Will the Ukraine whistleblower’s true identity ever be revealed?

Will the Ukraine whistleblower’s true identity ever be revealed?

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  2. The "so-called Whistleblower" will probably turn out to be the same "Anonymous" Author of the latest anti-Trump paperback. Methinks he's been blowing something other than whistles.

  3. Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead – Benjamin Franklin. The deep state will be exposed.
    And the whistleblower is almost certainly part of the DS

  4. Wow, it's almost like they watch all the good shows and suck at emulating them… You'd think it's just a matter of formula.

  5. Even if it is Adam Schiff himself, does it actually matters when everything about it has been confirmed by top officials? ??‍♂️??‍♂️ Incredible, how yall keep looking for reasons to justify indefensible actions. Protect our country!

  6. It already has been and apparently unless the pic making the rounds this weekend is a photoshopped, he's dating Schiff's daughter. Talk about rigging a "trial", Stalin wasn't even this bad.

  7. Lame vid, we already know who he is and we dont wait around for MSM to tell us. Greg you are to good for Faux news but i guess you have to pay the bills right?

  8. Jim jordans questioning of that stolen valor terd vindman shows all you need to know. Schiff and vindman will be and cuffs

  9. Attacking the whistleblower still won't make ANY of the damning testimony go away…. Nor have we heard Republicans actually deny, or successfully defend any of Trump's actions. Next, we have Nunes getting busted connected to Ukraine, Rudy's goon willing to flip, and Trump showing signs of throwing Rudy under the bus just like Cohen…. buh-bye…

  10. Just because FoxNews refuses (doesn't have the stones) to name him, the identity of the whistleblower has been known for many weeks.

  11. It's pretty weird all the news channels including Fox news reported on this guy saying his name over and over for 2 straight weeks. Er ic Ci ar me lla is a pretty hard name to forget.

  12. No, because there is no whistle blower. He/she is a chimera invented by people like Schiff who have no facts so they invent a ghost that only thrives in innuendo, never to be seen.

  13. At this point it could be Prince resurrected singing his deposition to the tune of Manic Monday and no one would care…

  14. The 'Whistleblower's identity was revealed 2 months ago online – everyone who wants to know it can. Erc Crmella.
    There is NO effect on his safety by keeping it 'anonymous' and hasn't been for 2 months. The ONLY REASON they are keeping it 'secret' is to prevent his relationship to Joe Biden, Adam Schiff and other anti-Trumpers being examined by Trump's defence and to prevent questioning of him – which would expose that the whole thing is a SET UP.

  15. there was No whistle blower at all – it was always Schiff, using EC's name as the Whistle blower, this is why his staff worked together to fabricate a report.

  16. Disgraceful reporting. Given the seriousness of the Presidents mendacity, this feeble attempt at humour only manages to patronise poor working people. But hey, the President does worse every day.

  17. I seriously Doubt it.I may very well be WRONG BUT I can't help but feel the whistle Blower is either Schiff or someone connected to Him.

  18. Lol.. the whistleblower is all over the friggin internet.. worst kept secret of 2019.. look up the Drudge report….edit: actually just scroll down..lol…

  19. i dont think there is one schifty has already proven he makes up stuff so i wouldnt put it past the liar too of made it up

  20. You ,mean Eric Ciaramerllia Mike Pence's policy guy for Ukraine and CIA op? We already friggin know despite the censorship

  21. Al right, stop… just stop, this is getting stupid already, what in the hell happened to our media ? Holy crap. I'm about done with this silly nonsense.

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