Why upgrade from G Suite Basic to Business | Basic vs. Business Comparison

Why upgrade from G Suite Basic to Business | Basic vs. Business Comparison

– G’day there, Peter Moriarty
here recording a quick video for you on why you
might consider upgrading from G Suite Basic over to Business, what are the advantages
and how is that gonna fit into the new pricing updates that Google have recently announced? (upbeat mellow music) Okay, let’s talk G Suite Business. Now, previously this was
called Google Apps Unlimited, and then they changed all the names, but effectively what we started with was the basic version of G Suite. It was five bucks a month,
and that kind of gave you all of the basics and
then you got 30 gigabytes of storage per user. And that was really the
main, uh, kind of restriction on that basic plan, and you
could buy additional storage on a per user basis if you
ever needed to upgrade, but the only other add-on or upgrade that you could buy for
Google, was to buy Vault. And that was an extra five bucks, um, and Vault does some cool
stuff which I’ll talk about a little bit later. Now, Google then kind of reshuffled things and they have G Suite Basic and Business, and Business has a number of
features which may compel you to consider that upgrade. And I’m gonna take you through what some of the best ones are. Now, it’s changed a lot
in the last year or so, and so, listen up if you
haven’t looked into this in the last little while,
you may be surprised at some of the reasons why you
might wanna make the switch. Now, while we’re talking about Drive, let’s talk about storage. One of the original perks of what was called Google Apps Unlimited, and is now G Suite Business, is that you get unlimited storage. So that’s unlimited for Drive, Gmail, all of your Google documents, which are effectively unlimited anyway, and everything within
the Google ecosystem. Now, what’s great about that, is it means that you
don’t have to worry about the data limit about how
much stuff you’re uploading. Now, for many business owners, they say, “Well, I don’t need unlimited storage, “there’s no use for me to have that”, but I would bet you, if
you’re a business owner, you probably have a hard drive, or maybe an old computer or two, that have some business-critical
data sitting around on them that you just don’t wanna
get rid of, just in case. Well, that’s where Google Apps Unlimited, now called G Suite Business, allows you to take a full archive, and a full copy of absolutely everything, drop it into Google Drive
and never have to worry about having to find something or having to boot up an old computer to access your archive or records. Now, for many businesses, you need to keep all of
your business records for many years, depending
on what country you’re in, and it’s always a good idea to
have them stored in a cloud, backed up safely and securely,
so you don’t have to stress and you can sleep easy at
night if you ever need to go and retrieve them. Now, my third and
probably my favorite perk for G Suite Business,
is called Google Vault. Now, this is really useful for businesses that are in the accounting, or legal, or financial services sector, but I think this is a good idea for pretty much any business. Now, what Google Vault does,
is any time a email comes in or out of your business, it takes a carbon copy of
that email, just imagine, you know, the old carbon
copy receipt books, takes a copy of that email,
and it puts it into the Vault, automatically, in the background. Any email in, and any
email out of your business. Now, once that carbon copy
is stored in the Vault, which happens automatically,
no one can ever delete it. And what that means is, that
if your staff delete an email from their inbox, or you
know, something disappears from somewhere else within G Suite, it’s all safe inside of the Vault. And what that’s really great for, is if you ever have legal
issues somewhere down the line, or a customer comes back to you and says, “Hey, do you know what,
I want the same prices “you gave me last year”, or three years ago, or five years ago. Well, you wanna have a copy
of pretty much everything in your business. There’s also the
opportunity for a customer to come back and say,
“Hey, we wanna sue you “because something went wrong”, and you need to make sure you have a copy of all correspondence between your staff and anyone at your customer’s business. Well, Google Vault allows you
to have one place to search for absolutely everything in the business, and that one place to search lets you find everything in everyone’s inboxes, and it also lets you
search for Drive files, Google Hangout history, as well, all safe and secure in the Vault. Now, this is a great
feature only available for G Suite Business,
and we use it quite often when we need to retrieve
information from somewhere in the business and we don’t know exactly who may have sent the email, or if we just want a full
record of an incidence or a situation, no matter who
has sent any communications. One more quick feature, and I’m gonna throw in a bonus for you, and that one is Google Cloud Search. Now, think of this as a Google Search for your G Suite Account. So, anything you might need to access, whether it’s an email, a
document, a calendar event, or something even in your Google sites, anywhere you need to search
for within the G Suite world, if you run one search inside
of Google Cloud Search, it’s gonna find any
information that you need. And what I love about this is, I don’t have to open
Gmail to find an email, I don’t have to open Drive
individually to open a Drive. Anytime I need to retrieve
information from within G Suite, I’m going to one place to search, and it finds everything for me. Now, if you’re interested
in making the switch from Basic up to Business, or
if you just wanna have a chat about your business and
see which of these plans might be the best for you,
then have a chat to our team, head along to itGenius.com, or you can drop a message
to our Facebook page, we’ll be very happy to help you out there. Now, if you’re worried
about the price increases that Google have announced
earlier this year and you’re looking to
beat the price increase, we have some very, very
attractive pricing plans for you, if you chat to us before
March 29, that’s 2019. And what that means is,
that we can help you to make that switch from
Basic up to Business. There are some very,
very attractive plans, even for some businesses
getting up to six months free. So have a chat to our team, don’t delay because we’ve
got a lot of customers who wanna have a chat to us about this and we’d be very happy to help you out with your situation. Until next time, take care. (whoosh) (mellow music)

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  1. Thank you for putting up this review. I was in two minds between Dropbox Business and G Suite Business. I m going for G Suite Buisness since my business emails are hosted with Google already.

  2. I need buy a domain for be able to buy a g suite business plan?
    I really not want a domain, i just want to buy the G Siute Business for the other features it have, like unlimited space and TeamDrives.
    Also see if you can help me with this doubt, i see it increment the price per user added, but there will not be another person than me, but i maybe want to share a TEAMDRIVE with other person, is that considered like another user of the account and it will increase the price i need to pay per month?

  3. can i manage my customer booking with gsuite ?

    i have not yet own my website can i make gsuite to create one for me with purchased domain?

    i have been using another host wix.com but they cannot provide me of "turn on customer location" when they are booking. due to my business is limo service to pick up at customer location and drip off them at selected location.

    and wix tool cannot make mobile view friendly on some of the page cannot show it properly on mobile so i considering to stop recurring with them

    please gimme advice. Thanka

  4. Are there any further deals your team can offer? Unfortunately, we are past March 2019 you mention in the video.

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