Why You’re Already Good Enough To Start A Business

Why You’re Already Good Enough To Start A Business

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  1. This is a bit of a longer video but I hope it clarifies a lot for you.

    If you can't wait any longer and want to start your own freedom business but you don't know where to start? Then book a free consultation call with my team HERE and we will help you out:

    All the best and talk soon,

  2. This video is absolutely great Max. I am busy completing my UX degree, I want to start working for myself but one of my biggest sticking points is finding "where I can offer value"

    I feel like I am struggling to find a direction, do you (or anyone who reads this) have a link to a video with advice on that?

    Thanks everyone

  3. This blew my mind. I just realised what the future is. Imagine people on universal basic income and having coaches for different niche problems in their life. Kind of like a personal trainer for different high-priority problems..Holy sh*t.

  4. After going to community college, I realized I could quickly get to $100k a year by being a targeted niche real estate agent. Got my license in less than 30 days…. Made 6-figures, in year 1 and you don't even need college education.

  5. after watching several YouTube videos on crypto, i decided to take my fiance's advice with a positive mindset to invest with the help of an expert, my experience so far is amazing, amassing over $185,000 off my $50,000 capital in 3months. Feel free to connect with Alysia Theola Baker on LinkedIN to get started.

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