Why You Need a Business Phone Number

Why You Need a Business Phone Number

– Today we’re gonna talk
about why your business needs its own phone number here on The Journey. Everyone I’m Nealey. – And I’m Emma, and today
we’re gonna talk about the importance of having a
phone line for your business because, although we’re online 24/7, there’s still that comfort
of hearing a real person on the other line. And people wanna know that their concerns or frustrations are being heard, they’re not just being
lost somewhere online. So it is really important
to have a phone number in order to have a
connection with a real person on the other line. – So Emma, I know you have
Coffee and KickFlips, but I gotta ask, do you
carry around two phones? – No, just one because I
have a virtual phone number. – Can you tell the audience a little bit about what that is? – Yeah, so basically with one device you can have two separate phone numbers, which is really great for your business. So you can one, not have
to carry two phones, annoying, right? But also you can separate
personal from business all on one device. – Right, because you don’t
want to answer a customer and go, “Hey, what’s up man?” And as customer that it
doesn’t look professional, maybe in the Coffee and KickFlips world. – Well we’re pretty chill – at Coffee and KickFlips.
– Pretty chill. – But not everyone’s that
chill, and that’s cool. – If you’re a little bit more
professional, that setting, it just isn’t there. But now if you answer the greeting, “Hey, this is Coffee
and KickFlips speaking, I’m Emma how can I help you,” and you know it’s for
business and not personal, it really helps separate that line and makes you a little
bit more professional. – In the same breath, Nealey
calls me to like go skate, and we’re just going to
hang out and I’m like “Hey, it’s Emma Coffee and KickFlips, can I take your order?” – I’m like, what? – He’s like, “I’m just trying to hang.” – Wrong number, bye. – So another cool advantage
of having this virtual number, voicemail transcription, which is super rad because
you don’t have to actually like answer the phone,
and then grab paper, I need a pen, and then
you’re writing down quickly what the message says. It never works well, plus my handwriting looks like a doctor’s. – It’s true. – It’s ineligible. And then in addition to
that it just makes it easier ’cause it transcribes it for you. – Yeah, and it’s super helpful, right? ‘Cause like you said you
don’t have to go and listen. You can look at it in your own time, see what it is, take the
Cliff notes and just bounce. – Exactly. – And now another benefit
of that phone number is that caller ID and
basically call block. – Yes. – I know when I freelanced
a lot, and I had my clients, they would literally call
me at all hours of the day. With these second phone
numbers, you can set your hours. So if you only wanna answer calls for your business from 9 to 5, you set that and anything after
goes directly to voicemail, which then you get that transcription. So if it’s important
you can call ’em back. But if it’s not, it can wait for tomorrow. – And also, that goes right in line with what we preach a
lot about on The Journey, which is work life balance. You’ve gotta prioritize time between hey this is when I work, or rather compartmentalize
this is when I’m working and this is when I am off the clock. So you keep that balanced life, and you don’t get burnt out. All right, so another advantage
is an automated attendant. I know that my doctor uses
this, and it gives you that touch-tone opportunity so
it really gives the call to where it needs to go
based on the purpose. – So I can press one for blah, press two for the receptionist. – If you’re a current patient, yeah. And in addition to that, I
know that it’s also beneficial because you don’t have
to hire a receptionist. – Yeah, and there’s some of those services will outsource who answers it. If it does end up going to voicemail, you can have someone
pick up the other line and handle that call for you. Now another advantage
with the secondary number with some of these apps
like SmartLine or Google is that it offers the ability to have either a localized number
like in Arizona we’re 480, what’s Cali? – Well I still have my
Indiana number, but it’s 260. – There you go. You need to update your number, right? But you can also pick
from a toll-free number so you can look a little
bit more professional and a lot bigger than
what a localized number would do for you, so you’d
have a 1-800 and then a number. And many of these services
let you pick your number so you’re not just given one at random. You can kind of scroll
through the catalog, see what’s available, possibly
make it an actual world. I know that was a pretty big thing. I tried with my phone number. It didn’t work. It spelled like half a word,
and I was like (exhale) I was bummed out. But another advantage that you can use with your secondary phone number. – Also keep in mind that not
all virtual business numbers are created equally because
some may not forward your calls, or they can’t really decipher
between is this personal? Is this business? – Right, and some other options
to consider with your phone are like call recording,
three-way conferencing, or just personalized extensions. Really you want to look
at what are you using most with your personal phone right now, and mirror it with your
secondary business phone number. – Also, some offer a little
musical jingle while you wait. – This is the official Journey dance. – All right, you just learned why you need a business phone number. Comment below and let us know what you’re favorite tip was. – And while you’re there,
smash that Like button subscribe to our channel
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