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  1. They get paid enough. They are now crossing the line from greed to obsessive greed. Look at all the kids that will never be able to see the classics because there is no money

  2. Disney owns ABC – 
    They're corrupt. Why would I watch them, when I won't even watch, and actually quit Shitflix? No time for left-owned corrupt companies.

  3. Real question is will Disney survive the trafficking of young girls, the coup against the President, and it's workers going to prison?

  4. Personally, I hope not. Having a lot of content is one thing but running a good streaming service is another. Quite frankly, I hope their arrogance comes to bite them.

  5. This is for those CNN mindless people who are still listening to lies and have not woke up yet. And I wouldn't support pedophile Disney for nothing!

  6. The problem with these streaming services, is that you don’t own the films series. Your all time favourites can be gone or changed.
    That’s why I prefer owning physical copies and pirating, point is their mine and my wallet stays closed

  7. I will not support either. all Globalist left woke agenda is only Good for one thing the circle file.
    (Get Woke Go Broke) what was Walt's beloved mouse which promoted family entertainment with Great stories of Imagination and Magic. Has turned into Bob's Giant Rat corrupting RT.all for it's the force is female agenda meant to divide the family as all Men bad Toxic Male Masculinity while indoctrinating our children. They can keep Disney + it's Parks It's movies and cruises it's Fake and Bias ABC News I will not spend my money on any of it.(Simple)

  8. My tv is used by my kids 80% of the time. This makes cable useless. As for Netflix and Hulu, I’ll just Add Disney to the streaming rotation. 3 months each. (Unless something good comes out.)

  9. So these Disney stars are hand picked around world to perform their AI martial art's on 3d graphyscal controlled environment!
    Stream them all the elite's. They also make shorthand movie's with transcripts or subtitle's scrollings?

  10. F*** Disney plus watch the Mandalorian wait for some Marvels superhero probably that b** Brie Larson will have her own TV show the most hated superhero ever and she's only done one movie Brie Larson can go f*** yourself

  11. Will Disney Plus survive the streaming war ? Just like the other Services . Survival will depend on Content & Price . Right now Disney is doing well on both counts . Disney has a huge back catalog of Classic Movies . But the Modern Disney is completely SJW friendly . Not to mention Greedy . So we shall see .

  12. Their desperation reeks ! Trying to move into target stores also !
    Shouldn't have alienated half of your customers, should have stayed out of politics, especially if you are going to chose the wrong side of history. Get woke and go broke !

  13. "[Gordon Sondland] said, you know, you need to go big or go home. You need to, you know, tweet out there that you support the President, and that all these are lies and everything else." -Marie Yovanovitch, former US Ambassador to Ukraine

  14. My guess is, they will TANK!! TOO Many of us r AWARE of the vile ppl attached to disney… recruiting & putting KNOWN PEDOPHILES on their payroll … birds of feather…NEVER AGAIN will anyone in my immediate and extended family EVER spend 1 more dime w this company! And we were HUGE disney followers…

  15. They cover for the biggest pedophile in the world and take cruises to his island so I think they will be ok..

  16. Just like the first day of Obamacare! I have problems connecting to Disney + service. It keeps saying unable to connect. Lol

  17. Parents please show your disapproval of Disney. If you are a conservative, their views and bias are not good for your children. Take a stand!

  18. Of course it will. Netflix is decent at a best, Hulu and especially Amazon Prime is terrible and feels cheap compared to Netflix. Disney will be the number one streaming service within 2yrs.

  19. Disney is no longer present in entertainment communities. No one will pay for their streaming service, unless they produce something for the next generation of hardware.

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