFIELD SAYS THE BOOM BEFORE A STORM ISN’T UNUSUAL AROUND THIS TIME OF YEAR, ONE THING MAY BE DIFFERENT David- sometimes we get snow some years we don’t get snow, fortunately it looks like we might get some snow this year, FOR BUSINESSES WHO RELY ON MOTHER NATURE, IT’S A FLAKE OF HOPE THAT THIS WINTER, WILL BRING MORE SNOW THAN LAST YEAR David- the state needs it the economy needs it Emily- hopefully the snow will bring the tourists, we had a rough year last year EMILY BROOKS AND HER HUSBAND OWN A STOWE-BASED TAXI COMPANY, AND CAME INTO TOWN TO CHANGE OUT THEIR TIRES Emily- safety measure absolutely we are liable for people’s lives THAT VERY REASON DRIVES THE MAJORITY OF THE SHOPS ANNUAL BUSINESS. BUTTERFIELD SAYS THE MOST SALES COME THIS TIME OF YEAR, AND SATURDAY WAS JUST THE BEGINNING DAVID-everybody wants to go to grandmas house so usually that’s the worst week of the year, well it’s the busiest its very stressful EVEN IF IT’S STRESSFUL, SOME THINK IT’S FOR GOOD REASON DAVID- we lveo snow IT’S A SURE SIGN OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON EMILY- please let it be a white Christmas this year please IN SOUTH BURLINGTON, ABBY ISAACS NBC5 NEWS

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