Why MBA | Top 5 reasons to get an MBA

Why MBA | Top 5 reasons to get an MBA

Why MBA? for the money that’s why. What a
stupid question right? But if we dig a little deeper and try to understand why
this question is important it may not sound as stupid. In fact having a clear
answer to the why MBA question will help you get more out of your MBA experience.
That’s exactly what we’ll do in this video. As a bonus, we’ll also cover
another related question so watch till the end. Whether you’re tackling the why MBA
question in MBA essays and MBA interviews or simply introspecting at
some point in your career it’s a question that can drive you nuts. Here’s
the big problem if money is your only answer. Even in the best case if you get
a high paying job immediately after graduating it’ll be a while before you
can get back the money you’ve invested. In the top MBA program, pay the education
loan and then start saving. The payback period for some popular MBA programs can
range from five to ten years or even longer and what if you don’t get your
dream job after graduation? For those reasons you’re better off if you have a
few more equally important reasons for pursuing an MBA.
Here are some common answers to the why MBA question. Imagine what you think when
someone says I went to Harvard Business School.
Your respect for them goes up instantly and you don’t even know if they’ve gone
there to study or to deliver a pizza. That’s the power of branding. Top ranking
B schools have strong brand names which can help you build your personal brand.
These B schools have been around for a long time. They have an impressive list
of alumni in the top positions across industries. The alumni’s qualification
often figure prominently in the new stories that feature them. Some MBA grads
launch startups that become billion-dollar unicorns over time. Some
make multi-million dollar donations to their alma mater and bring the brand
back in the headlines. When you attend a program like that you benefit from the
halo and the positive karma. It helps you build your personal brand only
because of the association with a top school. An MBA can be a useful degree to break a few glass ceilings and move up the
corporate ladder. This is one of the reasons why a large number of hospitals
choose an MBA degree over the other postgraduate courses. The variety of
topics covered in an MBA syllabus can help you build a wide range of skills
that are useful in a multiple range of industries. Someone who’s been in a
technical role for several years and now wishes to take up a management position
in the same field can do so through an MBA. An MBA graduate from a good
university can have an upper hand with recruiters giving them reference for
excellent job openings throughout their career and yes a higher salary is one of
the positive outcomes as you climb the corporate hierarchy. A generation back it
was pretty common for graduates to start and end their careers in one company. You
won’t see too many people doing that today. Interest and patience levels have
changed and so have the dynamics of the business world. Layoffs have become more
common which is why many start looking at a career change when they foresee
their career graph stagnating. This is another area where an internationally
recognized degree from a globally renowned Business School can help. If you
see the placement statistics of the good business schools you’ll see a large
proportion of career changers including students who have changed their industry,
roll, geography or all three. Apart from the theory that gets covered in lectures,
there’s a lot more going on in the MBA classes and outside that helps students
learn the skills that are more nuanced. Skills such as teamwork, leadership,
communication, conflict management and negotiation. This happens through the
various projects events assignments you will be juggling. There are plenty of
opportunities outside the academic zone that can help you discover your
entrepreneurial spirit. Check out the various student-led clubs on campus. You
will find consulting clubs, finance clubs, dancing clubs, sports clubs, cultural
organizations and much more. You will be spoilt for choice and that’s an
excellent way to polish your prioritization, decision-making and time
management skills. an international MBA program has a lot
of diversity with students coming from various cultural backgrounds and
nationalities. The percentage of international students can vary from 30%
in American MBA programs to over 90% in European programs. This huge and diverse
mix of students can help you with valuable contacts in multiple countries
without actually traveling to each of them. During social events on campus you
get opportunities to develop contacts with alumni and students pursuing other
courses. You’ll get to attend guest lectures by successful entrepreneurs,
CEOs and hear them share their success stories. You may also get a chance to
interact one-on-one with industry leaders. The kind of reach that an MBA
offers in terms of networking scope is unmatched by any other academic degree.
These five reasons are definitely not the only ones. It’s just to get you
started. There are many more that you can think of. Before you do a cart-wheel
assuming your job is done there’s one more important question to answer.
Why MBA now? Here are the two big reasons that work for many. The first one
is career need. There are several variations to this. Your roll may have
become more demanding and the skills you picked up in your undergrad degree have
run its course which means you need to reskill to avoid falling back in the
race or it could be linked to your career change plans. The second reason is
related to age and experience. B schools cannot discriminate based on age
and experience so they don’t have a hard cutoff for either but if you see the
statistics most students fall in a narrow age and experience bracket. That
gives rise to two situations. The first one is when you are applying for an MBA
when you are close to the median age and experience for the program. In this case
you don’t need to explicitly cite the reason admission officers can see it on
your resume, but when you don’t fall in the typical age and experience range you
will need to explain why you are applying too early or too late in your
career. Create your why MBA and now answer based on
these two aspects. Here’s the catch. Just knowing about the general reasons will
not make it the best answer to the why MBA question because every applicant
will talk about some or all of these points so how can you make your answer
better and more impactful than others. The answer is by not just rattling off a
laundry list but by personalizing it based on your profile and career plans.
Admission officers are not trying to get the right answer. They are trying to understand your motivations, your ability to think and
present the answer like a mature professional so make it interesting.
Bring in your life story, bring in your personal aspirations and then connect
all the dots. Only then you’ll have an answer which is truly yours. If you are
struggling with this last part and need some expert help drop us an email.
Our consultants at MBA crystal ball have helped thousands of applicants answer
the why MBA question and align it with the rest of their MBA application and
don’t forget to read beyond the MBA hype to understand what you can expect in
your MBA journey. If you have questions for us paste them below and we’ll share
some perspectives. Happy introspection!

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  1. Struggling with your Why MBA question, or got any queries regarding your international MBA plans in general? Post them below. We'll try to add some perspectives.

  2. how does mba impact on job opportunities, if i join mab as soon as my BE graduation without any job experience

  3. Respected Sir/Mam, I am Aditya Jain. I am studying B.tech(C.S.)and I am in 2nd year, I want to do startup in future but I need some more exposure and knowledge which I may not get in b.tech.

    So, Sir/Mam I need your help to know that how can I get in MS with a full scholarship and financial aid. I can score very good but I don't wanna do hard work without knowing anything. 

    I know you might be busy too much but even a one line reply will help me too much.

    So, Sir/Mam I request you to please help me.

  4. Sir I am currently in my  4th.  year of Engineering in IT . And in future I am planning to do masters in finance from any foreign University. So I am just confused between MBA in finance. And ms in finance .

    So if you can help me regarding to it ,it will be easy for me to choose.

    As I have done my previous semester in Australia so there people told me that for job in finance you need minimum 5 year of work experience but in  ms in finance , probability of getting a job is easy as compared to MBA

    So I am totally confused .So its a request if MBA crystal ball can help me in this specific situation

  5. hello sir,

    I completed my engineering in "Computer science" from 2014 batch and having work experience in relevant field of 3yrs and now i am willing to do Masters in abroad. 

    So I want to know if Gre is a good option for me or not because I need scholarship also to do the MS.

    Can you please guide me in that like which colleges are proving Full tuition fees by scholarship for MS and what will be the approximate cost to peruse MS

  6. I want to complete my mba in usa without. Job experience what is the way i cant wait for 3 or 5 yrs am from India Hyderabadplzzzzzzzzzz is Their any way

  7. I want to do MBA after completing my BSCS but little bit confuse. I am not understand which cateogory of MBA specialization is good for me. Please help

  8. thinking of persuing M.B.A through international business school. I saw the video and know about how much it may cost. I'm very confused sir should pursue through internationally or nationally we are upper middle class family

  9. Hi sir,
             This is Kishore and I am a software engineer(Systems Engineer) with work experience of 3.6 years. I feel stagnated as I've understood that I would be growing specific to the company, not have a broader exposure and 5 years down the line I cannot see myself progressing in IT industry with my current position. 
    I feel pursuing an  MBA would add great set of skills to understand the business world and give me great exposure to the corporate world providing me wide range of opportunities to look.
    I've given CAT exam last year but couldn't score much(82 percentile). Through some online research, I found that after 4 YEARS of work experience CAT isn't a viable option. 

    So I'm thinking of taking GMAT exam but I think profile plays a very crucial role in getting admissions into International Business Schools. I would like to build my profile but I don't know where to start. 

    My two concerns:
    1.How to build a good profile right now at this age. 
    2.Is pursuing an MBA after more than 5 years of work experience a good option for career growth?Supposedly if I want to pursue MBA from USA or Canada or Germany!!
    Thank you. Please let me know your views.

  10. hi i am currently in second year of my graduation and i know i will end up with a lower second class or 3rd class honours degree and i wish to study at good b school for my masters in finance how can i improve my profile from now as i have already scored low in undergrad .

  11. Hello sir…. I am from India. I am going to start my studies in bba(BPM) from June… After my ug I want to peruse my MBA in london,canada,or Australia… I want you to tell me about the enterence exams and is it worth to peruse my MBA at the age of 21 or22

  12. Hello sir/mam, my name is Anuj and I am an engineering undergrad currently in 4th year of my B.Tech. I always had a dream of joining GSB but my current engineering college is a tier-3 college. My full story goes like this, I want to pursue M.Tech from a tier-1 college in India. So, right now I have an admission offer from NIT Tiruchirappalli (NIT-T). I am choosing M.Tech. first because I wanted to get an exposure for my MBA admission and also because I wanted to have an Masters degree in my technical field so that I can use that in my future ventures. So my question is that should I prepare again to get into IIT's or should I go to NIT-T. The plans after M.Tech is that I would work for 2-3 years and parallelly give GMAT and then approach the B-Schools. However, my main focus is GSB. I have been following MBAcrystallball for some time but I didn't find any cases similar to mine. So the question is whether M.Tech from IIT will give a better chance of admission than NIT-T.( By IIT I mean the top 4 like IITB, IITM, IITD, IITK).

  13. I am S K Jena from Bhubaneswar odisha. Now I am 42 years old and working in a central PSU since 2002.My current CTC is 9 lakh. I am interested for pursuing MBA. Please let me know whether it is wise or not.

  14. Hello sir,

    Myself Prajwal , I am mba aspirant ,I am pursuing btech ( dairy technology) at LUVAS,hisar and I wanted to know will it be a good combination btech (dairy technology) + mba give me some guidance on it which trade will suit me

  15. I have  done Bsc in Radiography in 2018 and currently i am working in hospital as Radiographer.Actually i don't have interest to work as Radiographer and now i want to escape from this and scale up my self .I want do MBA but some people told me that MBA after Bsc always a question mark for the recruiter i am very confuse about my career.Please suggest me all the options(courses) which takes me to managerial level  and which MBA specialization is better for  me.My education details are below

    HSC passed with 79.83%

    SSC passed with  72.6%

    Bsc (graduation ) with 58.6%

    It will be your highness to reply to me.

  16. Hi Sameer, I am a naval architect, struggling to find a decent job due to the lack of opportunities in my field in India. I would like to do MBA from an Ivy League B-school but do you, as an expert, think I stand a chance to get into an ivy league b-school even with a great GMAT score, since my work experience of 2 years is pretty dull and uneventful?

  17. Please guide me I'll share my profile here please tell me if I will be eligible for MBA from top colleges in India , I am a Cost & Management Accountant ( aka ICWA) I have done my BCOM from IGNOU ( after passing CA/CMA/CS inter level exams one can take 4 papers of IGNOU and get BCOM degree the marks scored in CA/CMA/CS inter level exams are allocated to BCOM subjects I did the same) I am currently working in an MNC under costing profile. I am 20 years old. My marks are 10th std – 9.2 cgpa, 12th – 87% , BCOM 60% ,CMA -Certificate of merit at both final & inter level , Category – general. I want to go for MBA after 4-5 years when I am 24-25 will I be eligible for regular MBA from top colleges? Or 1 year MBA after 6-7 years ? Which will be better if I am eligible for both ? I am confused about eligibility because of my BCOM which is from IGNOU more over it's not 3 year bcom I took my 12th std exams in 2016 and completed this bcom in December 2017and it's only 60%.

  18. i completed my B.com graduation in Dr. C V RAMAN UNIVERSITY. I have a working experience of 2 yrs. Can I apply for studying M.B.A in Canada? Thanks in advance.

  19. Hello,

    I'm 3.4 years experienced in IT technical support field. I wanted a switch over since I don't want to pursue a career in IT. I had a lot of confusions and took these many days to take this decision. I wanted to know whether this is a right decision. 

    I came across your YouTube channel and found the info you provided was crisp and clear. 

    I wanted to know whether doing a 2 year full time MBA has a good recognition after 3.4 years of work ex. And also my academic background is also not that great. I'm an average student through out my education.

    I'm feeling too stressed and not able to make a decision. Could you please advice whether it is worth doing an MBA at this stage ?

    Thanks in advance. 


    Adhithyan V.

  20. Sir I have 5 yrs experience in IT and after quiting IT I joined govt. Organisation and have 1 yr experience with Govt of India. I have scored 76% in Graduation, 91% in 12th, 82% in 10th .. also I went outside India as an technical expert while in IT and have exposure to diverse population there .. also I have worked in Kerala, Hyderabad and Delhi so have worked in many diverse env. What are my chances for ISB if I score good and present my application something like this .. I have technical experience of 5 years but now in Govt job .. Help ..

  21. My question is regarding the prepration for GMAT exam.Please help me.I 'am in last year of graduation in B.Com(Hons.) so sir i very confused about from where Nd how to start. Please help me 🙏

    Thank You

  22. Hello sir I am planning for doing MBA abroad. I am a mechanical engineer with 1year experience and still working. As you told Universities in US/UK prefer candidates with good work experience. Though I won't be giving GMAT this year and will wait for one more year. My actual question is that can double MBA programme from nanyang University Singapore and waseda University programme from Japan give me better opportunity ahead? Or I should prefer US/UK MBA programme instead?

  23. Hello,

    I am working in PSU, where I find my work boundaries limited,not encouraging enough and finally landing on a stagnation at a post.To  not live this monotonous life,I find that I shall switch to MBA.

    MBA at ISB for me is costly as well as high risk step but I am a bit confused and want to know what shall I do.

    Kindly reply back or just tell me where shall I contact you.

    Just came across your YouTube video on ISB MBA program.

  24. Sir I have to graduate from india and do job in Australia please help me out hear . And I am serious about this and my career please help me sir 😭😭😭

  25. I want to do MBA from Germany.
    I'm in second year of my Master's.
    But have only 6 months internship and no proper work experience.
    So want to know how can i get into a good college and what are the requirements to do so

  26. I have done Engineering in Food Technology. I am having a work experience of 2 years and I am still working. I want to do an MBA abroad, preferably from top B schools like INSEAD, HBS, Stanford, Wharton etc. Sir, I want your valuable advice and guidance on doing MBA from abroad or India, which branch of MBA will be more beneficial for going in FMCG sector?

  27. I have recently completed a Bachelors in Business Enterprise Management with ongoing work experience for more than 5 years within business administration and and additional 3 years of general work experience Considering to a MBA or MS, I’m looking feedback.

  28. Hello MBA Crystal Ball

    I'm looking for an MBA abroad. Here are my info, that I was in confused state.

    I joined my B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering in 2010. In 2014 I came out of the college with arrears. Immediately I joined in startup and started gaining experience. At the same time I was hardly trying to clear my arrears. At last I cleared all my arrears in 2018. Even though I didn't stopped gaining experience. Now I'm having a lot of doubts.

    Am I considered as 5+ experienced person ?

    Or am I considered as 1.6+ experienced person ?

    Am I eligible to study MBA in abroad ?

    If yes, how hard I have to prepare myself ?

  29. i dont know if this channel is handled by you (Sameer) or not but your story-telling skills really awes me 😱😱…
    Also I handle a similar channel in the MBA space with 1,00,000 subscribers but the way you guys respond to every doubt and comment posted humbles me. Not many people in this space take their viewers this seriously, hats off to you on that!!!

  30. MBA and Entrepreneurship are equivalent in market. If someone doing MBA and another person doing entrepreneur which person get better future

  31. Hey, This is Rishabh Jain, did B.tech in CS in 2011. Thenafter I entered into construction.Now I am planning for an MBA.Could you plz let me in which sector and from where ( abroad or India) will MBA be suitable for me.

  32. Hi,
    I was thinking of giving the gmat somewhere in mid next year. I’m a CA with 2+ year work ex post qualification ( excluding 3 year articleship period). Would that give me an edge, no matter how small, over the other applicants?

  33. Hello sir,
    I am studying in 3rd mechanical engineering at present.Can you tell how to prepare for exam in the next year I.e. I. 2020?????

  34. Good day. I am from hk and have worked for 3yrs in international company. I love foreign culture and languages and wish to go to international MBA and work in US/Europe after 3~5yrs. But I dont know what I need to prepare first since I hv only a 2nd hons Bachelor degree in Japanese, no managing experience, and no saving right now. May I have yr advice since I am already 30 female and wish to upgrade my profile for a better career path and working chance in overseas. Thank you!

  35. Hello sir,
    Now I am 2 nd yr bsc botany….I would like to do after my graduation..whether it is suitable choice for me..plz help 🙂

  36. Hello MBA Crystal Ball team, it's a nice video gives one clear understanding about why MBA? Thanks for that.
    My question is, I have 5 years of professional experience as an Industrial Engineer in India, and I am looking forward to become a Manufacturing consultant. As I have technical expertise and knowledge, I was wondering which MBA would be most suitable for manufacturing consultant job?
    I have option of MBA in Management of Technology from SFU, Vancouver Canada and Part time MBA from University of British Columbia, Canada. Or should I go for Masters in Science or M. Eng?
    Thank you in advance.

  37. I am having a 2yr of experience as a senior manager, shall I look forward to applying with this work ex? I am having a M.Tech degree from IITK

  38. Hi Sir, I did my btech in ECE and am currently working in a banking software company. I wish to do an MBA in finance down the line. Could you please advice me if it will be a good fit for me?

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