Why Upside Business Travel Loves Sweetgreen

Why Upside Business Travel Loves Sweetgreen

What Sweetgreen has done is that it has redefined what SaaS means to me what it means to me now is “salad as a service.” It’s so easy to just open up your phone, pick your salad, you don’t to go anywhere,
and then it shows up in the office. How amazing is that? Salad as a Service. I’m
Genevieve and fun fact I’m celiac, which means I can’t eat gluten, soy, wheat, things like that, so finding lunch can be really hard for me, but with our Sweetgreen Outpost I’m able to order gluten-free, celiac-friendly meals every single day for lunch and I actually order Sweetgreen
every single day that I’m in office which is pretty wild, which puts me in a
secret silent mission with Pietro who you might be hearing from soon on getting to
black status. I’m almost at gold, he’s definitely a little bit ahead of me but
he has more lead time so I’m gonna catch up and I’m gonna get there. So that’s when I decided that I was definitely gonna hit black status like
that was my goal for this year. It was very difficult but I hit gold status. Here at Upside we’ve become big fans of our Sweetgreen Outpost. So much so we’ve set up Slack channel where we just talk
about the stuff we ordered, the new salads coming on the seasonal menu, what
we’re ordering. The only problem is we can’t see the Outpost from most of our desks so being the big nerds that we are we built a button that when our Sweetgreen
delivery person shows up they press the button and our Slack channel gets a
message saying our salads have arrived.

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