Will Apple Adopt RCS Messaging?

Will Apple Adopt RCS Messaging?

Interviewer: Okay. So and most of our viewers are in the United
States. So we have end of 2020 about 100 million users,
the question always is is Apple part of that 100 million or is Apple not part of that? What’s your take? Interviewee: Apple who won’t be part of that. Interviewer: Okay. Interviewee: So our understanding is that
Apple will have to adopt RCS at some point because it’s been mandated by the GSMA that
anyone that wants to use the 5G logo has to have RCS as their default messaging platform. So they’ll have to go there at some point. Interviewer: So it’s a roundabout way forcing
them or at least if they want to use the 5G. I bet Apple come up with their own thing though. Interviewee: Possible. I mean that’s for them to say if they ever
come out and speak publicly. But in terms of supporting RCS, they will
do that on the peer to peer side and they’ll do that to make sure that the experiences
an iPhone user has is consistent across every device. So right now if you send an iMessage obviously
to someone on Android, it will be delivered as an SMS. So they want to try and avoid that and vice
versa, any Android messages coming on will have any richness included and won’t default
back to an SMS. So that’s what they’re trying to do. But in terms of supporting RBM, rich business
messaging, that won’t happen. Why would they want to do that? Because if you think two of their biggest
competitors are Google and Samsung, so why would they want to help Google and Samsung? Interviewer: So you think they’ll stick with
their own proprietary ABC Apple business chat or something along those lines? Interviewee: Yes. But I mean also the models are different. So RCS is very much an RBM, it’s very much
kind of an outbound model, whereas you look at what Apple are doing with ABC, that’s an
inbound model that’s similar to what WhatsApp [inaudible 00:01:50]. Interviewer: And inbound like the consumers
at the hotel, they text the hotel rather than the hotel texting them? Interviewee: They get in contact [inaudible
00:01:57]. Exactly. So that’s kind of one of the big differences
there as well. So whether Apple wants to change that and
to start develop something outbound remains to be seen from what we’ve been told, again,
by our contacts who apparently know Apple. They’re not interested in that because they
just think that could potentially damage the brand.

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