Why Isn’t Your Business Card Digital?

Why Isn’t Your Business Card Digital?

Why Isn’t your business card digital? We live
in the most socially connected, digital era ever and yet we’re still passing around our
contact information on a piece of paper. Why haven’t you fired your business card? Alright, think about this, everything we do
today in business is digital. We started off with carrier pigeons, then we moved to the
Pony Express, then the Postal Service with your mail, then to your email and now more
people are using Facebook messaging to communicate with each other. Your store front became your
website, right? More people are doing business online than they are from their store. Everything
is transitioning to a digital world, yet we’re still passing around a piece of paper with
your contact information. It just doesn’t make sense! So no matter what you call it, whether it’s
a virtual business card or an online business card, a cloud based business card, an electronic
business card, a social media business card, a mobile business card, and interactive business
card, there’s lots of different ways you can call it, but they’re all digital business
cards. Now why haven’t you transitioned to a digital
business card? There’s probably several reasons why. When we created the One Card, we took
all of these issues that we have been hearing from business owners around that had tried
other digital business cards and we solved them with the One Card. For instance the One
Card works on every smartphone, tablet and desktop computer with no app required. So
you can share with anyone, anywhere and you can share through text message, email, QR
codes, so how long does it really take to send out a text message? With the One Card, we added a place for all
your basic contact information along with some cool features like FaceTime, Skype and
you can even have a personal welcome video. We’ve also got a section just for your social
networks, so you can connect with your customers through, 1, 2, 5, 15, up to 30 social networks.
That way your customers can build a relationship with you that way. We also have an about section.
Kinda give some more depth to your name some of your experiences, your skills and expertise.
One of the coolest things of the One Card is the info center. You can put links to other
websites, videos, and also you can put a portfolio or a photo gallery if you are a photographer
or designer, that way your customers can see all of your work right form your digital business
card. It’s kinda hard to do that on a 3.5 by 2 inch piece of paper. So obviously when your comparing a paper business
card to the One Card and everything you get with it, it just makes sense to make that
transition. Here’s the coolest part, we have made the One Card FREE! That’s right, it’s
free. You can click on the link below, go fill out your information and move into the
21st century. It’s time for your business card to evolve! Make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel.
We’ve got lots of cool videos coming your way and check out the link below to get your
One Card today. That rhymed!

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  1. why does your site, logo etc go with customer's business card? Anyways to have a complete personalization?

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