Why Most Businesses Fail – Boss In The Bentley

Why Most Businesses Fail – Boss In The Bentley

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  2. Have you ever thought of taking a business course for shits and giggles? Speaking of which, do you thing taking a business course is a good way to start becoming a business person?

  3. One of the most honest, accurate and real people in the field of the business i have ever seen. Am 21 right now and your videos have been a big eye opener for me. Thank you soo much and keep it up. Dont mind the haters. Your videos are reaching people as far as Uganda. The country i come from in the continent of Africa. Keep it up.

  4. Hi sir im a 19 years old and about to start my first business, i really love all of your videos and i hope that i could met you oneday and be part of your successful life, thank you for all of your knowledge mr. Dan Lok :DD

  5. This is helping me kick start after my first year in business. It didnt go well and I need to listen to this to get started again. Thank you Dan !

  6. – Your business is always a reflection of yourself: this is certainly true for me. My business contains my vision, ideas, level of organization and discipline. The more you develop yourself, the more successful your business will be (talking from experience here)

    – You need to know how to close: true again. When I started out I didn't have this skill. Now I do, and it makes all the difference in the world – especially for your revenue

    – You need a predictable, optimal sales strategy: true again. If you don't find and apply a predictable sales strategy, your business and revenue will never grow

    The most beautiful thing is once you develop the above, you won't lose it and you can repeat it over and over again (these business skills are transferrable like Dan says). Dan is the man!

    – Your Dutch Muslim Fan

  7. gr8 confident dan sir..always shakes me, awakes me by ur words..u r dam gud at ur work..in such a quite young age..tnk u sir..for all ur skills sharing 😊

  8. Can you please answer a question for Me? If I have a car to pay off should I do that first before spending money to buy equipment I need to start my business?

  9. Damn! I have started watching one video daily. Since I came to know you produce videos daily, now I have to watch two of them.

    One before starting the day
    One before going to bed

  10. If you have a creative product (fine art with an in the making video) how would you communicate to the client that is something they need? I've been gearing toward gift givers but although i am great with a brush I still am working on the ar of sales. Please help! Feel free to pick me up in your bently to discuss ;P

  11. Which course is best for learning Business. Is it MBA or other Business training courses conducted by motivational trainers

  12. I like it. Dan's over here working by making videos for YouTube and us to educate people and increase earnings with logical facts and expanding your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking. He does this on his way to work! Awesome. Hustle right here. I respect this hustle. It's motivational and educational. Thanks for the time pal. Good stuff.

  13. I find that the best businesses and products to sell are the ones that you find a need for. If you need something then other people out there need it also. That's a good time to start a business or sell a product. When you need it and can't obtain it. Make it and make it available. Also, you'll need to get the word out there to the people that would need it. Know your demographic and target them like a ninja! Good luck to anyone out there trying.

  14. Thanks a lot for all your video . Its very useful . Now I have to put it in practice . God bless you, your familly , your business and all your staff working with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  15. Man, I could feel the things you say actually come from your heart. You are truly trying to help people out there. Thank you sifu

  16. Hey, Dan. If you were in the same place where a failed person is, what book you would choose to read to get instruction?

  17. Hey Sifu, only just found you, great content your proving. I have a question, I'm in the services business,(I provided video and podcast editing) how do I position myself to attract higher paying clients for my services??

  18. I'm currently 20, and I am starting my own business. You are such an inspiration and a very good mentor to students like me.

  19. You have brought me from zero level to great level. And I really want to thank you for your every videos. Which helps me to strive harder. Thank you Dan lok sir. 🙏🏼

  20. Men Philippine here.. I almost watching all your videos and now I'm starting learning close sale..thanks you men..

  21. How do you get first time experience as a closer for a company or better yet how do I become a closer for a company?

  22. People keep telling me Shees you are a smart person, try this business, lets own a shop, lets build that gadget… use your engineering degree man.etc. etc.
    But after watching this video I exactly know what I need to do…I have to learn to drive before actually getting a damn car
    Thanks Dan

  23. Hey Dan do you think there's a market for for flying cars with2 mill$ +price tag which you can drive and fly and which is electric.

  24. So Dan I'm 17 yrs old and started graphic design, i know a little of everything pertaining to graphic design except motion graphics, are you saying that I should learn to sell my service before I start honing my skill?

  25. When I enter a shop I immediately tell you this business is going to do well or bad and some big corporations closed and I predicted it that one day this big company is closing soon

  26. Does this apply to being a restaurant owner? How can i market/advertise my restaurant better? Small restaurant in a not so good location

  27. That's nice good ideals…
    I have been applying some of this skills, and they are working.Am here to commend you on your good work. Keep it Up Sir.
    God Bless.

  28. your story reminds me of Jim Rohns story. and i am not saying this in a negative way. maybe your mentor was taught by Jim himself?

  29. Great video Dan. Question for another episode: With limited time, how do you rank/prioritize your ideas?

  30. Dear Dan,
    I am from Iran. Your videos are extremely good and I learnt a lot from you.
    Wish I can meet you someday. It would be pleasure to meet and discuss with a person like you.
    Ahmad Khashai

  31. I need some help to decide if this is the right time to quit job.
    I have full time job have 10 years of experience in Engineering and software industry
    I started my part time business last 4-5 year. Now today It is giving me earnings of ~ 5X in profit than my full time job.
    I have 2 big customers serving three plants total. I have forecasting of 6 month if I work part time.
    I am not able to decide if I have to quit my full time job can you suggest. right now I am working 12-1 midnight every single day. Working hard to meet deadline. Can not delegate to people despite of having money because i have full time job. can you help

  32. I make good money before but I loss then because of security issues in Iraq, Now I always escare of beginning new business, what to do??

  33. "your business is always a reflection of you" – this is a good point. yes, you're right again. the most important skill when you're a business person is, that you have to know how to sell. it's not enough being able to deliver fantastic products or services, you have to communicate to people. if you don't know how to sell, your business fails. "the ability to close is the number one skill in business"

  34. Excellent and clever plane/car – running a business analogy and feel identified with the importance of being preparedwith key skills and knowldege, mainly close deals and revenue generation before launching your business. Thank YOU!

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