Why You Should Switch to an Instagram Business Account – Social Media Minute

Why You Should Switch to an Instagram Business Account – Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. I like the fact that
Instagram is generally a public place. Whether you’re a brand,
a media company, an influencer or just a regular user, you all have similar
access and privileges. Facebook has changed that. Over the course of the past 12–18 months, they’ve gradually increased
the amount of these business profiles. What you can do
if you have a page on Facebook, you can merge it
with your Instagram profile and the Instagram
profile sort of becomes a page. What Facebook is doing is they’re
cutting access to all post level data from these public non-business APIs. That means for a lot of the influencers that were holding on
to their personal profiles that all these guys
should migrate to business APIs. All businesses obviously should
migrate to these business profiles. Couple of advantages there. You’ll have access
to your data around post and, of course, you’ll have insights data. So you’ll see the reach
of your stories, the reach of your posts and the insights
look quite good in the Instagram app. What these business
pages then allow you to do is compare reach between
for example Instagram and Facebook using analytics tools such as Socialbakers to bring all the data to one place
to make better and easier decisions. Go ahead, migrate
your profiles to business profiles if you haven’t yet on Instagram and see you next Monday.

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