Why Join Clubs At Rice Business?

Why Join Clubs At Rice Business?

Even if you’re not really too sure about
what you want to do in life, an MBA is always a good thing to have and Rice is
here to help you figure out exactly where you want to go in life with it. I
think the clubs, the leaders, the different people at Rice, they all make
you feel so welcome especially in the city of Houston. There is tons going on at Rice and
even though you’ve got a lot of demands with your school schedule and everything
else, definitely make sure to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. What clubs are you going to join? I’m thinking about the Finance Club, potentially the Beer Club, and maybe even the Wine Club. So, I’m going to join Entrepreneurship, and Finance, and Board Fellows. Rice is such a small community that everyone gets to know each other – and then really know
each other. You find your lifetime friends here, you get close relationship
with your professors, and everybody at Rice. A lot of support groups are
within the organization, so I had a lot of people that I could talk to, and ask
questions, and really guide me down my path to where I want to go. I think through
these student clubs we’re able to take our MBA experience and make it our own
and really direct the direction of Rice Business.

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