Why Use The Premiere Feature On YouTube? (and how to set it up)

Why Use The Premiere Feature On YouTube? (and how to set it up)

All of your videos should be premieres,
don’t worry I’m not expecting you to roll out the red carpet. In today’s video
we’re going to be looking at the YouTube’s premier function, why you
should be using it and how to set it up. I’m David Proud from Proud Business
Productions and we specialize in helping businesses grow through video. When you
have your video ready to post do post it straight away?
Or do you wait for the best time for your video to get the most traction. It
really pays to schedule your videos to release just before when you know most
of your viewers will be online but there is a better way than just scheduling
your videos. If you only schedule your videos your viewers won’t know that you
have a new video coming up. It will just magically appear in their feed. Whereas
if you premiere a video your viewers get a heads up that you’ve got new content
coming, it will let them know what you’re going to cover and when that video is
going to be released. Which makes them more likely to come back and check out
your video. If you batch produce your content and I’ll have a video for this
next week then you can also let your viewers know what to expect from your
channel for the next few weeks. Another great benefit to premiering your video
is that you also create a watch party. Leading up to the release of your video
there’ll be a timer and when this timer ends your video will go live, then you’ll
have a live chat box where you can chat to anyone that’s watching your video all
in real-time. This is a great way to build up your fanbase. So how do you
premiere a video. YouTube is just updating to its new upload page and the
Creator Studio is going to be standard by the end of the year so I’m just going
to show you using these new tools. Start by uploading your video and you want to
upload it as Unlisted. Whilst the video is uploading do your usual things like adding
your title and your description, tags, playlists, thumbnails. Once your video is uploaded you want to
head over to the creator studio and click your videos and find the video
that you’ve just uploaded. Click on it it’s going to take you to the page where
you can then add it to your playlists, add cards and end screens and just finish
off setting up your video. Now on this page is where you’re going to set it up
as a premiere. At the top you got visibility so if you
click on here you can change it to public and then set as premiere. Down
below you can click and schedule for a later date so I’m gonna put it for let’s
go for Saturday next week at let’s go for 10 a.m. and then all you need to do
click done and save and it’s good to go. So if you click on the link now your
viewers will be able to see when the video will be premiered and also they
are be able to set a reminder to tell them when the videos going live.
One current drawback is that when you select to premiere a video it turns off
external embedding, meaning that if you upload the video to your website your
viewer will have to click back to YouTube to watch the video. This is
easily fixable by waiting until your video goes live and you want to head
over to the Advanced Settings and make sure allow embedding is ticked. Just make
it a habit to do this after the video has gone live. So to wrap up, instead of
just scheduling your videos you want to set them up as premieres. This lets your
viewers know what content you have coming up and when they need to come
back to see it. On top of this you can also live chat with your viewers when they
are watching your video for the first time and they can also turn on
notifications so they know when that specific video is going to be going live.
Let me know in the comments when you think is the best time to post your
videos and make sure you subscribe to catch next week’s video about batch
producing content.

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