Wilder Fellowship: Fellow & Employer Perspectives

Wilder Fellowship: Fellow & Employer Perspectives

Being a Wilder fellow allows one to
exhibit the abilities that they gain over time through school and allows one
to show their employers that they’re able to multitask as well as to step
into a number of different situations and projects and bring their own
knowledge to the group and collaborate effectively. Most of my fellowship was
practice so you can’t really learn how to evaluate a survey project or how to
lead and analyze in the classroom the way that you can in practice the
fellowship is unique in that it’s not insular you’re not isolated. As an intern
generally it’s you at a site and they tell you what they want you to do but
this is very much a collaborative effort. Most of the experience that I found the
most helpful was with my cohort so with the people that I met through the
fellowship and I have a very lasting relationships with most of those people
and there’s a camaraderie that happens there that you can’t really get at any
traditional internship and I think there was a level of trust between myself and
my supervisor that doesn’t exist with the traditional internship because you’re
very much low on the totem pole in that respect but here we’re kind of lauded as
the best of the best and they treated us that way. We found them to be a valuable
member of the team so it wasn’t that we were finding work for them to do they
just became part of the team and so we wanted to continue that relationship with them and that’s what I think what’s been good about this is it’s not been an internship where you’re looking for things for them to do they
have taken on work just like another team member would and I think that if
they’re interested in employment and positions are open I can see easily see
either one of them blending right in and becoming full-time at the Department of
Corrections when that time comes. I would recommend having a Wilder fellow to be a part of anybody’s work with that I think that the benefits of it far exceeded for us of our expectations. The main reason I wanted to be a fellow
was to provide public service I thought the stated mission and goals of the
fellowship took you know the opportunity to work for a public agency or other
private entity that generally focuses on research or helping the public in some
ways was something I wanted to do. Working in the the DOC has been great
for me and I never thought it would be something that was so attractive in a
sense that working with SPSS, statistical analysis and just being able to flex my
own, I guess skills in quantitative analysis. I’m one who was more leaning
towards qualitative analysis so working in this kind of area allowed me to, you
could say, assess my own abilities and to see how far I could take myself. If I could describe the wilder fellow program with one word it would be comprehensive. Enlightening. Exhilarating. Definitely exhilarating.

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